I should slowely start thinking about rename The Fashion Fraction to The Travel Fraction as often as I entered an airplane recently. But well, nothing will come of it, because time won’t allow me to continue the next couple of months like the last ones – therefor I guess I should enjoy these “escapes” to the fullest, let me call it like that although all of these trips has been work trips.


After a not so small update of my travel to Turkey went online only yesterday, today I already have news about my next trip to share with you. It will be a shorter one although it will bring me to a city which has been on my imaginary bucket list since quite a while. I will be heading southwards again, which really makes the packing task an easier one as jackets always use way too much space ;)


Two weeks ago I dwelled in the south at roughly 25 degrees and with a view on the azure blue sea, ancient ruins and picturesque bays. As I promised along the first outfit from Turkey which came online a few days ago, today I’m finally ready with the recap of my Turkey trip with Anja and I will not only share tips regarding the places you have to visit but I also have a hotel tip for you. Here we go:

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Imagine a world without colors, in all black and white! Thinking about it, I suddenly shudder because what would the sea be without its glorious blue, what would the meadows be without their brilliant green and what we be without the wide range of clothing in all conceivable colors. I can’t bring myself to watching black and white movies as much as I avoid colorless outfits (except for the occasional one). I mean, why should I when there are so many fabulous colors out there, waiting to be discovered, combined and presented to the world?


I already talked about it on Monday that it almost borders on self-torture to be back in cold Switzerland and be in charge to get pictures from wonderfully warm Turkey ready. Today I AM ready with the first pictures, the first outfit, from the south and I start with one of my personal favorite photo stories we took under the blazing Mediterranean sun – which turned out to be a very very bad idea in the evening.