Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve caught on to how much I’m loving crop tops currently, because it looks like I may have found my new favourite wardrobe staple! I’ve given a lot of thought to the different ways you can wear crop tops and spent hours planning outfits


Happy sunday ladies and gents, today we are finishing with the series arisen from our collaboration with Hermes. All the garments worn in the past two posts are from their current Spring/Summer 2014 collection!


A warm welcome to the new The Fashion Fraction everybody. Feeling so lucky to publish the second outfit we shoot in collaboration with Hermes on the upgraded platform today.

Michèle's Favorites


Drum rolls, drumm rolls! The curtain is up! Since today The Fashion Fraction shines in new splendor after months of brainstorming and scribbling followed by first drafts on the computer, programming and the final result that is the frame of TFF from now on!


Happy weekend loves! Now that I prepare this post it is a little bit after 2AM saturday morning and I am actually super sleepy and ready to fall in bed and at the same second fall asleep. I am definitely not made for long evenings but rather prefer to be up early in the morning instead. Well, looks like I am getting old. My 23rd birthday isn’t far anymore, Anyway, the reason I am still up, sitting in front of my macbook is my will to get this post online as soon as possible after I was not able to share it two days ago due to the lack of time and had to fall back on a common outfit post. I promised to share my Berlin experiences and the actual occasion for our trip to Berlin, the Zalando Blogger Awards, very soon. Therefor you should no longer wait! Here we go!