Flares are back. Well, actually since quite some time and actually in March I already showed an only slightly flared pair of jeans and in June an option in black. Thanks to the collaboration of Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli and premium denim brand 7 For All Mankind today it’s going to be a little more extreme.

For that reason, I kept the rest of the outfit clean with a classic, white blouse, a leather jacket, a black hat and high heels (to lengthen the legs visually – as we all know bootcut jeans put on some visual weight on). One doesn’t always have to exaggerate, right? Especially not, if a piece of clothing make opinions differ as much as the revival of the flared jeans. What’s your opinion?

Die Schlaghosen sind zurück. Also, eigentlich schon seit Längerem und eigentlich habe ich euch im März auch schon eine Variante mit leichtem Schlag und im Juni eine schwarze Version davon gezeigt. Heute wird es dank dem Resultat der Zusammenarbeit von Giambattista Valli und 7 For All Mankind allerdings noch etwas extremer.

Dafür bleibt der Rest des Outfits mit einer klassische, weisse Bluse, einer Lederjacke, einem schwarzer Hut und hohen Hacken (um das Bein optisch zu strecken – bekanntlich machen die Hosen ja nicht gerade schlank), ganz clean. Man braucht ja auch nicht immer zu übertreiben. Besonders nicht, wenn ein Kleidungsstück die Geister so sehr scheidet, wie das Revival der Bootcut Jeans. Was ist deine Meinung?

Get the look
Leather Jacket: asos
Shirt: Seidensticker
Pants: Giambattista Valli x 7 for all mankind (or get it here!)
Hat: asos
Bag: Céline or budget option!
“Horn Necklace”: Avinas
Turquoise “Maya Ring”: Avinas
Turquoise “Maya Cuff”: Avinas
“Boule Ring”: Avinas

Photos: Joy Oelen

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  1. I love this kind of jeans. They look gorgeous on you, hun +_+

    Happy weekend,


  2. totally love the look! great photo’s :)

  3. Definitely cool outfit! Love the leather jacket. awesome post! :)

  4. My jaw dropped at this look! You look so chic & your legs look miles long in these jeans!

  5. Flawless Michele :)

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  6. Sorry it’s me again, which size are you wearing? Really wanna have the pants too :)

    Jennifer xox

  7. Those pants are a dream!!

    Love, Jennifer

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the monochrome/minimalist type of look. That jacket is to die for! x

  9. It’s perfect bag! cool! Beautiful and fancy look! You look so beautiful and stylish <3

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  10. Erinnert mich an die 2000er, als Miss Sixty mit dem “je mehr Schlag, desto besser” auf dem Vormarsch war :D
    Die Kombination mit Bluse & Lederjacke gefällt mir echt gut, siehst super aus! :)

  11. You look amazing in your flared jeans!
    Just love it!

  12. an absolute stunner!


  13. Wow, du rockst die Jeans aber richtig, sieht ganz ganz tollaus ♥

  14. I love these flares on you!


  15. Not everyone can handle an outfit like this, but you definitely do! Great look!

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  17. Wow… Ein toller Look! Die Hose steht dir ausgezeichnet!
    Danke für deinen netten Kommentar!
    LG, Vitri

  18. Those jeans are amazing! Your whole outfit is great! I would definitely wear it!

    Heba xx || The HebaBloglovinInstagram

  19. Wow, this is why you’re one of my fave fashion icons. Love the look and the jacket I love. You look beautiful Michelle ;)

    The Flower Duet

  20. I’m totally digging these wide legs because the color, the rise, and how it flares. I’m lovin it too much! I’m slowly making my way over to wide legs. Just bought a pair of silky gray ones. Love your outfit!

  21. Love your outfit. So classic and chic

  22. so on point!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  23. Beautiful and classy. I love the leather jacket over the white blouse look. :)

  24. Fabulous look. Love the flare denim.

  25. You have an amazing style! I love your blog!!! So chic and stylish!

  26. So classic and chic. Very lovely!

    – Kaitlyn |

  27. Such beautiful and classic pieces. You look stunning as usual, darling!
    XoXo from South Africa

  28. The flared pant is my favorite right now!

  29. Love this look so much Michele! So hip and chic. I’m glad I didn’t toss out all my flared jeans when skinny jeans were hottest… :)

    ~xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  30. So street chic! Love your style chica.

