A happy Sunday morning everyone. While most of you connect Sundays with having an extensive brunch and/or lazing around on the couch, my Sundays are usually stuffed with work, especially with creating pictorial content for the blog as the days are still too short to make use of the end of the work day. Therefor my alarm rang me out of my dreams at 7 am today. Admittedly, it’s my own fault because I would not have needed to get up this early if I would not have been out that long with a friend yesterday night and wrote this article yesterday already. But I didn’t, so now I’m sitting here, Sunday, 7am, writing these lines. #lifegoals


Gosh, is it already Friday? It is, right? Crazy how fast this week went by while I feel like it was only yesterday when I jumped in the train straight to Paris, but well, it’s more than a week ago. So you can imagine my face being full of beads of sweat (yeah, I like drama) yesterday evening when I knew I have to prepare my usual Friday’s post and I should finally come up with my Paris Fashion Week looks. So there you go with the first look from Paris which I wore for a few meetings and a dinner.


Morning, morning, buddies. Meanwhile I’m back in my hometown in Switzerland and back to the daily grind between graphic designs works at the agency, visual communication studies, lunchmeetings and blogging. Although it might sounds like it is, but actually there is no negative meaning in the previous sentence. Those who follow my posts for a while surely noticed that I’m actually glad about having kind of a routine in my life whenever it’s possible because it truly helps me a lot on being as productive as possible if I have a tight schedule for a day and know I need to finish a dozen things by the end of the day.


A cool, cool wind blows through my hair while the sun burns down on the ground relentlessly – unchecked by the non-existing buildings and trees.


Good morning straight from Paris my loves. Those of you who follow me on Instagram too, already know that I traveled to the city of love – and fashion – yesterday morning by train as it takes only around 4 hours. I have been in Paris quite often by now but honestly, whenever I come here, I fell in love again with all the grace of the architecture and with how incredibly chic the french language is. I truly always regret not to have put more effort into my french lessons which I had for so so long in school because, well, I just didn’t care a lot. Now, all that is left are some main words and sentences unfortunately. Well, although my own french is a mess, at least I do understand it quite well #proud


Good morning buddies. Before leaving to Paris tomorrow and spamming you with pictures in romantic and chic french outfits, let me share quite a contrasting kind of an outfit aka. rocker girl Michèle today. I mean, why does a woman need to strictly follow one kind of style if you can reinvent yourself every day and if you like chic stylings à la Negin just as much as rocky Masha looks? I think we anyway got judged by our outward appearance way too often. We get categorized, classified and labelled with whatever. Guess what I’d like to know sometimes!


Good morning my loves. A new week has only just started and tomorrow the fashion week location will be switching from Milan to Paris. After I skipped New York, London and Milan – you know, studies and so – there are no excuses anymore to stay away from the international fashion circus since I submitted my thesis last week. Yassss! Therefore I’ll pack my suitcase these days and leave straight to Paris on Thursday.


Oh Rome, I fell in love with you within seconds and now I almost feel ashamed to be so late with my usual 15 facts after every trip. But as the saying goes, better late than never and it actually felt great to turn back time in my mind to refresh all the memories while typing the bellow facts.


Happy Friday, my loves! While I’m sitting here scrolling through today’s pictures, I realize how long it is ago since I shared the last “classic” outfit post from here in Switzerland. And even today’s look is quite an “old” one as we took these pictures more than a month ago. Oh dear, it feels like time is running even faster if you have the amazing opportunity to travel to new places so often and you want to capture all the beauty of a foreign city in pictures. But hey, let’s bring in some variety with a typical Michele-Casual-Look from Switzerland.


With mixed feelings today I present you the third and last part of the Travel Guide through Marrakech. After my tips where to stay including luxury hotels and affordable (but yet incredibly beautiful) riads and the best food spots in Marrakech today it’s all about sightseeing – and believe me, this city serves a lot to be seen! Therefor let me tell you, that within the time we stayed in Marrakech, we didn’t manage to visit all of them but instead picked the ones which already made our hearts beat faster during our web research. Maybe some of you will recognize some of the following tips thanks to Instagram but some might be totally new. But hey, let’s just start instead of talking and talking… By the way, the prices for entries are very very affordable (as most things in Marrakech actually) .