Happy mid-week everybody. What a strange feeling to know tomorrow is already weekend for me as I am leaving to Berlin for a few days once again for a yet secret project with Zalando. Couldn’t be more grateful when there popped up the invitation in my email account. I have been working with their amazing team since years and the cherry on top was the Zalando Award I won less than two months ago. I still feel honored to be the prize-winner of such a big and well known company and well, one of my favorite online shopping destinations in Switzerland too.

Guess what, these Finder Keepers shorts I am wearing here are from the Zalando shop too and no, it wasn’t planned to have this outfit containing a Zalando item posted today when talking about our project. Just one lucky coincidence. I swear. Unfortunately they are almost out of stock by time as this one is another outfit that has been shot about two months or even longer ago and was actually planned to go on air much earlier.

Those of you who are bloggers as well, may know this “problem” when you have a few blogposts in the pipeline but then you always have to squeeze new ones inbetween that have priority for several reasons. That has been the case with this outfit so I had to delay it again and again and again. I promise the next outfit you will see here on The Fashion Fraction will be super duper up to date. It is a look I wore during my Portugal vacation last week. Stay tuned to see more soon.

Get the look
Shorts: Finders Keepers (and here!)
Top: Let them stare
Shoes: Prada (budget version! and similar!)
Clutch: Burberry via Monnier Frères
Cuff: CA&LOU


  1. LOVE :)
    Hadasah |

  2. Wow…you look so different than usual here :) romantic and light colours make you look adorable! Although this is an old post this is great spring outfit inspiring.


  3. Can’t get enough of your beautiful photos!!! Amazing :)

  4. Adorable outfit,the shorts are so cute, beautiful print and colors are perfect for sunny days.

  5. Wow, I love this outfit! And your blog is amazing! Love the design of it: looks so professional! :) Great job! ;)
    Best wishes from:

  6. Wow!. Erstmal bedanke ich mich für dein Kommentar und dass du auf meinem Blog gelandet bist!:)
    Dann muss ich erstmal anmerken wie schön deine Seite ist. Wirklich! Wahnsinn. Mal von den schönen Outfits abgesehen:)

    Ich wünsche ein angenehmes Wochenende,

    liebe Grüße,

  7. Cute bag! :)

  8. I was looking through your blog and THIS is my most favorite look so far. I love the color!!!

    xx Patricia

  9. Love so much your clutch bag xoxo

  10. Total schöner Print – sehr schöner Look! Und unglaublich schöne Blumen :)

  11. love those shorts. they are perfect and I love how you styled them.


  12. I normally don’t like pink, but I must say you might have changed my mind! I love how you balanced it out with different colors and patterns. Your bracelet really caught my eye, what a unique piece!

    xo, Rachel

  13. I love everything about this look! It’s so perfect for spring!
    xoxo Sophie

  14. Wow, you look amazing. And I´m so in love with your beautiful clutch. And those flowers in the background, perfection!

    Love, Rachel

  15. this is gorgeous! Everything, the flowers, the shorts! I am so glad I found your blog today!

  16. Wow! Love this outfit!

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  17. Your photos are really amazing! your outfit so chic :)

  18. The shorts are simply amazing, especially shot in front of those beautiful flowers !

    Great look !

  19. The shorts are simply fantastic!! Zalando has definitely got some great pieces in their shop… Just ordered a few things there as well!

    Love from Munich, L

  20. Gorgeous style as usual! I love the short print!

  21. Very nice and stylish summer outfit! I love the shoes!!!!!!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  22. Congrats on the project girl, you totally deserve it! I love this outfit so much, and that leaf bracelet is amazing!

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  23. Wow. Gorgeous look! The print of the shorts are so fab!

    Made in Mauve

  24. Girl, I LOVE this look! Your blog is GREAT! Definitely will be revisiting.


  25. Gorgeous pics! I love the shorts and the bag is adorable too!

    The Marcy Stop

  26. You look fabulous!
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  27. I love your shorts dear

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  28. You look great! I love this outfit xo every piece is wonderful itself, but in combination their a lot better!

  29. You look great! I love this outfit xo every piece is wonderful itself, but in combination their a lot better!

  30. You look absolutely amazing! Love the outfit!

    Monica Harmony’s Blog

  31. Amazing floral shorts! They look absolutely beautiful on you <3
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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  32. you look amazing!

