Since two days I’m back from beautiful, warm Monaco and I must admit I’m already suffering from a little bit huge wanderlust. You know, I’m a summer girl, I need the sun to be fully operative. Well, at least the cold days also come up with benefits such as darker color tones, cozy sweaters, layering outfits, velvet pants and the fluffy Gucci slippers with which I treated myself lately.



Mam, I know it wasn’t always easy with me, especially in my rebellious years. Mam, I know you’re always there when I need a shoulder to lean or cry on, or a hand helping me up, arms embracing me tight and secure. Mam, I know that your life has not always been an easy but tough you have always been there for us, always giving from heart. Always.


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Good morning straight from Monaco,

Another week is around the corner and along with it another Denim Monday. After we’ve already seen two tight fitting jeans aka. skinny jeans (here und here) and also a nonchalant boyfriend jeans. Only the third in the league of jeans cuts that I love and wear most frequently since the beginning of the year is missing. The flared jeans.


I always loved challenges and tricky questions. So when Toni&Guy invited me to join a hairy mission, I obviously couldn’t refuse. The performance requirements: A braided hairstyle 2.0!


Recently I enhanced quite a few times that I’m not really a dress lover. Well, my opinion changes as temperatures drop and layering clothing got an option again without sweating like a pig – excuse the expression. Because then a dress remains not just a plain dress anymore but rather can be combined and upgraded up to your taste and mood with layers of cardigans, jackets, coats and/or a sweater.



Trends come and go. But then there are those it pieces that go much further than only being a short trend as they have what it takes to get real classics. Whilst only recently I collected and presented a whole list of trendy handbags for the fall/winter season, in the matter of shoes there’s specifically one model that turn heads of fashionistas all over the world. Yes, also I became addicted to the heavy, black Boot from Givenchy that seems to bring this certain irresistible rockstar attitude with its buckles and round studs. Just to mention, Franz and Carl are also in love with these comfortable hotties.



Wow, it feels like yesterday, when I launched the Denim Monday. Although today I’m already sharing the third denim outfit for this series.


Sometime in summer 2014.

Together with a group of swiss bloggers I’m guest at an event, sit outside on a terrace of one of Zurich’s chicest rooftop restaurant and enjoy the sunset with a glas of champagne. The fact that it was champagne seemed to be very important by the way, as when Joy asked the ladies with the drinks if it’s prosecco she perked her eyebrows up almost shocked and answered it’s of course champagne. Oh, sorry.



I remember very well when I started with Instagram a year ago – yes, damn late – and one photo already caught your special attention back then. Meanwhile almost 365 days passed by in a flash thanks to the growing blog and the beginning of my study this summer and the international design exhibition “Blickfang” opens its doors again from 20. – 22. November at Kongresshaus Zurich. It’s the place where I managed to grab one of the very unique back jewelry bra pieces by the Swiss label Elie Jewelry but haven’t really showed you here so far. Shame on me!


Hey hey loves,

Franz and Carl here, Michèle’s beautiful feet.

Most of the time you see us on high heels, be it the Rockstuds, Aquazzuras or Overknees, heels are a main issue! Hereof we’d even claim Michèle’s mantra is «the higher, the better». But what you guys don’t see is the behind, respectively the before. Because before taking photos we’re often running around in comfortable sneakers. Blessedly.



As announced last week, in November Mondays are all about denim, what means that every Monday I will come up with a post showcasing a different model of jeans. A week ago it was all about a dark, tight fitting dungaree, but today with the “Davin” jeans by G-Star appearing in a boyfriend look and dark aged color it’s getting more classic.