Todays outfit might looks familiar to you if you follow my social media channels and recently helped me out with the choice of my outfit for the very first day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich on wednesday last week. As you also already noticed, against most of your votes I decided to go for this outfit in the end and kept your favorite look for the friday after. If you don’t know the Why yet, head oder to this article.


Phew, another week straight ahead and another weekend went by. I hope you had the chance to relax and fuel up your energy or celebrated on a party once again. As we are talking about partying – my saturday night was pretty long too – I just decided to create this special article which is all about how to create a quick party outfit and accessorize it perfectly. As sometimes it happens that your bestie calls you at 10 PM (you already made yourself comfortable on your couch in your baggiest but oh-so-comfy pyjama) and wants you to come to a party in town. Well, you think, definitely better than sitting home all alone. But s***! No time left! What the hell am I going to wear???!!!

Michèle's Favorites

Another friday is here, wow, the Fashion-Days-Time runs even faster than the past weeks. While most of you are probably still sitting in the office and count the seconds until quitting time, I am cozily sitting in front of my laptop, sipping on my milk coffee, munching my apple-cinnamon-porridge and watch through the photos of yesterdays outfit. But since loafing isn’t very much my thing, here are they are. The just mentioned pictures that show up what I’ve worn for yesterdays Annabelle Award at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich.


Yay, it’s that time again. In a few hours the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich are opening its doors and I only a few hours before I put together my look for tonight respectively today. As I’m currently absolutely falling for Nude (talking about the color of course) I grabbed at all my garments in nude and brown tones and put them all together in an outfit.

Heyhey and good morning! For today I have an outfit to share which is a tiny little different than the usual looks you get to see from me. You already found out what’s the difference?


Good morning my loves. Another monday, a new week has just started. I guess you feel the same as I do about mondays. I mean, it’s definitely not my favorite day of the week, rather do I prefer the days after thursday. Therefor I was thinking about how to make up the monday of my faithful Swiss readers and what would be the better solution that another chance to win something cool.

And another week went by like in quick motion. Only three days left until the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich hectic starts again and I might should finally think about what I’m going to wear. But well, as you already know, I’m more kind of a spontaneous assembling person. I assume – and I know myself pretty well – that it won’t be any different this time. But somehow I anyway don’t like these outfits that are carefully planned, weeks in advance. They are so boring, aren’t they?

Normcore, sneakers & Co. – trends that arose some time ago but with time came down more and more. But let’s rather start from the beginning.