    Xx, Jessi

  31. Great styling! I’m not sure about the flared jean’s return for myself. I’m still stuck on skinny jeans!


  32. great classics are back and wow they look fabulous
    I wonder how is the rest of Valli/7 collection……
    you’re looking sooooo chic

  33. I really really love your look ! The flared jeans looks amazing on you !


  34. so beautiful! love the look! x

  35. this is my first time viewing your blog so I first want to comment on your blog design and how it looks like a cute style/fashion magazine. i love it. next, your outfit is cute! I personally don’t think i can rock flared jeans but you can! looking super chic doing it too xx

  36. this is my first time viewing your blog so I first want to comment on your blog design and how it looks like a cute style/fashion magazine. i love it. next, your outfit is cute! I personally don’t think i can rock flared jeans but you can! looking super chic doing it too xx

  37. Love jeans like these! They are stunning. You look so chic

  38. This look is stunning! Those jeans are perfection. Obsessed!

  39. Esos pantalones son preciosos, un gran look!
    Besos :)

  40. Those flare jeans are on point! Totally nailed the ’70s look with style! :) xo~ Lena

  41. Perfect look!

  42. Stylish head to toe!

    How to combine an off the shoulder top (tips&tricks) on
    lb-lc fashion and lifestyle blog

  43. so beautiful! loved the outfit ! xo
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  44. I always love it when flared jeans come back every Spring/Summer! They’re such a fun take on denim during these warmer months. You look absolutely fantastic as you always do! :) I love the touches of turquoise in your accessories.

    be the plebeian

  45. This look is absolute perfection!

  46. OMG! You look amazing! Love those flared denim on you!
    Sending you much love & I hope your Tuesday is as marvelous like you!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  47. Theese flare trousers are perfect on you ! I love the combo : rock and classy ;) Thanks for your comment on my blog !

  48. Love Everything about this look. <3

  49. Wooow, die Hose ist der Wahnsinn! Perfekt kombiniert mit der Jacke und dem Hut vor allem.
    Love it <3

    xx Julie

  50. OLEEEEEEEEEE :) , I like the fashion of the 70 , the pants are amazing like you and you style :D
    AWESOME BABY!!!!!!!
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  51. Loving these mega-flares!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  52. You look amazing and I really like the trousers. Great combination with the leather jacket. Great post.


  53. Love the bag and the leather jacket!! Perfect for those cold summer days we’re having in Geneva! :)

  54. you have styled this look to the max, loving it! ♥
    The Stylish Confessions | Fashion & Beauty blog

  55. You look amazing!! This outfit is very chic…so beautiful! Perfect for all the occasions!
    Love the jeans ;-)


  56. I adore this outfit and your photos are great!

  57. you look great!

  58. I really like that leather jacket, might have to get it. My one has just about died.
    Love your whole outfit.

  59. Love your Jean so much!! Awesome.

  60. This outfit is perfect in every way. You look gorgeous and I like this 70s inspired look :) xx Maja

  61. Wow, you make bell bottom jeans look so chic! Love how you left the rest of the look so classic and understated.

  62. Really cool outfit, I love all the elements! I don’t think I”ve ever worn flares, not this wide anyways. I do like the look, so I might give them a shot if I run into the right pair :-)

  63. Obsessed with your flared jeans!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  64. Tolles Outfit..! <3

    Liebe Grüße

  65. Obsessed with this flared jeans! I always had a huge love for it, happy they’re back in the shops as well so it is easier to get them (compared to a few years back)


  66. Perfect look, Michele! And this bag is a killer!

    x // bloglovin

  67. I’m just in love with this outfit! You look great :)


  68. Gorgeus look, love it! The pants are amazing!


  69. I love your outfit ! The leather jacket is really perfect. I think it is a statement piece, like the flares, so I wouldn’t have thought about pairing them. But actually the result looks really cool !

