One week after our adventure with Cartier began, I finally have the first pictures ready to share along with an insight of this truly exciting journey. Our collaboration with the prestigious luxury brand started in the very beginning of this year and I couldn’t imagine a better start to be honest – I mean I always adored all those previous collaborations between Cartier and influencers such as Kristina BazanChiara Ferragni and many other big players in the blogger business. But this invitation to the city of the Angels for the (re)launch of the Panthère de Cartier watch overcame my expectations once again.

I guess the thinking of “waste no time” takes you more and more with every year you’re growing older. I’m not afraid of wrinkles neither of grey hair – of which I anyway already have a lot while I my face still looks like 17. Gah! But I’m afraid that time is running out for me and that I’m not able to experience and achieve all the things I planned to and which I put on my imaginary list. A list which gets longer by one article nearly each week without ticking another one.

Well, the weather in Europe might doesn’t feel like spring, let alone summer, at the moment. But things can always change, you know and actually the weather over here in Los Angeles is a bit different too (talking sunshine. yay.) so this is why I’m sharing this easy-going look today which is the perfect kind of an outfit for spring to me – it has neither been shot in Switzerland nor in Los Angeles though but instead in Cannes quite a while ago which actually doesn’t matter anyway, right? Ok, maybe it actually does because thanks to the flats and the comfy loose fit it does not only make a perfect spring outfit but also the perfect travel and city exploring look too. So that’s it for the outfit. Probably you’re more interested in learning what I actually do in LA as I’m spamming with loads of pictures on my Instagram.

When it comes to skincare – well, this extends to my general approach to life – I always believe that it doesn’t have to be complicated if you can do it the easy way. In the morning I usually just don’t have time and also don’t feel like putting on several layers of care products and make up before I run out of the house in order to catch the bus last-minute. So, my motto in terms of face care is simple: Less is more! It does not only count for workdays but also when I’m on vacation. Nevertheless it’s important to me to provide my skin with its needed moisture and to protect it from environmental influences.

There are only very few fashion pieces of which I’d claim that they will never ever go out of style: Pieces with stripes definitely count to those! But what is it actually that makes stripes such a popular and special pattern?

There are those moments when my boyfriend just quizzically looks at me with arched eyebrows before he tells me that it’s a stupid idea which I just proposed.

Guys, it’s getting serious! After a “false alarm” on Wednesday, unfortunately our blogger trip through Sicily truly comes to an end. Because tomorrow will mean to take leave from all the pizza and pasta, from the beautiful beaches, the sun and our lovely Swiss blogger clique. We’re heading back to Switzerland where it is snowing right now – hell yeah! – but luckily only the next day (meaning Sunday) we will take off again for another week in the sun and hopefully we will then return to a spring-like home with no snow or any other kind of winter sign. ;) Otherwise I guess I will just lock myself up in my room and work on the tons and tons of pictures we already show here in Sicily and the one we will be shooting in Los Angeles very soon. I’m glad Stefan is such a perfect blog and Instagram husband ;)

Moin moin, lovies. Incredible that it’s already Wednesday and our trip slowly comes to an end. Well, sounds much more dramatic than it is, because we’re actually exactly in the middle of our Sicily (work-)holidays. Oh and there’s another incredible thing: I already have the first pictures of the trip to share and must admit they really make me proud about Stefan who did another great job behind the camera when shooting these pics in extreme sunlight. Honestly I was even afraid they won’t turn out in a way I could use them. But I obviously do as you can see today and I LOVE them.

A magnificient head of hair is probably the dream of every woman but yet sometimes our hair just acts beastly by refusing to measure up to our desires. Admittedly most of the time it’s even our own fault because we tend to neglect our hair and forget to supply it with its well-deserved care. Therefor I have 5 tips for beautiful hair to share today and I promise it won’t be those classic run of the mine tips à la “Let your hair air dry” or “Use a real hair brush”.

(btw. scroll down for the German version)

Admittedly, I’m an online shopper to the core and it happens utterly rarely that I find myself in an offline store. I mean, why should I? Online shopping allows me to practically filter everything so that I got displayed this one piece of clothing in that one color and find what I’m looking for in just a couple of minutes – yes, obviously I’m quite impatient person. But recently it happened: I was back in a real store – the one of the Swiss brand Nile – and it suddenly reminded me of how much I loved to go shopping years before because I’m an interior and obviously an aesthetics lover too. So it’s no surprise that I always appreciated a beautifully decorated store.