Good morning girls (and boys if there are any). I hope you didn’t miss the fantastic news that Urban Decay is launching in Switzerland soon in the latest article and already saved one of the notorious Naked palettes for a bargain price in the Manor Online Shop. Today it’s not about beauty but rather about my real, untamed passion: Fashion! And therefor a new outfit in autumnally colors as well as autumnally prints. Oh, wait a sec! Is there something not that autumnally standing out?  Yes, right. Kissing lips might not be super typical for autumn at first glance. Or are they?


Hooray! Finally saturday, finally weekend, finally lying in, finally loitering on the couch for hours. Oh – wait a sec’! Saturday: Yes! Weekend: Yes! Lying in: I am awake since 7AM and already did my sport session (role model worthy, huh?). Loitering on the couch:  Hmm, not really. Very soon I have to leave for my hairdresser appointment to test something really really cool and special (I hope). No cute fringes, no cheeky pixie cut and also no new hair color. No, I also won’t become a skinhead. I bet, you are now curious what I am actually doing if it’s none of these things. Well, you will discover soon – promised! My beauty section is really in need for and update. So, stay tuned!

Michèle's Favorites

Good morning, beauties! Do you remember my article with the topic “10 Good Things About Autumn”? Do you remember that I mentioned to have a few summery looks left over? No? Well, no problem, I didn’t expect you to remember! Nonetheless, here is one of them. The photos have been taken in June what actually means almost 4 months ago. Before someone comes up with the question why I did not published this series of photos earlier. I didn’t like the look any more, simple as that. Really not! I liked it when I had it on. I liked it in the mirror. But when I saw the photos on my screen I could only find it awful. Now, 4 months later – as well as apparent 30 degree less air temperature and a sun raising to late and saying goodbye to early – I am starting to like the outfit again.

Well, well, I hope you slaughtered yourself with green smoothies the past two days and are now full of energy due to all the vitamins it contains. And hopefully it tasted as nice for you as it does for me – actually I am currently sipping on my morning dose to be ready for the coming day.

Here we go with another outfit that is even one of my most beloved autumn looks! Well, autumn has only just arrived but tartan pattern and gray over the knee boots in combination are definitely hard to top.


Aaaalright loves, with mixed feelings I now present you the last part of my Zalando Summer House Diary as after all the already published posts (here, here and here!) there is still the end of our weekend with Zalando and the other (super pretty) blogger girls to share.


As whenever it comes to planning photos series, I am saving up my favorite one for the end. It wasn’t any different with these pictures from our Portugal holidays, taken exactly one month ago. To the day! Well, it’s not only my usual approach when it comes to publishing articles but rather in general with pretty much every thing I do in my life.

I can assure you that I have a handful of summer outfits left, that have not been released yet. But since summer is slow but steady coming to an end and the green treetops turn into golden tones, I thought I will squeeze in a bang up-to-date autumn look worn only three days ago. I will keep up the mentioned wonderfully summery outfits to nastily impress them on you when you wish yourself back to summer the most. Well, I was just joking obviously. I work this outfit in the summery ones so that you lovelies be able to collect some inspirations for the colder days in advance. I can tell you, I am totally into layering in typical autumn colors – but wait, I am already telling to much since this post is not only about this everyday outfit of mine but rather to highlight the positive aspects of this season. May you (and I!!) feel some more love for autumn afterwards.


If feels like it has just been yesterday, but a whole month already passed by since my Portugal vacation with my boyfriend. Thanks to all the snapshots of us, the hotel and pretty much every place we’ve been to, we are now able to almost feel the warmth of the Portuguese sun on our skin again and hear the sound of the crystal clear, but ice cold sea in my inner ear. (Does that sound kinda stupid?)