My loves! Half of the week already passed by and you still didn’t read a thing from me so far. “Shame on me, a new post is much needed!” I found yesterday evening so here we go with some more shots from Paris – one can never have enough from Paris – in one of the most beautiful streets with the best view of the Eiffel Tower. Before we headed off to Paris I did my usual Pinterest research in order to create a mood board as an inspiration but then when I started to look out for all those pretty streets with Eiffel Tower view I found out about another little trick: Google Street View! So I drove through Paris virtually and noted all those picturesque streets. Sounds creepy?


When I was still a little kid there was this one holiday which made me feel excited and nervous af even days before it actually arrived – and no, I’m not talking about Christmas.


Happy Fri-Yay buddies! To mark the occasion of the last working day of the week, let me share another outfit from Paris which we shot right in front of our perfectly located Hotel called “Hôtel Saint Dominique”. You know me, staying in a hotel right in this wonderful street where the Eiffel tower peeps out behind those pretty Parisian buildings, has been as much of a coincidence as the fact that I found a lovely french beret in m suitcase. Feel free to call me “Mrs. Planning”.

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I hope you guys are not yet bored by my Paris outfits. After I already shared a very very french styling and my personal favorite look of them all, today’s outfit comes up with a cute and girly vibe. Thanks to the white ruffle blouse and the layered maxi skirt with its flower print, I sooooo felt like spring is already here although the weather and temperature reminded less of spring than they do these days. By the way, this has been the very last look we were able to shoot before the upcoming days served us nothing but rain and rain and rain. And even more rain. So in the end sometimes we even decided to just get some french pâtisserie around the corner – you know, Eclairs and that kind of heavenly stuff – and stay in the hotel room watching netflix .


A happy Sunday morning everyone. While most of you connect Sundays with having an extensive brunch and/or lazing around on the couch, my Sundays are usually stuffed with work, especially with creating pictorial content for the blog as the days are still too short to make use of the end of the work day. Therefor my alarm rang me out of my dreams at 7 am today. Admittedly, it’s my own fault because I would not have needed to get up this early if I would not have been out that long with a friend yesterday night and wrote this article yesterday already. But I didn’t, so now I’m sitting here, Sunday, 7am, writing these lines. #lifegoals


Gosh, is it already Friday? It is, right? Crazy how fast this week went by while I feel like it was only yesterday when I jumped in the train straight to Paris, but well, it’s more than a week ago. So you can imagine my face being full of beads of sweat (yeah, I like drama) yesterday evening when I knew I have to prepare my usual Friday’s post and I should finally come up with my Paris Fashion Week looks. So there you go with the first look from Paris which I wore for a few meetings and a dinner.


Morning, morning, buddies. Meanwhile I’m back in my hometown in Switzerland and back to the daily grind between graphic designs works at the agency, visual communication studies, lunchmeetings and blogging. Although it might sounds like it is, but actually there is no negative meaning in the previous sentence. Those who follow my posts for a while surely noticed that I’m actually glad about having kind of a routine in my life whenever it’s possible because it truly helps me a lot on being as productive as possible if I have a tight schedule for a day and know I need to finish a dozen things by the end of the day.


A cool, cool wind blows through my hair while the sun burns down on the ground relentlessly – unchecked by the non-existing buildings and trees.


Good morning straight from Paris my loves. Those of you who follow me on Instagram too, already know that I traveled to the city of love – and fashion – yesterday morning by train as it takes only around 4 hours. I have been in Paris quite often by now but honestly, whenever I come here, I fell in love again with all the grace of the architecture and with how incredibly chic the french language is. I truly always regret not to have put more effort into my french lessons which I had for so so long in school because, well, I just didn’t care a lot. Now, all that is left are some main words and sentences unfortunately. Well, although my own french is a mess, at least I do understand it quite well #proud


Good morning buddies. Before leaving to Paris tomorrow and spamming you with pictures in romantic and chic french outfits, let me share quite a contrasting kind of an outfit aka. rocker girl Michèle today. I mean, why does a woman need to strictly follow one kind of style if you can reinvent yourself every day and if you like chic stylings à la Negin just as much as rocky Masha looks? I think we anyway got judged by our outward appearance way too often. We get categorized, classified and labelled with whatever. Guess what I’d like to know sometimes!