Good morning lovelies. As you know from my Instagram and Facebook I arrived back home yesterday after my three day trip to the countryside of Berlin but today we are not talking about Germany but rather a country more in the south of Europe, namely Portugal and even more specifically the Algarve which is the very south cost of the country where we spent one week of vacation two weeks ago.


Good morning lovelies. I hope you all had a good week so far and are ready for the soon coming weekend. Only two more days to go. Well, luckily my weekend has already started yesterday as I told you two days ago, I right now sitting in an incredible castle near Berlin and I just can’t believe to be here yet.

Happy mid-week everybody. What a strange feeling to know tomorrow is already weekend for me as I am leaving to Berlin for a few days once again for a yet secret project with Zalando. Couldn’t be more grateful when there popped up the invitation in my email account. I have been working with their amazing team since years and the cherry on top was the Zalando Award I won less than two months ago. I still feel honored to be the prize-winner of such a big and well known company and well, one of my favorite online shopping destinations in Switzerland too.

Michèle's Favorites


I can’t believe these photos were taken roughly two months ago. It feels like only a week has passed by since then. You might remember the other two photo series (here and here!) we shoot at this theme park likely place that actually was only a three day city festival very close to where I live.

Good morning my lovelies. I hope you all enjoyed the giveaway I lately posted and I can’t wait to choose a winner in a few days. Crossing my fingers for all of you! As you might noticed through my gloomy instagram shares today, I am back home in Switzerland and business already started all new today. Only 6 hours after landing in Zurich, I sat back in the office, back in front of the computer answering my emails that wear amassing through the past week as I only took time to answer the high priority ones (so many cool projects coming up soon. stay tuned!) during my vacation and at later already back in the agency were I work as a graphic designer.


We already spent 5 days here in paradise and only 2 are left until we have to border our plane back home. I don’t want to leave, I belong to the sea and to the tropical garden surrounding our hotel (which is almost as beautiful as my skirt here. hehe). But daily business calls in Switzerland.

Yesterday evening we arrived in paradise and I can already tell, I don’t want to leave this place anymore! During my holiday planning phase I did not even know where we should even go to, so I asked around for some tips. That’s when I heard lots of good words about the beauty of the Algarve, the south coast of Portugal. Now that I am effectively here, I know what they were talking about.


Happy monday lovelies! I must admit I am writing these lines now, at sunday evening 11.30PM, and scheduled the post to go online in the early monday morning to feed you guys with a new outfit inspiration and some words for the start of the week. But I reeeeeally need to have a lie-in at least until 10AM today to be all fit for tomorrows departure in direction to Portugal. I am so freaking excited to arrive at the beach finally and explore the beautiful landscape of the south part of Portugal.


Today is a happy day, ladies! Not only because it’s sunday what means we’re free from any work but also because I have another giveaway to host in collaboration with Sugarhill in order to surprise one of you lucky ones with a gift card worth £50 to spent at their shop!