The virtual Marrakech trip continues, my friends. It might not (yet) be the promised travel guide but instead it’s a new outfit which I wore during the trip. Well, at least I can already tell when the guide will finally come online and it will be the 19th February. The only question I’m still asking myself is whether to make ONE giant post or if I should cut it down to three separate posts: one about hotels, one about food spots and one about sight seeing places. The later way will probably leave more space to write more in detail and probably end up more clear. But what do you guys think about it? You’re the important ones right here so your opinion is the only one that counts!


One of the many reason why I fell in love with Marrakech within a short time are probably the contrasts. Everyone of you who comes here regularly since a while, knows that I’m a sucker for contrasts fashion-wise But also in the matter of graphic design and photography, I have always been fascinated by confronting opposites. So I guess, meanwhile my eyes are quite trimmed to look out for them in order to save them in pictures. Probably that’s also a reason for my preference of trashy backgrounds, which are kind of an antipole to the glitzy fashion world.


In celebration of the (mon)day, let’s continue our virtual Marrakech trip which we started exactly one week ago with this first blogpost.


Sports fans! It has been way too long since I shared my last article on the subject of sports, so I guess that’s the reason that today’s sporty post turned out to be a big one. It does not only include some editorial pictures but also one of my short workouts for sexy defined abs. The total routine takes only 12 minutes and therefor is the perfect workout option for those days which won’t leave enough time for an extensive session of sport. That’s why I love to include it into my morning routine whenever I know I’ll be home late in the evening.


A wonderful happy morning lovelies. After I went to the photoshooting which I already mentioned in the post on Wednesday (meanwhile I also betrayed you for which well-known french luxury brand we were shooting along this Instagram pic) I spent the afternoon being a damn fine blogger idol in the matter of social media activities. While I’m usually fine with posting one picture a day on my Instagram and always find a reason not to fill my stories (because I rarely watch some myself and therefor have no idea what the hell I should tell or do in order not to bore you to death) I managed to take you behind the scenes of the shoot yesterday and I was LIVE for once. At this point you need to know that in Switzerland the LIVE option is only available since pretty exactly one week. Phew, that was one long introduction for what I actually wanted to tell: Today’s post is the result of my Instagram stories question about what you’d like to see on the blog today: The last Berlin Fashion Week outfit, the first pictures from Rome or rather more pictures from Marrakech?


After a quick side-trip to Marrakech we’re already back to Berlin. Well, at least here on the blog because I recently found another Berlin Fashion Week outfit in the depths of my MacBook which I of course don’t want to withhold for the reason that the “big” fashion weeks will soon be ringed in in New York and well, especially because of one thing: Look at that daaaamn cool jacket!


I can’t believe that almost an entire month passed by since Joy and I left for our Marrekech trip in the beginning of January and didn’t know how much beauty will be waiting for us when we touch down in Morocco. But it’s true. Even after I spent only two days in this unique city, I was raving about its beauty in this blogpost but had to keep myself back as I didn’t had pictures to share yet and found it important to continue with the enthusiasm as soon as I have photos to share along with it. Guess what! I finally have!


The third travel of this year lead me to the capital city of beautiful Italy. Well, those of you who use social media on a regular basis probably already know about this trip from my Instagram. But what many of you may don’t know – at least I assume so from the comments under the pictures – is that the temperatures in Rome are incredibly 20 degrees warmer than in freezing cold Zurich. Therefor I guess you can imagine my immediate spring mood turning on as soon as I left the airplane and how big my anticipation was to spare 23947982631 layers of clothing for the next days.


My fashion week outfits may draw to a close, but I still have this special look in stock which I definitely can’t hold back any longer. The total look by Marc Cain which I wore to the show of the premium brand has actually been my debut outfit to start into Berlin Fashion Week. Now guess which piece of the look immediately stole my heart so that I knew, it has to be IT, when I was at the fitting.


Back in 2007. I’m sitting in the classroom. I hear the voice of my teacher only from far away, because my thoughts get off the point over and over again – although I’m actually a good, attentive student. Instead focusing my sight into the book right in front of me, my eyes always wander to the left. Because there’s the man with whom I will be spending the coming years, celebrating many ups and overcome many downs. I didn’t know that yet back then, because it took us almost four years together in the classes of our creative education, stealing glances at each other while the books and the teacher’s voice in the background, until we officially got a couple.