Hi everybody. I’m so sorry for being so boring last time. I’m learning for my final examination and just don’t find any time.   I hope I’ll have more time for blogging and taking pictures when the examinations are done in summer. Until then I can only apologize. Before some time I read a magazine and noticed an advertisment of a shoe shop. They do a shoes design competition. I have to send them 3 designs for joining. The winner gets 5000 euro, wins the “new faces award FASHION 2011” category “shoe design” and the winning shoe design will go to produktion. So here are some of the shoes I draw but I’ll try some more maybe better designs when I find time. Hope you like them.

Hi dear followers. First of all I have to apologize for being so lazy with blogging lately. I was just so busy and there was simply no time for blogging. So here is a new entry. It’s about leather shorts. A while ago I noticed them and I really felt in love with them. Since this time I’m searching for some amazing leather shorts long time.

Shorts: Vintage, from my mummy. Thank you :)
Shirt, thights: H&M
Shoes: Voegele Shoes
Skull double finger ring: Claire’s

Hi dear readers. Long time I didn’t show you some more picturs of the looks from lookbook. So here I got some for you again. I get the striped blazer from Coal N Terry Vintage. Thanks a lot! I bought the shorts last summer in H&M but I never really worn them because I forgot that I own them haha. Last time I cleaned up my wardrobe I found them again. My hair looked terrible today so I had to made a dut. ;)

Hi dear readers from everywhere around the world. Color Blocking ist the title for this entry. You can see it everywhere on the runways. Normaly I don’t really like colors and especially I dislike mixes of shining colors! But, this trend is stimply great, it spreads out so much happiness.

Hi everybody. I just checked out some looks on loobook. While I clicked my way during the looks of Bethany Struble, especially one picture catched my eyes. The outfit itself is actually very simple but what immediately stand out are the shoes! So I read where they are from and saw she studded them by herself with thum tacks. What a cool idea!

Hi dear followers and lovely other readers. I love bows and exactly that is the reason why I write this entry! Actually bows are quite girly and I’m not. Anyway, I love them! So here are a few pictures of clothes, shoes, bags… decorated with bows.

Hi everybody. Today I had an entrance examination to a school I’d like to go after finishing my apprenticeship. After I the test was done I had to go shopping haha.