Another one. If you have any changing ideas or a wish what kind of outfit I should draw please write me a comment.

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Hi my lovely followers and other readers

I’m working at the moment but I don’t have that much to do, so I had time do some things for myself. I tried to sketch few designs. I know I’m not really good in it, but I hope some of you may like it. It was just for fun and it was really fun. I think I’ll do that more often in the next time. If you want, I’ll show you the next ideas and sketches too.

Hope you have a great day.
Much love

Hi there

I’m at work and I don’t have something to do. So I was checking out different online shops and I fell in love with too many things. Here are some of the items I like the most.

LOVE my new wedges, I received them today. And it made my day to come home and see that notice I can pick them up at the post office. The pictures are not really good, I know and I’m sorry. I’ll show you a better one when I’ve taken one. I promise! Aren’t they amazing? They’re from wholesale-dress!

Hi my dear followers and other readers

his blog entry is about some fashionshow for spring 2011! I made collages, so I don’t have to post thousands of photos. If you want to see it in full size, please click on the photo! If you want to see more pictures, please click on label name!

I wish you all the best for x’mas time. Made a drawing for print it later. So, I guess it will be my christmas card this year. If you want you can use it as christmas card too. Just click on the photo to get in full size

All the best und happy christmas time

Willow Smith is an american child actress and singer. She’s the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, born on october 31, 2000.

Hi there.

I recieved the clothes from clubcouture last week and I have to say I loooooove them! So here I’ve got some pictures of one of the items. The floral dress! Sorry for not showing you outtakes of the latest looks, I never had really good photos. I try to show you outtakes more often than now.

I’m so in love with those finsk wedges. So it’s xmas in a few weeks, if someone searching a present for me here they are. haha ;) FINSK, FINSK SHOP