You noticed it already here and here. But now let’s upgrade this whole thing – I’m talking about my current deep love for fir green – to a whole other level by creating a total look dipped in different shades of green and accentuated with brown and black.



Yah yah, I mentioned it all the time lately and may you’re already sick of reading it almost daily, but you can’t deny anymore that autumn definitely arrived. That means we have to rethink our wardrobe straight away in order not to shiver as soon as an icy air flow touches us. Were there not all these cute summer dresses we got hold of during summer end sale not long ago and those skirts that almost grew onto our skin since we wore them all the time during the hot season…



The chance of office work, studies, the here mentioned bigger blog projects and Paris Fashion Week recently make the days go by in light speed. Already October? Wow. I feel like only just celebrated my birthday.


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I always thought I’m uninfluenceable – so incredibly uninfluenceable by the world out there, by the people surrounding me and all their expectations what a human has to do and what he has to leave and when he has to do or leave it. But recently I struggle and realize that I’m not. I’m influenceable. And it makes me insecure.



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While you’re reading these lines, I’m probably in the middle of a big disaster strolling rushing to the post office to catch up my tickets last second and making last preparations. Because today in the evening I will be in the train to Paris arriving there in the very late evening. Now as you already know since here the latest, I’m kinda control freak when it comes to special photo shoots. I work out a concept that visually makes the single series look like a union, carefully search for perfect locations as well as I pick the styling. I do this weeks before usually. But currently, everything is a little different.


Two days – two days to go until I sit in the train to Paris – the city of love (and fashion!) – for an upcoming project with a fantastic brand that only recently showcased its collection in London and received nothing but praises from the media and the bloggers. One or two of you may already anticipate what brand I’m talking about, the others I will have to keep on tenterhooks for some time as it should actually stay a secret so far. But well, you guys know me, I’m unbelievably bad in keeping something secret that is so exciting (so, never tell me a secret, I’ve warned you!). Who knows, maybe it could happen that I will prattle away some details on Snapchat (@fashionfraction) soon.


Within the last outfit I already showcased one of my recent favorite hairstyles, a chic Half Bun. And because the tidier version takes a little more than just quickly wrap a bun together, here’s a little tutorial that also features a great tip for all people with baby hair just like me that work for many hairstyles even if it’s just a pony tail.



What may already gave you a hint within the last post, gets very obvious today.



Oh wow, it’s Wednesday already. Time flies by so quickly lately. October and with it an upcoming short trip to Paris (whoopsie, I haven’t tell you yet) are not that far away anymore – strictly speaking I will leave Switzerland in exactly one week. Though it feels like I only just returned from my holidays in Ibiza, and even my luxury weekend in St. Moritz back in June feels like it has not yet been a quarter year ago.



Today I’m an entire hour belated with my Monday post. Why that? Well, yesterday in the early morning I we headed to the southernmost edge of Switzerland – the beautiful Ticino. Getting up at 5.30AM for making myself look halfway pretty and then swinging myself in Joy’s car at 7AM sharp. Shortly before midday we arrived, parked our minivan and were welcomed by bright sunshine – to bright, as it turned out. Shooting the planed photo story didn’t only take time but also lots of nerves to find the perfect location where the light was not too intense. But hey, I don’t want to give too much away already (there’s anyway more on snapchat: fashionfraction).