Happy Monday my loves! A new week and a new (short) trip is about to start but right here on the blog we will stay in Berlin with another fashion week streetstyle of mine after I already shared a first update about my Berlin Fashion Week experience in yesterday’s post.


As you know from this blogpost, which I wrote at 1am after I came back from an event, and from a couple of Instagram pictures, I spent the last days in Berlin because the first fashion week of the year was calling. Therefor, let me tell you a bit about what happened in Germany’s capital city:


Blue, cloudless sky. Radiant sunbeams. Mountains throwing shadows which’s I observe for minutes.

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Friends, it’s 1am right now while I sit in my bed working on my laptop with an espresso next to me to make sure I’ll survive the next minutes without dropping off, at least until I’m done with this. I only just returned “home” to the hotel from another busy fashion week day in Berlin and I actually feel tired to death since 7pm. I honestly don’t know where this comes from but recently I could easily go to bed at 6 and sleep like a bear until the next morning.


Today’s outfit is probably on of the most simple and most colorless outfit that ever made it to The Fashion Fraction so far. But instead it’s super practical and oh-dear it’s so made for winter. Never let it be said that blogger outfits are unrealistic. Nah Nah. But it’s not as simple as it looks though. Can you see it?


I’m not writing this text because I feel offended, not because I feel attacked, not because I’m looking for any sympathy. I’m writing this for all those who are derided by others, derided by people who pass judgement on someone or something without actually knowing the background of a person or the subject matter they deride, just because the internet makes it so easy to hide under the guise of a nickname. But let me start from the beginning…


Thinking about the preparations of my next trip starting the coming Monday only shortly after I arrived back from Marrakech, today’s outfit is a good match. Because this time I’m heading northwards to Berlin to attend the first Fashion Week of the season. This means I can finally unfold my layering skills again in order to not only dress up pretty but also according to the weather. But don’t think winter, snow and subzero temperatures are a reason to dismiss wearing all the pretty off the shoulder tops and t-shirts from last summer.


As much as I love today’s cozy outfit, I’m glad to be able to wear some shorter clothes right at the moment – thanks to wonderful 22 degrees in Marrakech. However, I will soon leave this magical place and go back home to the cold and the snow, but first we will head to the desert and spend some days without electricity and Wi-Fi. Well, you could call it a forced social media detox. After I managed to break my iPhone’s display the first time yesterday evening – #welcometotheclub – maybe that was a sign to put the phone away and rather collect memories in my heart instead in pictures. #bloggerproblems.


Good morning from the beautiful city of Marrakech my loves. We’re here since two days already and I must admit, I immediately fell in love with this place as soon as we headed for our first stroll through the city. So different, so special, so magical. But let me rather save up my enthusiasm until I have the matching pictures to share along with the words to really share the unique Moroccan vibes. However, on my Instagram you already see what happens over here at the very moment and well, within my stories, you hear many “amaaaaazings” and “woooooows” – but hey, that’s actually exactly how it is. Now let’s have a look at today’s outfit.


Within the past year you surely noticed my love for Hendrick’s Gin – I did not only create my birthday drink with the precious spirit but recently also replaced the usual wine in mulled wine with gin and presented a mulled gin as a nice winter drink option. Therefor you can probably imagine how many of those pretty black bottles hoard over here because they are way too beautiul to just throw away. So I kept them all in a cupboard until I knew what to do with them.