So guys I hope you all survived the last monday well and are back in the routine, by the way, weekend is already in sight. Yay! Ok, you are right, it’s only mid-week but that means we have more than half of the weekdays over at the end of todays work. Always staying positive and seeing the good things in life, guys, makes it so so much easier to go through the not so fun parts.

Here we go! Hello monday morning! Current mood: Sleepy face in front of the computer wishing it is still sunday morning and imagining still cuddling my cozy pillow in my cozy bed and covering myself with my super cozy blanket to hide from the early sunbeams reaching my bedroom.


Happy weekend ladies and gents! I am sure you all worked hard during the past week and are as glad about the weekend as I am. Time to relax! Ok, there might be some of you who were already lucky enough to be in holidays.

Michèle's Favorites

Good morning everybody. It has been more than two weeks since our little adventure in Berlin with Zalando for the Zalando Blogger Awards 2014 (see post about it here!) hold in their sky lounge on top of Berlin where I won the Newcomer Award and I still feel so lucky and proud about it.


Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve caught on to how much I’m loving crop tops currently, because it looks like I may have found my new favourite wardrobe staple! I’ve given a lot of thought to the different ways you can wear crop tops and spent hours planning outfits