Hey hey hey everybody. A few days after my return from the magical (I can’t find any word that matches better – you will find out why soon) three day trip to the countryside around Berlin with Zalando as a guest of their #ZalandoSummerHouse I am finally ready to share the first photos taken around the endless pocket of land of “Schloss Herzfelde” – the castle that turned out to be our accommodation. Since the latest post here has already been a lifestyle post with loads of pictures from our Portugal week, I chose to share an outfit first instead of already revealing all the photos I took of the castle and its surrounding. No worries, those pictures will also be online very soon and you will see why the word “magical” was the only right one to chose in the first sentence.

So here we go with a typical outfit I wear on lazy days when I want to feel super relaxed and cozy but also want to look chic in some way. Boyfriend jeans are always my first choice if I am in the mood for this kind of lazy dressing, paired with a striped top and a chic white blazer I am ready for pretty much everything to come up during the day. And you are right if you are now wondering about the shoes, I must admit I used to walk around in my comfy Chanel espadrilles all day but then switched into these super cool new in booties for taking these photos (such a cheater I am – but at least honest).

Hope to see you again here on The Fashion Fraction within the next days to show and tell you more about the Zalando Summer House and all the other inspiring bloggers.

Get the look
Jeans: Staff (also love these!)
Top: Vera Wang Collection
Blazer: Mint&Berry (and similar!)
Belt: Levi’s
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (50& off now!)
Bag: Saint Laurent

Photos by Lea Zeitman


  1. Amazing casual chic. Love the heels and the super cute jewelry.

  2. Ich habe mich gerade ein wenig in deinen Blog verguckt.
    Tolle Texte und vor allem Photos hast du :)
    Ich folge dir mal auf Bloglovin ;)

  3. Hallo Michèle! :)

    Erst einmal vielen, vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Ich habe mich wahnsinnig darüber gefreut! (:

    Dein Blog ist hammer! Aber vermutlich bekommst du das des Öfteren zu hören hihi Deine Outfits finde ich richtig schön. Vor allem dieses hier ist aufgrund der Schuhe richtig richtig cool geworden. Du hast einen tollen Geschmack in Sachen Mode. & ich schaue mir deine Bilder sehr gerne an, du Model hihi

    Würde mich freuen, wenn du mir und meinem Blog mal wieder einen Besuch abstatten würdest. Ich schaue bei dir definitiv wieder vorbei!

    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt

  4. sehr hübsches outfit – steht dir total gut. aber in den schuhen muss man erstmal gehen können.

  5. Ich bin so in die Schuhe vernarrrt Michèle, tolle Fotos!

  6. I love your hairstyle!! Stunning blog <3

  7. wow incredible, very original, different;)


  8. Woooow die Location ist wirklich ein Traum und dein Outfit genauso :) Wunderwunderschön!!

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana

    Es würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du hier beim Geheimtipp des Monats für mich abstimmst (ganz unten TheBlondeLion – geht jeden Tag 1x):)

  9. Hey, no shame in the game of changing pieces last minute, those shoes ugh I swear, those will be the death of me I adore them <3


  10. Hey, no shame in the game of changing pieces last minute, those shoes ugh I swear, those will be the death of me I adore them <3


  11. Beautiful jeans!!!

  12. Love your outfit! Cute blazer.

  13. Love your outfit and the shoes are so gorgeous!
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  14. Hi dear! I like very much this beautiful outfit….especially your jeans and your nice boots!!! Kisses (and thank you for your visit),

  15. Man, these boots ( gorgeous, gorgeous boots!) look absolutely fantastic combined with the wrecked jeans! So original.

  16. You look absolutely lovely and the shoes are really funny! :)

    Head Enough

  17. Wow stunning pics! These shoes are Gorgeous! U are so amazing!
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  18. you are gorgeous :)

  19. Whaoouuuuu I loooooove your shoes !! Amazing !
    With your jeans, it’s perfect !! I’m fan !
    You are my inspiration ! ;)


  20. Love your heels! The dots make them look sooo adorable <3
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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  21. You look pretty and stylish! Well done!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  22. Love ur blazers

  23. Those shoes are amazing!

    xx Cheyenne

  24. Loved the entire outfit…especially the heels

  25. WOW!!!!! What a stunning shoes, dear <3
    Love it!!!

    xoxo Iren

  26. Love this look! The shoes are so unique, really nice!


  27. Great outfit, love the mix of prints!
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    Travel Stories: Phase ‘LONDON’


  28. love that white blazer!


  29. Loving this look.. especially those BOOTS!


  30. Awesome look! I haven’t been to your blog for a while due to vacation, but it seems as your photography has changed. Have you changed the photographer or the camera? Either way, it looks really awesome! x

  31. The shoes are too cool!

    x Krizia

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  32. Wow, that look is totally different to all our other looks! Don’t ask me why… Love how you wear your hair here. The shoes and the jeans are awesome!


    • …all Your other looks…damn ;-)

  33. Your shoes are so cool! :)

    Sarah x

  34. Was für tolle Bilder und natürlich super schöne ausgefallene Schuhe! Freu mich schon auf mehr, was für ein tolles Projekt!

    Love, Alena | meet me stylish

  35. What a super chic look- and the shoes make it something unique! xo

  36. You are so beautiful and the photos are amazing! Check my blog out x:

  37. Tolles Outfit und schöne Bilder !

  38. So stylish!

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  39. The shoes are amazing but I wonder if the give you blisters if you wear them in warm weather? I love the look though!

  40. What an amazing look. I like how you took what could have been a very simple look & (not stepped) but punched it up a hot pair of shoes. This look is stunning. (new post today)

  41. Das Outfit ist so schön, dass ich gar nicht aufhören kann zu gucken :))) Du siehst so toll aus und die Bilder sind so klasse!

  42. Lovely outfit! Those jeans are so cool!

  43. Gorgeous pics! The shoes are so cool, and the outfit in whole looks great!

  44. Love love your shoes<3

  45. Mir gefällt das Design deines Blogs echt super!
    Die Schuhe bei diesem Look sin der Hammer. Alles stimmig!

    xx Lori

  46. Love your blog, babe!

  47. Again beautiful pics! I adore that jeans and the white blazer by the way. Looks perfect on you :)

    x Aurélie

  48. Wow…loving those boots…outfit is so simple but so stylish!!!
    P.S Thanks for visiting my blog and for lovely comments ;-)

  49. wow amazing shoes!

  50. Cool look!

    lb-lc fashion blog

  51. You look fantastic,dig this outfit

    |e d i o t|

  52. Wow gorgeous photos! I love your jeans :)
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  53. Absolutely love the heels!!

  54. Very cool look, already that place looks gorgeous, can’t wait to see all the pics!! :)


  55. Wow those heels are the coolest ever!

  56. I love this Outfit <3 And the shoes <3
    Love Ally from

  57. I am so in love with your heels! Amazing!!!

  58. Ohhhh die Schuhe sind so geil!

  59. Hello dear, so great chooting and curious and original booties

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  60. Los botines son lo más!

  61. Incredible outfit! Your shoes are so unique and your blazer is such a classic piece!

  62. cool shoes hun !

  63. Your hair looks amazing, and these photos are amazing as well :)

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  64. Cool and chic jacket and denim mix!

    Kisses from

  65. Those shoes!!! So cool. Love your hair like this btw!