Good morning friends of the summer, the sun and the sea. Today’s post is dedicated to an important topic for all of you who use the warm summer days to spend every free minute outside to fuel up with vitamin D. Yes, even I rather want to be out sitting in the park – even more at the sea – instead of sitting inside in front of my MacBook. For sure the sun and days in and at the sea are wonderful, but they sure also leave their marks on our skin, literally. But as I think there’s a solution for every problem, I started a little research to present you guys five beauty hacks today so that your skin will enjoy summer just as much as you do!

After I returned home later than expected yesterday after the adidas Woman night and I just fell straight into my bed, I allowed myself to postpone todays post for one hour. Advantages of a self-employed, you know. ;) To compensate for this little delay, at least I already have the first look from Milan to share today.

After the midsummery days came out of nowhere (I mean there was still snow covering the landscape here not even a month ago) it feels like the might go as quickly as they came again because a summery thunderstorm is approaching. But hey, it’s all about the right outfit choice because suddenly changing weather conditions scream for some tricks in the matter of how your dress up:

Morning my friends. I’m texting you from Milan today where I met my ultimate girl crush Bianca Balti on set for OVS a couple of hours ago. If you think you didn’t know her, you better ask google and check the pictures because I’m sure most of you already saw her in countless campaigns (I only say Dolce & Gabbana).

As a wild animal the panther is incalculable and yet he is so elegant in its movement at the same time. As the ghost of the forest he is everywhere and nowhere, completely independent, and drapes itself in a mystic aura, because actually the panther is a race that does not even exist – instead they are leopards, jaguars and cougars which are colored black due to melanism. So basically the panther is everything and nothing and therefor became not only a fascination but also an inspiration. Eventually there are many similarities to women as I quickly realized in a conversation with Cartier.

Morning girls! When I returned back to Switzerland a couple of days, I was really looking forward to finally relax a little bit. And no, this is for sure not a joke because being on work trips abroad is definitely more energy-sapping than my usual, structured workdays at home. Believe me, I always wonder how Leonie, Caro & Co. survive their endless travels while still looking fabulous af. After two weeks away, I felt like I look like the walking dead. But well, I’m back and my schedule is already filled with daily appointments again. So here I am, returning from two events, sitting down in front of my laptop at midnight. #Lifegoals, right?

If you ever happen to be in Cannes, you can’t miss out one hotel and I mean the chic “Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes”. It is not only located directly at the Croisette what means right at the gloriously blue sea too, but also right opposite the “Palais des Festivals et des Congrès” where the Cannes Film Festival is taking place right at the moment.

The last days gave you a bit of an update about what I’ve been doing in America (my first time by the way) but now let’s got back to Sicily. Well, not really but rather in a little visual and textual throwback. Maybe I should also finally tell you what actually brought me to Sicily: A blogger trip, what else! But this time it has been different, because I traveled with fellow Swiss blogger buddies only. It has been the very first time and hopefully not the last.