As promised, today we continue with the second and last part of this story.



Currently there are two things that I LOVE – sunsets and wild thing. As you probably just perked your eyebrows up to the hairline, let me brighten it up quickly.



Exactly two weeks ago I already mentioned today’s outfit in a post in the context of how to make more of a (small) wardrobe. It only needs a little bit of creativity, and courage now and then to make more of it than you may imagine. Now, in this outfit not everything is how it seems at first sight.

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Not long ago I spent an amazing time in Ibiza, surrounded by salty air, the noise of breaking waves and a cool group of other influencers. Fun and relaxation is what you might assume now. Unfortunately not only.



Nurse, baker, graphic designer, student, blogger. Daily routines are as various as the people who live them. That’s why I always find it interesting to get to know a person by their everyday life. Why not sharing my own kind of daily routine, I recently thought and make it happen today.

Recently on a friday:


Biiiiiirthday – exactly 24 years ago came into the world and after all the years of many ups and downs I still feel like a child from time to time. In a positive manner of course, as I am of the opinion that we all should always preserve a little bit of a child inside of us. A little bit of easygoingness, carefreeness and a lot of joy about the small things in life.

If today is not the perfect occasion for a few facts about me, when else? 24 years – 24 facts:



It’s definitely not hard to notice how much I am in love with my short button down skirt. Not only because it’s available for a super affordable price (the bargain hunter inside of me can’t resist), but rather because it’s a piece of clothing that matches everything and is so versatile to wear. Along these lines, sorry for all the head shakings I caused over the past weeks ;)



From time to time I receive messages of you guys asking whether I really were my outfits in everyday life. Time to answer these questions around blogger outfits once and for all.


Usually I like my outfits with that certain something, be it a little scarf worn as a belt, a dress belted up to a top or just a pair of fancy shoes. But then there are these days on which I want nothing else than slipping into a simple and comfortable outfit.



As you already know through Instagram, I have been invited to celebrate the launch of the upgrade of one of the biggest shoe classics of all time: the Chuck II. As soon as I posted the photo you already pelted me with questions what I think about the very first overworked version of the converse icon. So, let me answer these questions right now.



Most of my readers don’t have a 4 meter long wardrobe at home and also not a floor-to-ceiling high shoe wardrobe of 2 meter length. Honestly, this amount of clothing of shoes also isn’t necessary at all – unless you are a blogger and need to come up with new look all the time to inspire your readers. Wait a moment. Is it really necessary in this case? No, absolutely not.