Couples overwhelm each other with oaths of love while singles raise an eyebrow at the sight of these just mentioned lovebirds – yes, it’s that time again this Sunday. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner what means a perfect possibility to give your bae a treat. Who completely forgot the day (or just displaced it) – let me bet that my sweetheart is one of those – has exactly two days left to find the right gift. The time’s running, the hand spins. Faster than you wish. Reason enough to make it easier for you with a last minute Valentine’s Day gift guide.


There are days on which I feel torn. Of course not literally but rather regarding my mood and my opinion on things. Sometimes it only starts during the day but sometimes already in the morning when I stand in front of my wardrobe but can’t see the trees for the wood, uhm no, I mean the wood for the trees. Because the lazy part of me wants to go out all cozy in jeans and sneakers but the fashion girly in me rebel against it.



Do you remember this post about luxury problems and the fact that I’m incredibly bag in making decisions? Well, I’m a very analytical type of person, even overthinking my overthinking. So you can easily imagine how hysteric it can get when I have to settle for a choice – ok that was exaggerated but I just want to have it all. When it’s possible – why not? Right?


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The past week I went to Berlin – Oh, why am I even telling you that? You anyway know it already from Instagram and Snapchat (@fashionfraction). But what you don’t know yet what’ve done all day during this short trip. Well, unless you’re one of my snapchat buddies, then you caught a lot already! Otherwise here you go with some fun facts about our Berlin trip.



I don’t know where. I don’t know when. All I know is that since quite a while there is a trend that attracts my attention and is definitely my thing! Well, you definitely know that I love off-shoulder since last summer. Because back then everything that didn’t come off-shoulder was made off-shoulder – it works very well with a loose shirt, by the way. So when there is an usually unsexy piece of clothing like a sweater and suddenly it comes off-shoulder – and turn kinda sexy immediately – then give it to me!



Babes. thank you so much for all the lovely super duper motivating words under the project we realised with Guerlain for the launch of their new, younger product line. Your opinion is and will remain the most important, therefor I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thankee! If this is not the perfect moment to share my new plan with you. A plan involving you…

Guerlain meets The Fashion Fraction.
The iconic La Petite Robe Noire meets Make up products.
A luxury brand meets young, fresh and playful packaging.



«How to run a successful blog?»,
«How to gain followers for my blog?»,
«How to make a blog popular?»,
«How to gain traffic to my blog?».

If you’re a blogger, you probably googled some of the above worts once or twice already. In the hope to bang into the ultimate master plan and lift the secret about how to become a successful fashion blogger. Yes, of course I did it as well and still click on links pretending to know the secret recipe faster than I prefer. And yet I never thought I will sit down one day to write down my very own master plan, or how ever you want to call it.


While you’re reading these lines, I’m probably sitting somewhere over you in the clouds. Well, not really, rather in an airplane. Thank Social Media you already know that I spent the last two days in Berlin, had fun with the ladies, discovered a breathtaking location and practiced yoga with the amazingly beautiful Lena Gercke – and selfies. Whoopsie! Though the trip was not causeless instead we were invited by adidas which threw a big event to celebrate and introduce us to their new running shoes.



As already proclaimed in the article posted two days ago, tomorrow in the early morning – ok, 8.50AM is not that early actually, so let’s leave the “early” away – next try, tomorrow morning I will board the very first flight of this year which will land approximately one and a half hour later in the one destination which has been my most visited the past year. Hallo Berlin. What brings me there will stay secret until Thursday, 8PM unfortunately but I will be there with my babes Joy and Anja and will definitely take YOU with me via Instagram and Snapchat (@fashionfraction). Make sure to follow for live updates! Oh man, always these media embargos.


Oh my dears, thank you so much for the lovely and approving comments under yesterdays post about the topic if one can feel happy about new Instagram Followers. You can! And today I feel happy about your approval and actually, as always, about every single comment. I read them all. Always. You are the most fabulous crowd. The most motivating one as well!



I’m sitting here late in the evening, as is so often the case, at the dining table with my laptop in front of me, my to do list right to me and my detox water (new year resolutions, you know) left to me. With a grimly face – just according to witnesses who say I look like that when focused on a thing – I work myself through my bulging inbox who seem not to get emptier. Suddenly I notice a dull jingle from my right. I dig my iPhone up from under my multi-sided to do list while two messages from a good friend and fellow blogger appear on its screen…