As whenever it comes to planning photos series, I am saving up my favorite one for the end. It wasn’t any different with these pictures from our Portugal holidays, taken exactly one month ago. To the day! Well, it’s not only my usual approach when it comes to publishing articles but rather in general with pretty much every thing I do in my life.

I can assure you that I have a handful of summer outfits left, that have not been released yet. But since summer is slow but steady coming to an end and the green treetops turn into golden tones, I thought I will squeeze in a bang up-to-date autumn look worn only three days ago. I will keep up the mentioned wonderfully summery outfits to nastily impress them on you when you wish yourself back to summer the most. Well, I was just joking obviously. I work this outfit in the summery ones so that you lovelies be able to collect some inspirations for the colder days in advance. I can tell you, I am totally into layering in typical autumn colors – but wait, I am already telling to much since this post is not only about this everyday outfit of mine but rather to highlight the positive aspects of this season. May you (and I!!) feel some more love for autumn afterwards.

Michèle's Favorites


If feels like it has just been yesterday, but a whole month already passed by since my Portugal vacation with my boyfriend. Thanks to all the snapshots of us, the hotel and pretty much every place we’ve been to, we are now able to almost feel the warmth of the Portuguese sun on our skin again and hear the sound of the crystal clear, but ice cold sea in my inner ear. (Does that sound kinda stupid?)


Happy monday morning, buddies. I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend, I mean: Hey, summer just came back for two days here in Switzerland and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Being outside the house on a walk or just lying in the grass observing the clouds in the sky is the best way to spend free days. Far away from all the stress and the hectic. Furthermore I can notice how people’s mood rapidly enhances with the good weather.


Back to another “old” outfit that I took with Joy before her departure to America for a month – crazy how fast the days passed by within the time she has been away, can’t believe the month is already over and that I haven’t had the chance to share this look by heretofore. Especially since it is one of my favorites compared with the other ones I wore during this summer. I mean, isn’t this sheer polka dot skirt freaking awesome? It’s the perfect piece to spice up the most simple and boring outfit.

Hey hey hey everybody. A few days after my return from the magical (I can’t find any word that matches better – you will find out why soon) three day trip to the countryside around Berlin with Zalando as a guest of their #ZalandoSummerHouse I am finally ready to share the first photos taken around the endless pocket of land of “Schloss Herzfelde” – the castle that turned out to be our accommodation.


Good morning lovelies. As you know from my Instagram and Facebook I arrived back home yesterday after my three day trip to the countryside of Berlin but today we are not talking about Germany but rather a country more in the south of Europe, namely Portugal and even more specifically the Algarve which is the very south cost of the country where we spent one week of vacation two weeks ago.


Good morning lovelies. I hope you all had a good week so far and are ready for the soon coming weekend. Only two more days to go. Well, luckily my weekend has already started yesterday as I told you two days ago, I right now sitting in an incredible castle near Berlin and I just can’t believe to be here yet.