After three weeks of constant rain I almost forgot how the actually sun looks like and how warm sunbeams feel on my skin. But then, punctual for the 21st of June, the official beginning of summer, the sun finally clawed back its place at the sky and it really was about time!


Ok friends, it’s going wild! While you’re reading these lines, I’m surrounded by thirteen people bustling about and pulling at my hair and clothes, well actually that’s just the cliche I image right now – because now that I’m writing this, it’s still one day before this post goes online and before the crazy day is here. Because today, Wednesday, I’m the middle of a movie and shooting set.



Good morning my loves. First of all I want to speak out a big thank you for all the lovely and motivating comments I received under yesterdays, very personal post. I felt like it’s a topic you all know in a certain manner – or well, for sure one you will probably get to know. Sometimes when you’re in this very situation, you may feel like you’re the only human in the world feeling this way and you may curse yourself for it – but that’s exactly why it was so important to me to speak about it and to make clear that it can happen to everyone.


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I’ve been sitting here for one hour without typing a single word. Tic, tac, tic, tac, the noise of the kitchen watch seems to get louder with every minute passing by and it burns into my head so that I can’t have clear thoughts anymore. Because there’s this pressure. This extreme pressure to deliver something big, something perfect. You know, it wasn’t like this earlier…


It cools us down at hot summer days, warms us up during the ice cold winters, hence it’s our daily companion since about 8000 years,…