Good morning my loves. A new week has only just started and tomorrow the fashion week location will be switching from Milan to Paris. After I skipped New York, London and Milan – you know, studies and so – there are no excuses anymore to stay away from the international fashion circus since I submitted my thesis last week. Yassss! Therefore I’ll pack my suitcase these days and leave straight to Paris on Thursday.


Oh Rome, I fell in love with you within seconds and now I almost feel ashamed to be so late with my usual 15 facts after every trip. But as the saying goes, better late than never and it actually felt great to turn back time in my mind to refresh all the memories while typing the bellow facts.


Happy Friday, my loves! While I’m sitting here scrolling through today’s pictures, I realize how long it is ago since I shared the last “classic” outfit post from here in Switzerland. And even today’s look is quite an “old” one as we took these pictures more than a month ago. Oh dear, it feels like time is running even faster if you have the amazing opportunity to travel to new places so often and you want to capture all the beauty of a foreign city in pictures. But hey, let’s bring in some variety with a typical Michele-Casual-Look from Switzerland.


With mixed feelings today I present you the third and last part of the Travel Guide through Marrakech. After my tips where to stay including luxury hotels and affordable (but yet incredibly beautiful) riads and the best food spots in Marrakech today it’s all about sightseeing – and believe me, this city serves a lot to be seen! Therefor let me tell you, that within the time we stayed in Marrakech, we didn’t manage to visit all of them but instead picked the ones which already made our hearts beat faster during our web research. Maybe some of you will recognize some of the following tips thanks to Instagram but some might be totally new. But hey, let’s just start instead of talking and talking… By the way, the prices for entries are very very affordable (as most things in Marrakech actually) . 


As promised in yesterday’s Marrakech Travel Guide about where to stay in Marrakech, today we continue with “where to eat in Marrakech”. Admittedly, compared to yesterdays massive post about the best hotels and riads, this will be a short list. The reason for that is quite simple. We usually had an extensive breakfast in our riads, so we went for lunch only in the late afternoon and were just so full after that that we had to quit dinner mostly because the meals are so huge and saturating. We actually wanted to test a few more of all the restaurants that I researched in the internet before we left to Marrakech, but we just couldn’t as it would have been a pity to throw away half of the food. Therefor beside the tips which come with pictures, you will find some extra tips bellow which we were not able to visit but were high up on my foodie bucket list.


I’m sure those of you who follow at least one of my channels most definitely didn’t miss the fact that I flew to Marrakech in the very beginning of the year as the trip ended up in hundreds, maybe even thousands of pictures and some of them already made it to the public via my Instagramaccount. Today is the day many of you have been waiting for – even I – the big Marrakech Travel Guide is about to start. Due to your response under this Post I decided to split the guide into three categories in order not to slay you with a mass of pictures and text at once. The two further parts will follow directly after this one so that you don’t have to wait for too long to have all the information needed if you plan to go to Marrakech – what you really should ;)


It feels like an eternity since Stefan and I flew to Rome for the launch of the Campari Calendar respectively short film. After the Instagram story and the many pictures shared on Instagram (the breakfast with a view of the Trevi fountain was your very favorite picture of the trip) I’m sure you already realized that I lost my heart to this very unique town of culture. I realized it myself very clearly after I went to the city of Milan, which I already know well, only one week later and missed the Roman charm sorely. Well, if there are any people from Milan reading this shaking their head: Most definitely Milan is an incredible city too, but well, it’s different. It’s amazing in another way.


You guys won’t believe how often I rescheduled this post within the past days or even weeks because it is a very special one to me so that I always thought “no. it’s not the time”. I could tell you one long, dramatic story behind it – but well, I’d have to invent one as the actual reason is much simpler: I JUST LOVE THE PICTURES. It’s that easy. Yet these pictures have been the most spontaneous ones ever and were taken within no longer than 3 minutes (no joking!) after we visited the camels in the desert and suddenly the sky turned all pink:


Last Friday I asked you to tell me whether you prefer my posts shot abroad in a chronological order or rather mixed up and it looks like you like the later, therefor I decided to share my first look from Milan already. It’s one of those very classy outfits which actually work for pretty much everything because they’re just comfortable while looking quite cool. And beside here you go with the usual 15 facts about the (short) trip.


“Killer in Red” that’s exactly how I felt when I was in Rome for the premiere of the same-named short film from Campari and slipped into the red off the shoulder dress channeling my inner femme fatale. “Killer in Red?” with a likeable Italian accent (it’s not fair that my Swiss accent in English sounds so gruesome while the Italian one is so chic!) a young man offers me the same-named cocktail following the premiere – after taking a (way too) big sip, I realize the cocktail lives up to its name. What story it might tell?