The wind whistles in my ears. The water reflects the sun dazzlingly. Far out a boat rocks on the mild waves. Now and then, a strong wind gust whirls up the sand so that figures start to form with a some fantasy until it lays down again, building graceful waves by lighter gusts of wind.



Girls, summer is officially back with 20 degrees and bright sunshine! So what does that mean to us? Well, of course that we finally take our light dresses and airy tops out of the wardrobe!



After the hundreds of outfits I already shared with you guys, it became pretty obvious that I have this thing with designer accessories, especially shoes and bags. Now, I’m not a Chiara Ferragni making about 8 million dollars a year and also not a daughter of an affluent home – no, I’m actually like you. Just one normal girl. But a normal girl with that preference for high priced designer pieces and the mindset that I rather invest in something I’ll keep and love forever instead of buying a new 10$ bag weekly. But you already know that.


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Hanami Matsuri – a centuries-old tradition of Japan where poems celebrating the fragile beauty of the Sakura blossom were recited while the Japanese elite consumes sake and snacks underneath the blossoming boughs of Sakura trees. Oh I wish I’d be there, sitting between, listening to the words, enjoying the bloomage – while immediately a strong gust of wind envelops the scenery in a pink snow storm and leaves me speechless.


I turn my head to the left, my sight wanders slowly back to the right, then upwards. Flowers. Flowers everywhere. Here’s a bench, overgrown with gentle blossoms, over there a laid table adorned with blossoms from strong pink to innocent white. Further ahead, a women flawless like a fairy steps out of the sea of flowers walks over, hands me a glas of champagne and disappears in the rosy flowers again.