Flares are back. Well, actually since quite some time and actually in March I already showed an only slightly flared pair of jeans and in June an option in black. Thanks to the collaboration of Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli and premium denim brand 7 For All Mankind today it’s going to be a little more extreme.


“I want your beautiful, long hair!” – “Wow. These lashes!” – “How can I get abs as you?” –”Great legs!” compliments like I receive daily through my blog, Instagram or Facebook. Along these lines, THANK you. Thanks for every single (I read them all), lovely comment.



You think the life of a blogger is always surrounded by glitter and glamour? Well, then you better read what my last days were about.

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After the last couple of days I feel like I may have overworked you guys with my fancy pancy outfits, therefor I thought I should share another more classic, even elegant look.


We girls all own one. Probably we’ve already worn it in sumless variations. Elegant with a white blouse. Casual with a black v-neck top. Cute with a ruffled top. Who’s not guilty to have a denim mini skirt hanging in the wardrobe?


As you know through several photos on Instagram or at least since my four-part series “Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter”, I take very much care of my body. As much important as my 4-7 workouts per week is the nutrition.


It feels like it has only been yesterday since I entered the 450qm which were my home for a couple of days with wide eyes and the day after, strolled through the little village that seemed like it only consists of luxury shops. You remember my weekend as a guest of the Kempinski St. Moritz?



I think poorly of rules… at least in the matter of fashion. Particularly because in this respect we shouldn’t be constrained and dictated what is “in” and what is “out” but instead have fun to interpret rules for ourselves or break them. Being brave to try something new. Or how do you think trends are born?


“Tomorrow I’m going to meet the guy that I recently got to know”, my friend is raving with sparkling eyes and continues, “But what the heck shall I wear?? Somehow sexy it has to be but not cheap!”.



Happy Friday everybody! Recently I’ve been working in Germany for one day – shortly after I found myself in pure luxury surrounded by Swiss mountains. Yesterday it was that time again. Heading to the airport, flying high into the sea of clouds that presented itself in a range of cotton candy pastel colors while the sun arose. Since yesterday fornoon we’re here in Berlin for Fashion Week – what else, right?! – and working like busy bees on a project to be shared very soon. Promised!



Swiss people love chocolate. They love cheese fondue and hash browns. In the matter of spices there’s only one that is typically Swiss and that is even taken on journeys around the great big world by many Swiss people as a piece of homeland. Right, there’s talk of Aromat.