Sooo, a little bit belated – but rather late than never – todays Monday post is coming live. My Snapchat buddies (@fashionfraction) already follower me through the enchanting streets of Mykonos and also my Instagram has been infiltrated by tons of pictures of this beautiful island – from romantic alleys, to breakfast and the best ice cream I ever had in life and not to forget the typical white buildings, everything is recorded with photos for you guys ;)



Since my first article of the new “Blogger Tips Series” was well received and I received a few messages with inputs un the subject, I’m double motivated to continue the series already today. Two weeks ago I already shared many informations about the topic “how to start a blog” which I hope was helpful for some of you. Now let’s continue with some reasons why you should start your blog now – or rather some no-reasons to start it. Because there are definitely many pretty wrong imaginations about the whole blogging business.


There are only a few hours left until my departure to Mykonos and the timing couldn’t be better. While Switzerland enjoyed pure summer the last couple of days, my iPhone weather app suddenly only shows clouds and thunderbolts. Oh what a lucky girl I am!


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…so take out all your clothes. Ohh. Seriously, thinking about the heat recently that’s exactly what I want to do. Well, regarding the fact that I’m in the middle of a week of studies in school it may isn’t the best idea I ever had. But at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel and it shines especially bright – but you guys already know what I’m talking about due to my last post on Monday.  Three days to go – the countdown’s running – and I’ll put them clothes of and switch them for a bikini instead. Oh yeah!



When I watched through this series of pictures on my MacBook, I felt like these photos have been taken somewhere in the south – maybe in Greece? But actually they’re not…