I have always been very very much against thigh high boots over jeans until once last week when I immediately felt like putting on my most comfortable pair of jeans and combine it with my fav thigh high boots. I really do know where this change of mind arised from and must admit that I was pretty much unsure about this combo during the whole day. Furtunately, in the evening when I came back from the office, switched on my computer and took a look at the photos we took over lunch time, I was relieved as I find the look pretty cool now. Especially in combination with the oversized mens shirt from Gant Rugger and the light leather jacket which somehow keep the look on a very casual level.

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing weekend the past two days and are now ready and filled up with power for the upcoming five work days. I am super excited about this week since there will be two events I am so looking forward to attend. The first one will already be tomorrow. Yay and the other will be one day later. Stay tuned to hear and see more on the blog as well as live updates on facebook and instagram!

Get the look 

Grid Mens Shirt: Gant Rugger
Leather Jacket: asos
Skinny Jeans: Hudson
Thigh High Boots: Zign
Golden Watch: Michael Kors
Studded Bag: Mango

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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  18. Your jacket and boots look amazing! I appreciate your kind visit.

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  26. Killer look, as always! Those boots are amazing! xo<br /><br />-Jen<br /><br />

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  28. love the boots! these reminded me of kate moss&#39; commercial ;)

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  31. Wow, stunning look, love these boots. *__*<br />Lovely greets Nessa

  32. These boots are amazing, Michele…why not show them off over jeans?! And the slightly &quot;cowboy&quot; feel of the shirt and the belt make for some interesting contrast!! (Isn&#39;t it funny how we sometimes don&#39;t get the full effect of a look until we see it in photos?!)<br /><br />

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  42. Love this whole outfit! I am the same way about over-the-knee boots, but these I could totally wear! You look lovely!

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  44. I would never use that shirt with that outfit but it looks great!!<br /><br />

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  46. Wow. These boots are great. This outfit is so tight! Not really my style, but suits you perfectly.

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  48. So effortlessly cool :)

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  55. You look amazing! I never thought I would wear that high boots but due to the fact that I am working for Russian retail now, I am used to sering it and actually liked it:)<br /><br />

  56. SUch a great look….lovely boots and belt!<br /><br />

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  72. My favourite pic is the one where you smile! DO IT MORE OFTEN MISSY!<br />

  73. love this combination! pretty!<br /><br />

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