Two days ago I was sitting in the office unsuspecting but the suddenly the phone rang and an SMS lighted the screen which made me get more and more jittery with each passing minute. I seriously couldn’t await to be home because according to DHL there should be a parcel waiting for me. My eagerly awaited baby must have arrived then!



Sometimes I wish I could turn back time to a past decade. Recently I did it. Well, actually it wasn’t be but rather Campari Switzerland who did.


Happy Monday morning everyone! While I’m texting these lines its actually Sunday evening – I only returned from a photo shoot in Zurich about 10 minutes ago and honestly the one thing I’d prefer to do right now is laying in bed because I’m super tired and my headache is killing me. Do you know those days when nothing works as you want? It was this kind of a day!

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They beam into the camera with teeth whiter than snow. They report everything as euphoric as child which is allowed to choose a super big lollipop at the supermarket. They’re always in a good mood because their life seems to be made of “ups” and then some more “ups”.


…didn’t know where to shop. If you consumed Gossip Girl like water – as I did in my teen years – most definitely knows this quote come from the mouth of Blair Waldorf. Today I can’t help but grin when I hear it because there are times I can only agree by nodding my head hard.