Hi guys and helloooooow to my dear followers. Maybe you have seen my new look for I posted a few hours ago. So here are some more photos I taked. The outfit is pretty different then most of the others but it’s still me and I like it.

Hi there. As you could see, I love the new H&M designer collection. So here I did some collages with the US prices for you. Hope you like the collection too. I’m looking forward to when they hit the stores here in Switzerland on the 23th of november. Thanks for reading my blog, I love you guys ♥

Wooohooo, I became a style icon on chictopia and I’m registrated not even a month, guys thank you so much, thats so damn cool! Only 6 members become a style icon per month and the first month I joined I become one of them. Great, great, great! I’m so happy about that, I can’t believe it! =D I love you guys

Ok guys, the pictures of the new designer collection from H&M with Lanvin are out now! I’m speechless, I fell so in love with the dresses and all the other things like accessoires and so on! And I’m also in love with the pictures and the video, the idea with the old woman is so cool! haha. Check it out!

Hey there. You didn’t see many outtakes of the latest looks except the last one. So I thought I could show you some of the maybe next one. Title is from «Dead And Gone», T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake. I posted the video clip yesterday, so I don’t repost it now. You can watch a few posts below :)

Helloooo everyone and special hellooooow to all my followers.. So yesterday evening a friend told me I’m a candidat for style icon on chictopia. OMG, guys.. that’s so cool!!! Honestly I didn’t know how to become a style icon, I thought you have to earn enough chic points or something else.