It looks like this week is going to be filled with personal favorite outfits. On Monday I already came up with this outfit and told you, it’s one I still like so much*. Today here we go with another favorite look of mine. Though, it’s a completely different one than the previous – calmer and more relaxed I’d say. Instead of many bright colors it works with just a few subtle tones. Thanks to the pattern on the bag and the shoes and not least because of the bralet worn over the cozy sweater the combination doesn’t appear boring at all. At least I hope it doesn’t ;)


A happy Monday everyone. I hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend. Mine was rather so-so because while my Saturday has been quite amazing – my too amazing after my third mulled wine? – I felt terrible yesterday because I couldn’t sleep all night and in the morning I felt like I’m the walking dead. What would I have given to just stay in bed all day to get fit but instead the first Christmas cookies of the season called my name as I have been doing the groceries on Saturday in order to bake them cookies and I was so excited about it. So I left my bed early as I was awake anyway and started. Some of you might already saw the sneak peek of the result on my Snapchat (@fashionfraction). The recipe will probably follow on Friday so that you know what to do the upcoming weekend. I heard there are some people who enjoy two days of weekend ;)


Friends are there for each other – always. They support. They motivate. They are there to share the best moments with each other. Yes, they might be bitchy from time to time (women DNA problems, you know) but nevertheless they and the memories and experiences we connect with them are anchored deep in our hearts, so that we still love them to the moon and back. Because we always know they will be there when we need them the most. And I mean, what’s better than spending an evening with a good film in combination with a good glass of wine and a good friend by your side to get over a deep hit or just to have a fun time?

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Only very few months passed by since one city took my heart by storm. Because of the coolness of the typical Victorian Houses as well as because of the charm of the well known, colorful houses in Notting Hill including all the cute little coffees which seems to be made with so much love. At least when I dropped the word(s) Notting Hill you probably realized I can only be talking about London and you’re right! I fell deeply in love with this city since I’ve been there for fashion week two months ago.


Those of you who know me, know that I’m a very practical thinking person – especially when it comes to make up and even more specific when it comes to my everyday make up routine at weekdays. I mean, why getting up 30 minutes earlier when you can use the slumber mode three more times? Meanwhile I have quite a nice range of beauty looks saved in my brain which take no longer than 3 minutes and which – in case of need – can easily be tone on the go because they don’t need many products to create them. Today I will introduce you to three of these looks and they all have one thing in common: They start with the nurturing Estée Lauder Double Wear Cushion Stick which keeps your skin looking flawless for eight hours and which perfectly fits into your handbag so that you have this innovative piece at hand whenever you need it for a touch up.