Meanwhile an entire month passed by since we headed off to Cinque Terre and we’re still not done with all the pictures we took. Italy is such a beautiful place on earth with countless of magical cities and villages, some I already discovered and some unfortunately I didn’t so far. But you know, I’m still young and my bucket list is still long so that there’s still enough time to be an adventurous little kid and cinque was a point high, high up on my list, so I’m glad I finally ticked it off.

And here we go with some more photos take in wonderful Cinque Terre. I hope you guys already read the huge Cinque Terre travel guide I revealed some time ago? These pictures were a very spontaneous move as I didn’t even plan to shoot this outfit for the blog because I just found it too simple, too boring for sharing it here. But in the end it once again turned out that those spontaneous moves are often the best one because I can proudly say that this one is my very favorite editorial we shot during the trip as it didn’t look boring at all in the end and everything worked so well together resulting in a perfectly harmonized overall image. 

What a week! Right in the very beginning of this week, we took off to Venice for the 74th Venice Film Festival. I always thought Cannes is the one big festival of this kind but regarding the array of Hollywood stars doing themselves the honor of attending the Film Festival, Venice can easily hold a candle to Cannes, that’s for sure. So I found myself surrounded by super models (fabulous Coco Rocha was dining next to us in the hotel we stayed), actresses and the biggest players of the blogger scene all over the world and yes, I was slightly overwhelmed.

It’s been two weeks already since I celebrated my birthday in Cinque Terre. Admittedly it’s not that easy to get to the magical “five villages” at the west coast of Italy but it’s most definitely worth the travel. The region around the Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore – that’s how the five villages are called – is actually a national park which is the reason why private traffic is forbidden and the villages not approachable with a car. But read more bellow.

And finaaaally we’re starting with all the outfits we shot in the south, strictly speaking in Cinque Terre! Yay! The trip has been a very, very special one for me – not only for the reason that I celebrated my 26th birthday in one of my absolute favorite countries but also because it was the first trip since a very long time that we planned all by ourselves without a brand or agency or any project connected. So we had no schedule but instead were able to do whatever we wanted. Well, while working on our plan, looking for hotels, how to get there, etc, I actually realized how much I enjoy when brands and agencies are taking over that part though. ;) It’s a crazy amount of work if you’re like me aka. a planning freak who is paranoid that the hotel booking didn’t went through, or the train is late and you’ll miss the connecting one, etc.

Bonjour à toutes et à tous. No, I’m currently not in France and (unfortunately) I’m also back from Italy already, spending these days at home because there’s no place like home, right?

When I went to Rome for the first time at the very beginning of this year, I was absolutely charmed by  it’s magic. I’m pretty sure you remember how I was enthusing over it. Again and again. And whenever I think about Rome and the Italian glamour surrounding it, I think about those brunette, doe-eyed ladies, wrapped in extravagant robes and jingling jewelry, walking through the romantic alleys, always ready to dive into the mysterious Roman night. Confident, seductive and breath-taking they are – just like a Roman goddess.

Tomorrow, it’s that day again: My birthday. But despite the fact that I’m turning 27 already (phew!), I mostly still feel like that little girl who was absolutely crazy about unicorns so that I basically even had an actual unicorn name for myself AND all my (unicorn) friends. It’s 20 years later now but I believe every little girl’s dreams should become true one day – well yes, even 20 years later – so I made this dream come true by myself and created cute little unicorns which are literally look good enough to eat: Unicorn Cake Pops!