It’s Sunday which is actually always a reason to sleep late. But not for me ;) Because I’m going to create a huge mess in my dressing room (this is basically my superhero ability) right now before Stefan wakes up and prevents me doing so. ;)

Who of you remembers THE song? I guess I don’t even have to say its name after provocatively showing my back respectively my jacket in todays post, but well, I do it anyway, just because: Of course I’m talking about nothing less than “Barbie Girl” THE 90s song performed by Aqua. I remember as if it was yesterday when our high school graduating class had to prepare a stage performance in front of all the school including families and our girl group (+ 1 boy) decided to go for a Barbie-Girl-dance. I swear, “hilarious” is a total understatement of how this must have looked like. I wish I still had the video of it.

Meanwhile a couple of weeks passed since I came out with my love for batik prints and although those striking patterns are not so easy to style – unless you want to look like a real hard 70s goa chick which I don’t want to – I wore my dearly beloved tee (which is in sale now!) many times and was often amazed how well it works combined in very unusual ways. For example worn together with a sexy tube skirt to add the much needed dose of nonchalance to the total look.

Good morning girls. It’s Friday but not a common one from be but actually a FREEday too. Normally I’d sit in school right now for studies but since it’s summer holidays I’m using the day more wisely ;) and head to the lake for the very first time this summer – and we’re not only heading TO the lake but rather ON the lake as we rented some kayaks and will soon paddling. It’s been forever since I’ve been doing this the last time, so I’m looking forward to it like crazy. I might also hope that I will finally get a little tan. So, this is actually a win-win-win-situation. 1. I will have fun, 2. I might get a tan, 3. it’s my sports session for today

Phew, three months passed by already since our blogger trip to Sicily and now guess what I discovered on my MacBook yesterday evening! Yas, an unpublished photo story shot on this beautiful Italian island! And even the one with my favorite outfit I wore during the trip!

Je suis Parisien. Well, not on paper unfortunately but at least I am deep in heart and sometimes looking-like in outfits like this one and this. Oh, and this one of course. I guess I wear my beret more often than many Parisians, respectively French, and just in case I’m not wearing it I finally found another Paris-Lover-Statement-Piece in that tee. By the way, it has been designed in Paris, purchased in Italy (during our blogger trip to Sicily), made in Portugal and worn by a Swiss. Internationality on a whole other level in today’s post, huh? ;)

Two days ago I was complaining about how slow times’s running snailing, now I wonder why it’s Friday already. I’m hard to please, huh? No seriously, I’m really looking forward to the week this time because I’m prepared. I have a plan: Doing a picnic on a boat on the lake, heading to Ikea for a couple of things for my new shelf, finally doing some extensive sport sessions again and I also want to try the cake pops I’ve planned to do for my birthday in August, so if I fail terrible – which could definitely happen – I can work out a new plan. And then there’s also my boyfriend’s birthday on Sunday and his godson’s birthday party on Saturday too. I guess I won’t be bored this time.

Happy day, buddies. It feels like ages ago when I shared my last outfit with you guys the past Friday. Maybe because of the fact that I’m finally in a summer break from studies and therefore I have a couple of hours – no, even days – per week left, which were usually filled with lots of school projects. So, usually time is running but at the moment it rather feels like a snail… in slow motion. On Saturday I already got nervous because I couldn’t handle that much time without anything to do. I seriously forgot what to do, how to entertain myself – and well, that was actually my very first free day. Haha.

Sundays are here for extensive breakfasts, that’s for sure! As a visual person I love mine not only to taste fantastic but also look fantastic at the same time. Especially when I surprise my boyfriend with breakfast in bed or my family comes over for brunch, the breakfast idea I’m sharing today definitely leaves an impression.

So, who’s up for a summery, healthy and well looking recipe to recreate? What if I tell you that it’s even super easy and quick to do? Any hands still down.

Today’s outfit is the very last one from fashion week in Berlin two weeks ago. It’s not one that I wore to any shows as you may can see from the simplicity of the look but rather one I wore for a couple of weeks and a brunch with some of my favorites German blogger buddies. But it also works during a regular workday or for studies and even in spring, summer and autumn. The eye-catcher is for sure my dearly-beloved, latest addition to my bag collection. This baby is even the most practical thing for traveling because it serves SO MUCH space!