Good morning everybody. This a new “inspiration entry”, it’s about the it-girl and style icon Alexa Chung. I don’t wanna write much now, just show you some of my favourite outfit by her. I made some collages for you. Hope you like them. Please click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Hi everybody and special hellooooow to all my followers. I hope you guys had all a great weekend. So I have a new entry in “Trend-Section”. It’s about studs! Before a few days I just ordered a pair of amazing studded wedges and I can’t wait to get them finally. So this entry is about studs. I love them, they just rock! So I thought I have to write an entry with some examples of studded clothes and now here it is. What do you think about studs? Do you like them as much as I do? Let me know.

Hi dear readers. I need your help! I just received an email from a spanish journalist and blogger. She told me that she found a tee with my picture into the new collection of Stradivarius in Valencia. They never asked me about my agreement so I’m a little bit angry about that.

Hello and good morning everybody Did you already noticed the galaxy print trend? Everywhere you can see pictures of girls in those amazing galaxy print leggings, galaxy print bodysuits and other galaxy stuff.

Hi everybody

I’d like to show you some photos of my new look which I’ll post tomorrow on lookbook. It’s long time ago since I’ve shown you some photos of myselfe. So here are some again. I don’t have to say much about it. I think the look is very romantic but the Henry Holland tights give it a very special and sexy touch. I hope you like it and hope you had a great weekend like I had. :)

Yesterday I was shopping with jan, he’s a close friend of mine. At 1 o’clock PM we meet us in Zurich, we directly run the stores. First we visit a Diesel store and we immediatly saw and loved the same pair of mens boots! Jan tried them on but he wasn’t sure whether buying them or not. At the end he chosed to buy them, finaly! They are really really awesome! Many stores later we finaly run the Zara store in Zurich. About two weeks ago I saw a perfet pair of shoes there, but I didn’t bought them then.

Made a new shoe design again. I guess it’s my absolute favourite and I hope sometime I can produce them. That would be my dream! Yeah, it would!! So I hope you like it too. It’s one shoe design (not two or so). It should represent the american flag. So what do you think about it?

Hi dear followers and other lovely readers This blog entry is about the amazing Blake Lively! I guess you know here from Gossip Girl and maybe from some movies. She’s very very beautiful and her sense of style is a real inspiration for me.

Hi everybody. If you’ve seen my last post on lookbook, you know this outfit and some of the photos. But I decided to write a blog entry about this outfit as well, because I really like it and I’m in love with my new vintage coat from romwe and shorts from IWearSin! So here are a few pictures more. Thanks!

Here’s my second shoe design. I made it in different colors. The heel and plateau should be golden. So I hope you like it. Do you?