  70. So beautiful! Loooove this!

  71. LOVE The pants! so coool!

    Greetings from Paris!

  72. I LOVE that flared jeans so much! You look so cool in those jeans pants!

    Kisses from Berlin,

  73. Cool!

  74. I don’t mind the revival of the flared jean. I still prefer my skinnies but there is nothing wrong with switching up the silhouette from time to time.


  75. Beautiful look, so chic !


  76. So timeless and effortless! Love it

  77. You look so stylish! Keeping the rest of the outfit simple with the flares works well.

  78. You are so chic/amazing. I love this look and especially the turquoise accents. You. Are. Flawless!

    XO K

  79. I am fashion obsessed with your look here! That jacket and this whole thing is just gorgeous! You have a great sense of style and I loveeee your blog. :)

  80. Fabulous look! You killed it!

  81. I’m so much in love with your pants!!!!!!!


  82. So chic! I’m obsessed with flare right now!

  83. Super schöne Details! :)

  84. Wundervolles Outfit, die Jeans ist ein Traum. <333
    Wünsche dir eine schöne Woche…

  85. Classy and stylish in this pants, love it

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  86. The jeans and purse have a perfect flare!

    Agnes x

  87. LOVE the jeans and how you’ve styled them x

    Electra Violet ||

  88. Wow du siehst jedes Mal einfach nur klasse aus. Dein Outfit ist echt super und die Bilder sind auch total wunderschön. :) Ich liebe deinen Blog, mach so weiter. ;)

  89. Hee du!
    Ganz, ganz schöne Fotos und ein sehr hübsches Outfit. Steht dir grossartig.
    LG Marmormaedchen

  90. You look so wonderful with this outfit! we love the style, the photography, and your poses. Absolutely fabulous
    Un abbraccio e buona estate!
    Valentina Astorino e Eva Sabin The AnarChic

  91. I feel bad that i didn’t get my own pair of flares, didn’t have my size tho! but I so loved this outfit babe, you look beyond stunning, love how classic yet simple it is. Have a lovely week ahead! Sending you lots of love!

    XO, Melissa’s Diary

  92. Amazing look, love the jeans and the bag so much!


  93. You look so chic here. Never can get tired from your flare looks!


  94. Love flares! You look so elegant!

  95. I have some flared jeans and they are inside my wardrobe for a long time, I like them, but I don´t know if I see myself wearing them again. You wear them in such a lovely style. Awesome!!

  96. Ahhh Michèle, you look so chic and of course the flares look so great on you :) love the bag and hat too! x

  97. You look great!


  98. I love your jeans!! Great outfit!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  99. So wunderschön! <3 echt klasse :)

  100. This look is beyond perfect!! I can’t get over how amazing it is!!

    xx Olivia

  101. You look so confident & bold in that look. Also love the horn necklace detail. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  102. My opinion, I agree with you. Bell bottoms do add visual weight for sure. You have to be tall & lean to pull the look off for the most part. I think the problem is that most people don’t know how to find the perfect bell for their body type. Much like the female form, not all bells are the same size. Personally I don’t care for them so you’ll never see me in them. However I was told that the bell shouldn’t be wider than your hips and/or the width of the jeans. Equally important, the length. I see that yours are dragging on the ground. That must be difficult to walk in, not to mention how dirty they are when you take them off. I wonder why designers make bell jeans so long and regular jeans so short. The mysteries of fashion.
    Aside from all of that. I like that you went with a modern chic look and not so literally as to the era the jeans are from. So easy to do that. Clearly you’re more fashion savy than that.

  103. richtig klasse! die beine sehen ja ewig lang in der jeans aus :)

    Lieber Gruß

  104. Lovely flares, great colour and fabric! Also loved the jewellery details:D

  105. So glad that flares are back, these were my childhood pants. You look very chic in those!

    Maë –

  106. Amazing outfit.

  107. Love this whole outfit. You look so chic, Michelle. Have a nice day. xx


  108. Tolles Outfit! Obwohl ich zugeben muss, dass mir die Hose ohne ‘Schlag’ noch besser gefallen würde :)

    Liebe Grüße,
    Vivian von therubinrose

  109. I love this outfit and I think it has a very cool retro 70s vibe. Those flared jeans are amazing! I like that you kept the rest of this outfit simple to really make these flared jeans stand out!


