Do you remember the article about Goldwell and the Keratin treatment I tested to tame my wild hair? These photos were taken right after the appointment with my hair dresser. Just to quickly explain why my hair is as straight as if it came under steam roller several times. Luckily I required for a not so strong treatment to get back the natural swing and the volume of my nature hair as soon as possible. I do have it back already! Yay. But now, with a few weeks in-between, while watching through these shots, I must admit I somehow like it to look so different for once.


Connecting yesterdays article with all the impressions of our wellness weekend in the Austrian Ötztal, here we go with the snugly outfit I wore on the third and last day of our stay in Hotel Bergland Sölden. The main point was all about feeling cozily warm and comfortable. Eventually our three hours ride back home was lying ahead.

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Another two busy days past by in a heartbeat. Time for a new post. Time for a new outfit that will hopefully inspire you again today. Despite it’s pretty classy this time and I admit, nothing new at all – or maybe even because of that! Thanks to the jeans the outfit is 100% suitable for daily use, whereas the simple white blouse and the chic rose blazer add the needed pinch of elegance and grace in a blink. Thus the combination is the perfect compromise if there’s a hectic day in the office ahead but subsequently you’re appointed for a girls’ night out (you know, a few Hugos {err, the drinks of course}, a little bit of gossip and so on. The usual girls stuff.) in your favorite bar.


Happy sunday lovelies! I hope you all had a good start into the weekend and have been able to relax or party hard yesterday. What I did was actually shooting another weekend outfit of mine to share with you soon – well, as if I wouldn’t have enough photos for the next three weeks already. And guess what? I am in a total autumn mood since we shot the outfit yesterday. At least in terms of clothing I can say I love this season.

Friday! Another well deserved weekend is just around the corner. Since weeks it’s the first one without any work plans or events. There’s really nothing waiting to be dealt with. Such a good feeling. Finally time for myself and finally enough time to spend with my family again.

I’m in the Army now

Oh that’s really a seldom thing right here, three post published so closely spaced on three days in turn. The reason is probably as simple as it could be: the incredible motivation I currently fell to share all the photos of my little adventures, domestic and abroad, with all of you. To take you with me to my world. You won’t believe how many posts are already waiting for you in the “schedule-mode” and how many are already in process of planning. The entire october and even the beginning of november is fully booked with articles and projects and I am working hard on the realization. Realizing how often I am away on the way for all these things it really kind of crazy.

Well, did you all follow my fashion dilemma the past saturday? As you know, I have been a guest of Co-Sponsor Soda Stream at the Miss Switzerland 2014 contest and as you also know – thanks to the last blogpost – I don’t own one single evening gown wand I somehow didn’t felt like purchasing one just for this one occasion. Now take a look at the photos on the right. You might wunder “Eh? But she actually wears a gown?” Nope! But the combo of a mini dress and a floor length skirt worn above it actually turned out as the perfect illusion of an evening gown. And those earrings I lately received from the talented designers of the swiss jewelry brand FiliNi Collection are truly the cherry on top. Aren’t they?