Hi there.

I recieved the clothes from clubcouture last week and I have to say I loooooove them! So here I’ve got some pictures of one of the items. The floral dress! Sorry for not showing you outtakes of the latest looks, I never had really good photos. I try to show you outtakes more often than now.

I’m so in love with those finsk wedges. So it’s xmas in a few weeks, if someone searching a present for me here they are. haha ;) FINSK, FINSK SHOP

Hi to all the ladys in here, I think this entry is only interesting for us. haha. It’s another one about shoes. We can’t get enough shoes, am I right? So those shoes are from Buffalo, I can’t note the link to the direct page to each shoe because of the website structure, so I note the product number to make sure you can find them.


Hi there and helloooooow my lovely followers and supporters. Last weekend I was out with some friends and one of my best friends Prisca. I had to drive with my dads car, because the club we visited was to far away to go with the train – means no alcohol for me! Hell yeah! ;)


I’m working and I don’t have much to do. So I drew this picture in a few minutes. Sorry, not very fashionable but I hope you like it anyway. :)


Some of you asked me to show the zebra printed tights. Here they are!


So I was checking out the new designer collection hitting the stores in switzerland today. I have to say there are many beautiful things. But the quality is quiet cheap. I’m a little bit disappointed!


Hi guys and helloooooow to my dear followers. Maybe you have seen my new look for I posted a few hours ago. So here are some more photos I taked. The outfit is pretty different then most of the others but it’s still me and I like it.