Skinny jeans worn with a classic top – an outfit that you can spot on the streets a hundredfold daily. The classic weekday outfit, you know. Comfy. Sporty. Not to flashy. But stylish? Rather seldom! It’s time to give spice to same old story. Time to add the certain twist to the typical jeans-t-shirt-combo. More fashionable but still weekday suitable!


Friday in the early morning. The alarm rings. Snooze mode. I doze off again. 9 minutes later the unpleasant noise starts again. I get up, doing my morning workout, hopping into the shower, doing my nails, putting mascara on. Yesterday late at night my airplane landed in Zurich and in only an hour I will already be sitting in the car with packed suitcases in the trunk. On our way to the next destination.


Wow. The past week passed by in light speed. Three days of work in the agency, then off to Germany for work and afterwards straight to the Kempinski Hotel in St. Moritz which surprised us with a luxurious 450qm suite – matter of expense: 20’000 francs per night. Freaking crazy, right?


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Happy friday my cuties. While writin these lines, I am sitting in the plane back to Zurich. Shame on me – I didn’t even tell you where I am resp. was. 



A scarf is a scarf? Not necessary! I have proven this already within my best-liked outfit post of the year 2014. All the same counts for the little scarfs aka. bandanas. But let’s start from the beginning.



The bargain hunter season has begun! “Sale” is written in striking big red letters in (almost) every shop window. The search for the best deals and prettiest pieces in the sale starts. Admittedly, this year I’m not very much in the mood for storm the stores – probably because of my bank account that had to suffer from my Milan purchase.


Summer. Sun. Sunshine. Even if the past days were quite the opposite. It’s getting better! From Wednesday temperatures around 30 degrees, blue sky and sunshine are predicted. In celebration of this happy news I have a super duper refreshing new drink recipe to share today – strictly speaking my favorite beverage during hot days.


The festival season is in full swing. Since yesterday the Sónar is taking place in Barcelona and only in a week the Openair St. Gallen is about to start. Afterwards hot beats in the open air continue almost weekly. Means it’s time to prepare our festival suitable outfits right now!



August 2006. I just turned 15. I attend the high school 10km distant from my home and write good grades. Mom is stilling doing my lunch, my laundry and my bed but I’m incredibly independent and grown up! I swear! Since two years I’m the plain Jane of the class – the girl from the one-horse town. I don’t want to be that girl anymore. No.


The weddings season is in full swing and some of you may still be in search for THE dress. Therefor yesterday I shared a personal tip where you are able to find the perfect evening attire for an the upcoming wedding celebration or any other festive events. piqyourdress is the answer to the question whether you should really splurge that much money on a dress that you’re going to wear only rarely.


Wedding ahead? A ball? A feast? A matching evening attire is needed? But where to start searching for it? Super beautiful it has to be! But please not to expensive cause the likelihood to be able to wear it again soon is probably about 10%. Or is anyone of you attending weddings every two months? Well, I don’t.