Sundays are here for extensive breakfasts, that’s for sure! As a visual person I love mine not only to taste fantastic but also look fantastic at the same time. Especially when I surprise my boyfriend with breakfast in bed or my family comes over for brunch, the breakfast idea I’m sharing today definitely leaves an impression.

So, who’s up for a summery, healthy and well looking recipe to recreate? What if I tell you that it’s even super easy and quick to do? Any hands still down.

Today’s outfit is the very last one from fashion week in Berlin two weeks ago. It’s not one that I wore to any shows as you may can see from the simplicity of the look but rather one I wore for a couple of weeks and a brunch with some of my favorites German blogger buddies. But it also works during a regular workday or for studies and even in spring, summer and autumn. The eye-catcher is for sure my dearly-beloved, latest addition to my bag collection. This baby is even the most practical thing for traveling because it serves SO MUCH space!

They’re always there for you, whenever you need them.
They make you feel at ease all day.
Sometimes you take off with them but usually they keep you on the ground.
They’re game for anything.
They’re jewels.

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Well, I didn’t felt as much like a boy due to my headscarf and some of the probably highest (and prettiest!) high heels I own. But still a bit. Because during Berlin Fashion Week I did not only wear an oversized pair of denim but also a shirt from the men’s department. Well, honestly it has quite some feminine features though with its filigree floral prints. Anyway. I spotted this piece online and just by chance – luckily. Because in real life aka. offline life I pay a visit to the men’s dept way too rarely because I often feel not to belong there.

Finding beautiful tableware might seems like a ridiculously easy task but I experienced it’s actually not. Because between simple white and horrible patterns there’s basically nothing, especially if you have a very specific idea of what you’re looking for. In this case there’s only one solution: Do it yourself! And that’s exactly what I did.

Last week when I was in Berlin I spent an entire day with Marc Cain and other blogger girls (Vicky, Nina, Kate, Sofie and Alexandra). After our first collaboration at the very beginning of the year, this time it truly felt like a family reunion where you tell each other the latests news and stories and well, work beside doing so. It’s the bond between a brand like Marc Cain and their people which truly fills my job with so much joy which is why the day passed by in a flash. We first met for a styling, had a photoshooting afterwards, went to the Panorama, a trade fair where Marc Cain introduced their very first three fragrances – and then I was already back in my hotel room changing my casual day look (which you see on the left) into my pretty cool show outfit, granted myself a glass of wine and already moved down to the lobby again to sit down at my place next to the runway only 30 minutes later.

Good morning my loves. I’m back from Berlin and ready to spam you with the outfits I wore the past days. When packing I’m always struggling with the question “What to wear for fashion week?”. I don’t like to disguise myself and rather prefer to follow my own taste when it comes to fashion and luckily fashion week is always a chance to come up with some kind of fancy stylings that I personally love but won’t wear in everyday life because I’m not really a person who likes to be the centre of attention to be honest. Furthermore I’ll always go for the comfort option if there is one. Therefor oversize pieces are always more than welcome in my wardrobe – and my personal summer trend 2017. It doesn’t matter if it’s an oversized band or logo shirt combined with shorts or a too big shirt stolen from your boyfriend, which you may belt waist high to create a feminine silhouette. And when it comes to fashion week, I’m all for “two are better than one”.

Good morning from the German capital everyone. We’re spending our last day at Berlin Fashion Week today and  actually planned Friday to be our photo shooting day because the rest of the week has been too busy for taking pictures daily. But it looks like we’re haunted by Murphy’s Law lately – today as well.

If there’s one thing – except leggings and a denim mini skirt – of which I’d have sworn to never ever wear it in my entire life, it’s batik prints. You know, those patterns you somehow did yourself when in kindergarten but you don’t remember anymore how you actually did. Well, here I am, wearing batik and LOVING it.

Lost in the middle of my fashion week packing chaos, I suddenly realized that I still need to prepare my post for today. But where should I actually place my but and write the post – everything is covered in clothes, shoes, bags and somewhere there’s a plate of yesterday’s late night rusk-almond-paste-snack. Honestly, chic is something pretty different and I can’t even label this what happens here as a creative chaos. Haha. But at least now I’m ready to carefully pack everything into the suitcases and cross fingers all the time in hope that everything will fit in – but I’m confident so far. Afterwards everything will look wonderful clean again. Well, at least cleaner than before ;)