I always loved stripes. They bring some kind of clarity, a line into an outfit – whilst they add tension and even after umpteen years of being in trend they still don’t look boring never mind old fashioned. The very same pertains to the creations of the tradition-rich and innovative Swiss watch brand Carl F. Bucherer and specifically their watch model Pathos Diva.


Happy Whitmonday everybody. Pretty nice when the weekend is extended for one more day than usual, right? For me even doubly nice because I will take another day off tomorrow as I’m leaving to Milan. A bit of food here and there (and lots of ice cream!!! I’m an ice cream monster!), a bit (or a bit more) of shopping and a bit of sightseeing. Girls trip ahead. Yay. Can’t wait to get up super early tomorrow to catch the very first train in direction to bella Italia (insert a non existing jumping emoji).



Swiss people love cheese, chocolate and skiing. The French have style. The Italians are great lovers and feed on pizza. The German girls are blonde, blue-eyed and big-breasted. Sweden = Ikea & H&M. We all know them, the good old clichés and stereotypes. But what, if the clichés are simply not the truth? What, if they yield mean prejudices?


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“Fuck Trends!” is my usual attitude as I always wear what I like and most definitely not what others dictate. Eventually, I have always been a little rebellious – ask mom! But then there are these trends which absolutely got me.


“Fashion blogs are the biggest bullshit” Vice headlined bold last summer and caused a storm of protest within the German speaking blogosphere. Now, almost one year later, I stumble over two more critical posts. But this time written by (ex) fashion bloggers themselves. So, does the world need fashion blogs?



Beginning of April. I’m sitting in front of my MacBook, my mouth open, my eyes sparkling. Slowely I’m scrolling my way down through the open browser window while my jaw is dropping more and more and my eyes already sparkling like a high-carat diamond.


#Foodporn records about 54 million of tags on Instagram whereas #Shoeporn doens’t even reach a tenth. So I’m asking myself instinctively, are there not enough hot shoes out there???


First of all, a big virtual hug and a dozen of kisses t0 all those of you who left such lovely words on my Instagram and under my first post of the series shot in Paris as the first swiss blogger collaborating with Louboutin. You guys are the very best! Without doubt!



Happy monday morning my loves. As announced via an instagram preview yesterday, today the big photo series produced in Paris in cooperation with notorious red soles is about to start. Yes, as the first swiss blogger I had the honor of collaborating with no less a brand than Christian Louboutin.



Tomorrow it’s that time again, it’s Mother’s Day and for mommy only the best is good enough. Because mommy IS the best. With this in mind, let me share my personal thankyou to my mam one day earlier.