Phew, another week is almost over again. Another new one is just around the corner what means another shooting had to be done the past days. Now that the winter hole finally seems to come to an end, temperatures are slowly rising and the days get longer and longer (feels so good to be able to see the sun when stepping out of the office in the evening) the motivation for shooting some special photo stories comes back again. To write it shortly: Yesterday we finished the next shooting for another cool sporty brand at another sporty surrounding. Come back soon to see more here!

To this look which is the third of the adidas series is created of another bunch of adidas originals pieces. Not very hard to realize: The theme for this line were roses. From shoes, to leggings, to tops to jackets there is a huge huge selection of rose themed clothing in the adidas store as well as in “real” stores available now. Just click on the bold words below in the “get the look” part, to get directed to the specific items of this look. As already elucidated in the previous post, the adidas originals line is a casual sportswear line and not mainly created for doing sports rather than for wearing it in your all day life.

Look at these outstanding leggings they’re so perfect for all day looks and believe me, they’re super duper comfy and for some reason they even make the legs looking so good what is absolutely not usual in printed legwear. You girls may know the problem of optical weight gaining in printed pants or leggings, right? So I can comfort you with pure conscience, these are totally different! Now that it’s sunday I could not imagine any better piece to hurl myself into a lazy day. Ok, 1. this word choices were pure contradiction and 2. mine will actually not be that lazy but it’s always motivating to know that I could actually take it lazily due to the fact that sundays are there for acting out our laziness. Ha! Enjoy your day, loves!

Get the look
Rose Printed Leggins: Adidas Originals
Rose Printed Jacket: Adidas Originals 

Blush Pink Sweater: Adidas Originals
Blush Pink Sneakers: Adidas Originals

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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