A magnificient head of hair is probably the dream of every woman but yet sometimes our hair just acts beastly by refusing to measure up to our desires. Admittedly most of the time it’s even our own fault because we tend to neglect our hair and forget to supply it with its well-deserved care. Therefor I have 5 tips for beautiful hair to share today and I promise it won’t be those classic run of the mine tips à la “Let your hair air dry” or “Use a real hair brush”.

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Admittedly, I’m an online shopper to the core and it happens utterly rarely that I find myself in an offline store. I mean, why should I? Online shopping allows me to practically filter everything so that I got displayed this one piece of clothing in that one color and find what I’m looking for in just a couple of minutes – yes, obviously I’m quite impatient person. But recently it happened: I was back in a real store – the one of the Swiss brand Nile – and it suddenly reminded me of how much I loved to go shopping years before because I’m an interior and obviously an aesthetics lover too. So it’s no surprise that I always appreciated a beautifully decorated store.


«I’m not gonna sit here and let their words become the definition of who I am.»

Actually I just wanted to share another blogpost about an outfit I wore in Cannes along some words about the city and maybe mention again how bad the weather was. But I ended up writing this post about a much more important subject and I mean the topic of beauty – respectively the definition of beauty nowadays. Among others through various social media channels I feel like the definition of beauty has reached worrying levels because the possibility to spread your thoughts in a very easy, fast and often anonymous way through those channels and the related opinion making leaded to negative evolution in this case.

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A happy Easter Sunday, my loves. I hope you all decorated your homes with loads of kitschy easter deco and used the tutorial I shared a couple of weeks ago, to dress your Easter eggs in a super chic marble look. Anyway, today is going to start with thrills because of the traditional egg tapping (do you do it in your country as well?) and because of the fact that I haven’t been blessed with a strong egg the last couple of years but rather always with one which didn’t even survive the first round. Admittedly, I wasn’t even sad about it because being the first going game-over basically means to be the first to start with the delicious Easter brunch while the others still fight with their eggs. First come first serves, you know ;))


This coat. It has been love at first sight and ordered within no longer than thirty seconds. But then there it was, looking beautiful but just lying on my sideboard as a constant reminder that it finally wants to be worn. And I often slipped into it, stood in front of the mirror and put it aside again on this sideboard because it never really wanted to fit. So basically it was a long on-off relationship between us. Literally.


Morning buddies. Watching today’s outfit you might be thinking about two things: 1. Is April weather going crazy aka. is winter back? or 2. Michèle probably could not decide which kind of garment she wants to wear so she took one of (almost) all kinds.


Meanwhile a few days passed by since we returned from our trip to Cannes – well, on my Instagram I’m still there – which means it’s time for the usual 15 facts.


Good morning lovelies. As I just rolled back home from the last event of today – literally, because I always get into this food jealousy mood when it comes to flying dinners and end up eating way too much – and I’m actually glad to stay here in Switzerland for the next two weeks before we’re leaving on two (or four, some are not yet confirmed) new trips one right after the other. So that was one short update of my life… and finally the first outfit straight from the Côte d’Azur where the sun is always shining – NOT – is ready too.


I guess the reason for my growing love for colorful clothing respectively wild combinations recently (after I often went for some unusual calmer kind of looks lately) is the month April which absolutely lives up to our reputation with the horrible weather conditions it serves so far. But guys, you know me, I believe in the fact that bad mood (due to the weather or problem XY) is rather a matter of your personal decision how to feel and that we are able to decide against feeling bad and instead focus on the positive (there’s always something positive if everyones life) and life will be much easier and much more enjoyable. Now I already imagine your thoughts to be like “phew, this girl doesn’t even believe what she’s saying herself” but I honestly do because I had to learn it myself and I know it helps.


Morning, morning buddies. I’m currently sitting in my Hotel room at the Majestic Barriere, a hotel right next to the beach in this luxury paradise at the Côte d’Azur called Cannes. Now you may wonder why I’m actually spending my day inside instead of going out enjoying the French Riviera sun.