Hello again, my loves. I know, I’m quite delayed as two weeks passed by in the meantime, but we’re finally going to start with the outfits from Paris and this one here is one you guys seemed to love when I shared it on Instagram. Unfortunately the delay is because of the deadline of two big projects for my studies which are coming closer and my days still have only 24 hours – and I wouldn’t mind to be able to sleep six of them. ;)

Some of you already saw it on Instagram. The others will see it NOW. A while ago I was in Milan for a brand which you should rather keep it mind. But let’s start at the scratch!

If you watch my Instagram account regularly you know, I’ve recently been in the city of love – thanks to Paris Fashion Week. The trip started unexpected… with someone emptying his coffee all over my white pants which actually rather made me laugh because for a change, it was not me, myself and I who was staining my own white clothes with something not so white and hey, for those very few days in Paris I anyway had luggage with clothes for two weeks with me, so there were a couple of options. So, outfit switch, put white pants in soap water to soak and we’re ready to go. ;)

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You’d almost think that someone with a four meter wardrobe is basically ready for every situation, outfitwise at least. Even I thought so but had to find out that it’s simply not true. It might be true in everyday life, but it is not when it comes to special occasions – be it a wedding or any other glamorous event. I mean who actually buys a new evening gown spontaneously just like you do it a with new shoes? No one – except Paris Hilton maybe! Therefore these kind of garments are pretty rare in my wardrobe (I bet in yours as well) for good reasons:

Good morning girls. After all the beauty and travel posts the past days and weeks, I feel like it’s an eternity since I shared my last “normal” outfit with you guys. In the case of this one, we took the pictures spontaneously on the way to a dinner here in Switzerland. And honestly, I really miss this. You know, these super classic outfit posts like I used to do them earlier. If you wanna have a good laugh, go watch my archives and look out for my #fashionsins. ;)

The perfect dress is waiting to be worn – the matching shoes are ready – the make up is on fleek – and in 10 minutes your plus one will ring the door – but still you haven’t done your hair and actually you don’t even know what to do with it in the few minutes which are left. This is basically my scenario before every wedding, before every red carpet appearance and every ball night. Also yesterday, before attending the Dyson event at Zurich Film Festival where I met gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio (see my Instagram Stories) and hitting the red green carpet. But strictly speaking: Before every chic event. Because while I think about my dress weeks before (at least if I have the chance) and my make up is anyway always the same, my hair is always the one thing I completely forget about. So today’s five minute hair style tutorial will help everyone who has the same problem.  

Guys, can anyone tell me how is it possible that one single country serves as many beautiful and unique cities as ten other countries together? It’s just not fair of you, my dear Italy.

Whenever I end up in a foreign country surrounded by unfamiliar faces, I’m eager to use every single second to experience as much as possible – to soak in as much as I can. You all know the saying “Collect Memories, Not Things!” And most definitely you can never collect enough memories as there’s always space for more (while the space for shoes is limited unfortunataly. haha), especially when you happen to be at a foreign place which got you from the very first second. If you love to travel as much as I do, you’re surely nodding in approval, right? Honestly I guess most of you know very very well what I mean. Therefore I’m also pretty sure that some of you guys understand when I get out of my bed/hotel/car/tent as early as possible to enjoy the new surrounding when no one else does. Well, of course I’m glad if some people don’t understand, as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see the most amazing places when there’s no body else around. ;))

Slowly but surely we’re coming to the end of all the pictures we took in the beautiful Cinque Terre. But yet it’s not the time because after the pictures I’m sharing today, there will be one more series of pictures coming up next week and it will be one of my personal favorites. You know, I’m always saving the best for last. ;) But meanwhile there’s not so much to say anymore, especially after the extensive travel guide about the five villages. So instead, let me share a little update from my life back home in Switzerland. ;)

Today’s post is a very international one: A Swiss Girl in Italy with chic sunnies straight from Sweden! It is very well known that in Sweden not only the people are beautiful, but also the interior and yes, I found out their sunnies are beautiful too! The pieces designed by Swedish brand Chimi are right how you imagine and expect Swedish design to look like: incredibly stylish (I think I don’t know one thing coming from Sweden which is not!) but also they are truly a good mood guarantor.