  33. Gorgeous as always!

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  34. Very beautiful ! I love your bag and your shoes !

  35. Love your shorts! You always look so fabulous! Have fun in Berlin!

  36. wow this is my fave outfit I have seen on the blogs today absolutely love the shorts with the shirt and the colour of the shoes. absolutely stunning! xx

  37. Obsessed with these shorts – you look beautiful!

  38. Beautiful look and photos!

  39. These photos look beautiful with the flowers in the background!

    xx Cheyenne

  40. love the whole look esp those shorts!


  41. Wow, this pictures are beautiful ! <3
    I follow your blog, now :)

  42. Love the print on those shorts- so lush and tropical! Obsessed with that bag too :)

  43. Amazing outfit! So floral and perfect for a sunny Summer day! I love those shorts, cuff and the Burberry clutch!

    The photos are, as always, so inspiring and the background couldn’t be better than this with sophisticated hydrangeas!

  44. awesome!

  45. Florally fantastic. The color are so vibrant and the pattern is big & bold. The clutch with leather florets is literal but still nice. As for the shoes, chic. Love the look.

  46. Just perfect look, love this short, love love.
    See you soon

  47. I love it!! The shorts are really beautiful, the print and color are perfect.

    De Madrid y Lima

  48. Super in love with your pics and your blog as well.
    Maybe can we follow each other? ^^
    I’m looking forward to your visit to my blog! Thanks.

  49. stunning as always!
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  50. Gorgeous cuff!

  51. those shorts are so cute!


  52. Great look lovely shorts!!!

  53. I love your look!!

  54. Love the floral shorts so much and how you styled it for a romantic look! Beautiful photos!


  55. Die SHorts sehen wirklich fabelhaft an dir aus! Richtig toll kombiniert :) Ich wünsche dir eine super Zeit in Berlin!

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana

    Es würde mich riesig freuen, wenn du an meinem Geburtstags Gewinnspiel mitmachst :)

  56. This look is perfect!

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  57. This is gorgeous! I LOVEEE those shoes!

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  58. Love this flower look ! :)

  59. Perfect look and photos, the ilumination and the place match perfectly with the clothes.

    Really love those shorts, they are amazing.

    Lots of love,

  60. Sieht toll aus!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Verena von

    PS: Gewinne eine ikoo-Brush deiner Wahl! Mehr auf meinem Blog! HIER erfährst du mehr! :)

  61. I love the shorts. The last photo is so pretty! ^^

  62. Love the total look! You are fabolous! :)


  63. Love it! Simply amazing haha. The bracelet though.. Dieeeee for it.

  64. Totally love your outfit! The print on the shorts is so colourful and that shoes are so so gorgeous.
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  65. AWWN your blog is so lovely! I love absolutely everything about this look, you’re perfect! And you look like that actress, can’t remember her name >< Chloe something… Anyways, have a nice day :)
    x Vonyll

  66. Beautiful photos! I love the shorts and the bracelet!

  67. Great outfit! Such cute shots with the flowers by your shoes :)


  68. Beautiful print of the shorts! Love this outfit<3

  69. Love those shorts, they´re so cute! Go great with the green pumps!

  70. Klasse Look, das Muster von der Shorts ist schön :)

    Liebste Grüße
    Bezaubernde Nana

  71. That bracelet is perfect!
    Fashion latte with vanilla

  72. I feel like reading a magazine when I’m reading your blog! Lovely as usual hunny

  73. You look so pretty! I love the color combination!

  74. Wonderful pictures and super outfit ;)

  75. Hello… LOVELY OUTFIT AGAIN…. I’ve loved the blouse more on you that in the web-shop. Bracelet is also a dream

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  76. Such a lovely clutch and cute shorts ;)

    xo Jenny

  77. Girl, you look amazing! Such a gorgeous and feminine outfit!
    Love the floral print of your shorts and how the flowers pop up on the clutch! :)

  78. Gorgeous outfit. Love the shorts!

  79. Die Hose ist richtig schön! Das Muster gefällt mir richtig gut :)

    Ich wünsche dir viel spaß in Berlin!

  80. Beautiful, stunning look! Love the hydraengas in the back!

  81. I love these shorts!!

  82. What a lovely print! I love your shorts Miss!


  83. I really love the shorts! Such a beautiful print and colors! And the flowers on the background are gorgeous!