My loves, did you actually already read yesterday’s detailed story about London Fashion Week? Or have you been outside in the sun doing joyful leaps just like me because it felt like summer again? So don’t be surprised if some upcoming outfits will be in skirts as when it’s still 20 degrees you gotta show some legs before it gets too cold for that and we can finally shave our legs only around the ankle. Yeah ;))



Almost a week passed by meanwhile since I packed my suitcase in order to leave London with a mixed feelings and head back to Zurich where a not less stressful week was about to start. But let’s stay in London with this post because I have quite some things to tell you.



If you want to take a trip, it often means an hour-long trawl in the world wide web in advance. Because finding the hotspots of a foreign city isn’t an easy task. Today, with this small but mighty Zurich Bar Guide I recommend you five bars in the secret capital of Switzerland which are always worth a visit and definitely for everyone – tourist or resident.

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If I set my mind on doing something, I won’t get it out of it anymore. It has always been like this. I remember as if it was yesterday when I was 11 years old setting in the teachers’ room with my parents when my teacher told me but especially them how stubborn I am – as if they didn’t know when they already spent 11 years with me. ;) But at this point, let me tell you that this characteristic is not as negative as it might be connoted.



London Fashion week is in full swing right now. Therefor today’s outfit – mainly built of pieces from the hot London Label Zelle Studio – is dedicated to this week full of inspiration or even this whole fashion month. I might be back in Switzerland already due to work right now, but by no means I will insist on wearing outfits in which I could still hit the London streets to blend into the fashionable crowd of editors and the world’s top bloggers.