Actually there should be outfits in mini skirts, light dresses and cool jeans shorts side by side in this collection of last month’s outfits. Instead you spot lots of long jeans and dresses because August – or at least the first two-thirds of the month – couldn’t be called summery at all. Cold winds and always cloudy skies rather made me feel like autumn is already here.



Yesterday it was that time again. The third semester of studies started and weekends therefor shorten to one single “free” day per week. Free because I neither have to go to school nor to work in the agency, the ” ” because the days is usually filled with blog work. But I run off the track, because actually I wanted to talk about philosophy. Or maybe rather about madness. I’m not sure how this will end up.


Happy Friday everyone who has been working hard this week – only one more day to go until you’re a free bird for two days. Be grateful!! Because I will spend my Saturday’s in school for studies again after my past four weeks of summer holiday. But hey, everything is just fine with the golden pair of shoes and the perfect dress, no?


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The best comes for last – not only if you look at the logic succession of a menu in a restaurant, where the dessert is usually served for last, but rather in general. I like it to keep the best for the last so that I can look forward to it for as long as possible. Well, it can be suboptimal if you’re already full after the starter and the main course – but oh stop – I actually don’t want to talk about food now.


A happy Monday morning my loves. While I’ve been enjoying the luxury of real free weekends the past month (no studies at Saturday as usually), I must admit that starting into this new week is a little hard. Because from now on there will be only one free day per week again and I actually only just got used to all this unusual free time ;)