  110. I love the jewelry you chose for this look!

  111. Du bist meine Heldin :)
    DU siehst einfach immer super aus

    Liebe Grüße
    Cherifa von

  112. Love your Celineeee!! You look beautiful as always

  113. Great Jeans! I love the bag *bagaddicted*
    Bootcut muss einfach sein, ich hab so lang drauf gewartet.
    Habe gestern auch meine neue ausgeführt *hieristesjasoookalt*

    Liebste Grüße
    Kali von Miss Bellis Perennis

  114. So chic! Love your jeans, babe<3

    Shall We Sasa

  115. I have always loved flares and I have been wearing them since elementary school. I must say I admire how well you have styled this pair.

    Those flares look fantastic on you! Pairing them with a simple white shirt and leather jacket was ingenious. I also really like those rings with blue stones and that lovely necklace.

    pure perfection!!!!!!

  116. I love the flare and they look great on you.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

  117. I really love this look:)

  118. everything about this outfit is perfection michele! i’m sure you already have gorgeous long legs but boy those pants really help elongate them legs. which in my case. i totally need the help of lol.

  119. YES I love these flares so so much!! The wider the better when it comes to flares as far as I am concerned, and this pair is perfection!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  120. You’re looking 70’s chic dear.
    I love the flared pants :)

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  121. Toll siehst du aus, ich trage die Boot Cut Jeans jetzt auch wieder sehr gerne! Deine Tasche ist traumhaft!
    Liebe Grüße

  122. Fabulous, rocking 70s inspired outfit! Love the leather jacket and bag! Happy Monday!


  123. Definitiv ja zu Boot Cut Jeans :) Sie sind mal etwas anderes zu den ewigen Skinny Jeans und Abwechlung brauchen wir Modemädchen eben!
    Dein Tasche ist ein absoluter Traum!!!

    Liebst, Tine

  124. Gorgeous jeans! I always preferred flares to skinny!

  125. such an incredible look, you look fantastic!

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  126. super cooler look, liebe deine hosen
    Posts online about Dubai, South Africa, Provence…

  127. The bag is so NICE :)

    Bisous from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  128. Love it all! pants are fabolous! (And what about the bag?? )


  129. I really love your look! <3
    Your jeans are so cool!


  130. retro chic, love it! x

  131. amazing look ,kisses.

  132. Congrats for this collaboration. I confess that I don’t like flare jeans, but little by little I love them! You has a great style!


  133. Find your blog so great, 
    pretty pictures and beautiful colors.

  134. ahhh…absolutely gorgeous in this 70s inspired outfit. love it!!

    kisses from dubai ♥

  135. I’m obsessed with your Céline tie bag, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Loving this 70’s inspired outfit!

  136. Oh I love your bag!!! Amazing outfit!

  137. Your photos are fantastic! You have an amazing sense of style. Striking look! Have a terrific week!

    xo, Bry

  138. I don’t know how you do it, but you always leave me speechless with your super stylish and inspiring outfits! Looooove your bag!

  139. Cool!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  140. You look gorgeous!
    J’adore this mix :)



  141. Love this look with the flare jeans! Looking absolutely stunning!

  142. really liking the flare pants trend. You look great in it.

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  143. Amazing look.
    I`m so in love with your bag.
    Have a nice day

  144. Die Schlaghose steht dir richtig gut – richtig hübscher Look <3

    Liebste Grüße
    Luise |

  145. Just love your style so much! Great look!


  146. Love it! x

  147. love the boho-chic of this outfit! the jeans are everything x

  148. WOW der Look steht Dir ausgezeichnet!
    xoxo Lynda

  149. Du siehst toll aus! :-*

  150. I love this look so much! You have managed to look so classic but still maintain an edge! And I love the flares!