April 2015, Event XY, “Who’s that girl over there?” – “Ugh. Looks like a new blogger. Let’s check Instagram” – “Lol. ONLY 708 Follower”

One of these conversation that are not seldom at this or that event. nevertheless my thoughts keep me awake for long time that evening. I can’t fell asleep, fetch for a warm milk with honey and go back to bed.  



Yay, it’s friday again which means nothing else than: Hellow weekend. Hellow sleep. But as for me it also means: Hellow planing and hellooooow packing. Because only in a week I’m going to leave Switzerland in direction to Paris for an exciting project with even more exciting brands as well as for an exclusive preview of the AW15 collection of C&A.


Only a few weeks ago I’ve already been raving about one of my newest and most beloved acquisitions here – this marvelous, floral dress. Unfortunately if has still been pretty cold back then and I’m definitely a person who basically never feels like freezing my ass off because of unsuitable clothing.


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Happy monday morning everybody. I hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend with lots of sunshine and fueled up all your energy over the past two days. Right here we finally made a step forward regarding our never ending project called “furnishing & decoration”.


The weather has been nothing but beautiful the past days. Spring like – almost summery – warm is it here in Zurich. I wouldn’t mind if the sun would always kiss me awake like she does since a week. This way I don’t even mind to get up at 6 AM. Now, that summer announces itself, I instinctively start to think about my summer holidays and a matching holiday resp. beach clothes. 

Girls, you just stumbled over my blog or follow me since a longer time but this much is certain: You are just reading these lines and therefor I assume that you like fashion. Right?

…at least I can wear heels to my urban festival inspired outfit, as eventually I don’t have to grapple with rough festival ground but instead I can strut on even asphalt.


At today’s, sunny sunday morning I’m finally presenting the fourth and last part of my lifestyle and fitness series “Summer Bodies Are Made in Winter”.


We all have rough edges. We all have our own little idiosyncrasies. Luckily! Because otherwise it the world wood be quite monotonous and boring. One of my (many) idiosyncrasies is my incredible indecision. My inability to take decisions. Just deciding something according to instinct. Knowing within seconds what I want. I have never been like that even though I often wish I was.

Already mid-week again. Time for the weekly Wednesday outfit which is comes in totally casual. It’s one of these looks in which I could walk around every other day because it’s so comfortable and still smart. A few weeks back I treated myself with this wonderful camel coat (you already saw it here!) and I’m already convinced that it will be one of my best investments this year!



Happy Easter Monday everybody! While you’re reading these lines, I’m probably sitting at the table, enjoying a delicious lunch with my beloved family. Oh dear, is there anything better than a new, still warm butter braided bun, self-made breakfast muffins along with a glas of self-made smoothie and bright and cheerful painted eggs ready to get in your stomach?!