I guess the reason for my growing love for colorful clothing respectively wild combinations recently (after I often went for some unusual calmer kind of looks lately) is the month April which absolutely lives up to our reputation with the horrible weather conditions it serves so far. But guys, you know me, I believe in the fact that bad mood (due to the weather or problem XY) is rather a matter of your personal decision how to feel and that we are able to decide against feeling bad and instead focus on the positive (there’s always something positive if everyones life) and life will be much easier and much more enjoyable. Now I already imagine your thoughts to be like “phew, this girl doesn’t even believe what she’s saying herself” but I honestly do because I had to learn it myself and I know it helps.


Morning, morning buddies. I’m currently sitting in my Hotel room at the Majestic Barriere, a hotel right next to the beach in this luxury paradise at the Côte d’Azur called Cannes. Now you may wonder why I’m actually spending my day inside instead of going out enjoying the French Riviera sun.


Meanwhile more than two months passed by since I actually wore this outfit and we took pictures of it in the romantic streets of Rome and yet these pictures never made it to the blog so far. Until today. It’s a shame because actually this has even been my favorite look of the short trip – ok, I also still like the comfortable travel look a lot. Anyway, the main point is that the post finally comes up today and for those of you who don’t follow my Instagram stories I have some news about my next travel destination to share. Right now I actually sit in an airplane to…


Fashion and style are often associated with Chanel, Gucci, Prada & Co. But fashion let alone style doesn’t have anything to do with the price tag on the clothes you’re wearing on your body. On the contrary, fashion should rather incite and inspire you to try out new fabrics, new colors, new shapes and well, new brands too and to mix it all together so that what will result in the end is your individual, your very own style. And note, it really doesn’t matter at all if this one piece costs 50 or 500 Euros if it looks good on you and fits your way of dressing.


A wooonderful Sunday, my loves. I hope you enjoyed your first day of your well deserved weekend yesterday and hope it will continue even better for you today. As many of you know mine is only about to start right now since I spend my Saturdays in school for studies BUT yesterday my day began pretty damn amazing as well because when I woke up and opened my Instagram later on the number 100 flashed up on my phone’s display. You can’t imagine how often I got asked about when I will FINALLY reach my 100K within the past weeks, even months, and how often I had to admit I have no idea and didn’t really care neither. Well, it seems like I actually did care at least a bit because I couldn’t help but smiling stupidly when I realized it happened. Especially when the already mentioned people started to send over congratulation messages. But then I suddenly got to ask myself “Is it ok to be happy about this kind of thing?” or “Is it rather kinky to feel joy about a number of virtual profiles of people I don’t even know in real life who follow me?”


After the past weeks which actually served nothing but rain, rain and well, rain again, it seems like spring has finally arrived now. But honestly, some weeks ago I thought so as well when the sun was shining bright all day long and temperatures made it to almost 20 degrees. Then, just a couple of days later, there came a serious WTF moment when I left the house in quite a spring-worthy outfit and realized it was snowing slightly. Imagine me feeling like “fuck this sh**, I’m going back to bed!”


My loves! Half of the week already passed by and you still didn’t read a thing from me so far. “Shame on me, a new post is much needed!” I found yesterday evening so here we go with some more shots from Paris – one can never have enough from Paris – in one of the most beautiful streets with the best view of the Eiffel Tower. Before we headed off to Paris I did my usual Pinterest research in order to create a mood board as an inspiration but then when I started to look out for all those pretty streets with Eiffel Tower view I found out about another little trick: Google Street View! So I drove through Paris virtually and noted all those picturesque streets. Sounds creepy?


When I was still a little kid there was this one holiday which made me feel excited and nervous af even days before it actually arrived – and no, I’m not talking about Christmas.


Happy Fri-Yay buddies! To mark the occasion of the last working day of the week, let me share another outfit from Paris which we shot right in front of our perfectly located Hotel called “Hôtel Saint Dominique”. You know me, staying in a hotel right in this wonderful street where the Eiffel tower peeps out behind those pretty Parisian buildings, has been as much of a coincidence as the fact that I found a lovely french beret in m suitcase. Feel free to call me “Mrs. Planning”.


I hope you guys are not yet bored by my Paris outfits. After I already shared a very very french styling and my personal favorite look of them all, today’s outfit comes up with a cute and girly vibe. Thanks to the white ruffle blouse and the layered maxi skirt with its flower print, I sooooo felt like spring is already here although the weather and temperature reminded less of spring than they do these days. By the way, this has been the very last look we were able to shoot before the upcoming days served us nothing but rain and rain and rain. And even more rain. So in the end sometimes we even decided to just get some french pâtisserie around the corner – you know, Eclairs and that kind of heavenly stuff – and stay in the hotel room watching netflix .