Good morning everybody. For today I prepared another event post that allows everybody of you a little insight in where I spent my past tuesday evening: The “Osterzucker” (Engl.: Easter sugar) Event of an aspiring swiss bag label called “Mugon”where Anna Jost (in the third picture), the beautiful and super talented designer of each and every piece, presented the new collection for Spring/Summer 2014. At the very beginning let me tell you just a few words about the brand itself. The brand name “Mugon” stems from the Japanese language where the word means as much as “Silence” and I absolutely underline this motto for the whole collection due to the modest style every piece serves! Consummate clean lines and stylish understatement come upon usefulness and premium material as well as workmanship.

We already spent 5 days here in paradise and only 2 are left until we have to border our plane back home. I don’t want to leave, I belong to the sea and to the tropical garden surrounding our hotel (which is almost as beautiful as my skirt here. hehe). But daily business calls in Switzerland.

Good morning lovebirds, once again I am sharing an outfit I have worn a month ago already what reminds me how fast time runs these days. But that’s alright, way better than the opposite, right? I have always been writing quite a lot lately therefor I allow myself to write a few less lines this time and instead leave you with this casual outfit I wore for a day in the city with one of my BFFs. I assure those shoes are way more comfortable then they look and I barely did not even notice I am having high heels on my feet even though I have been walking quite a distance – always the very best sign for a pair of heels if you feel like walking on ballerinas!

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Remember last week when I told through facebook before leaving for a busy evening filled with 3 events one after another. Phew! The Summer Welcome Party hold by C&A at a wonderful location in the heart of Zurich was one of those mentioned events. With fresh and fruity cocktails we got saluted when arriving at the White Cube (the mentioned location) and the evening continued with a lot more of delicious little treats and a jolly performance of swiss singer Zazou Mall and some models showcasing the currently available C&A collection for summer.


Happy favorite day of the week lovelies. (I think I don’t need to mention that I am just joking but I do – just to prevent you guys thinking I am a little freak) Hope you all enjoyed a happy Mother’s Day and a relaxing weekend in general. Mine was quite filled up with plans as usual. Friday evening I went to the cinema with one of my best ladies to watch “The Other Women” which was an absolutely great choice because we had so much fun during the movie, Saturday I met up with Joy for a drink and to shoot my Outfit I wore that day to feed you guys with further outfit inspirations the coming week. Sunday I finally managed to visit my family for a big big Mother’s Day brunch at one of our favorite restaurants quite close to my old home. So what you see right here is the outfit I wore for sunday’s little family-reunion-brunch.