Do you remember when going to bed was a punishment? How stupid we were! Nowadays my bed is my best friend and usually I can’t wait to see it again. Because sleep is so incredibly important to fuel up with the needed energy for the next day, yet I catch up on a good amount of sleep too rarely. Therefor it’s important to me to have a very, very good sleep during the couple of hours I sleep a night.

But it has not always been easy to fall asleep quickly and sleep tight, so meanwhile I have my own little “book of prescriptions” and I’m gladly sharing an extract therefrom today:

Recently I seem to really love the French or specifically the Parisian look but it’s not even deliberately. Instead it’s just the fact that I really have a thing with knee-length skirt worn with statement tees or loose fitting button down shirts and not to forget the necessary accessory on the nose. I often catch myself being completely amazed what some cool (sun) glasses can actually make out of an ordinary outfit and they even serve another huge advantage for a problem case artist like me.

If you haven’t planned to head to the next best lake or to have a BBQ with friends – either because it’s just too hot, your friends don’t have time for your or the next lake is 100 km away – I have a pretty cool idea how to spend your free day and you can even do it 1. inside where it’s cool, 2. alone and 3. right at home. This is my second DIY tutorial and it will show you how to create beautiful and totally unique flower vases. Admittedly I’m quite a lazy practical thinking person, so all the things you need for this DIY are available at Migros.

The DIY is very easy-peasy to do, but yet it takes some time. However, it’s absolutely worth it because I guarantee your flat will look even prettier than before and you’ll have one more reason to buy pretty flowers weekly. ;)

I love Switzerland and my home – I really do – but sometimes I feel like really cooped in. Usually there’s always one or a couple of travels planned and we all know the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation. But sometimes they’re still so far away or there’s even nothing on the agenda yet and I feel like it’s about time to enter another airplane and touch down at a foreign place. Don’t get me wrong, I always love to return back to my little nest here, but even that I appreciate much more when coming home and realizing all the big and small luxuries I have here which are not common everywhere. Drinkable tap water, a super cozy bed and some structure in everyday life. I guess many of you know what I mean when I’m talking about itchy feet and wanderlust. I didn’t for a long time.

Tell me, who was your favorite Disney princess? Was it Rapunzel? Ariel? Belle? Jasmine? Or was it Cinderella? I’ll give you three guesses who was mine. But I’ll leave you a hint as well: Her story is somehow connected with a “collector’s passion” of mine. Well? Got it?

It seems like all the past journeys slowly come to an end here on the blog as well. After I shared the very last impressions from Sicily in this post, we’re also going to finish the LA-trip with the last pictures which were actually the first ones. Well, you know what I mean, they were the first pictures we actually shot in Los Angles, only one day after our arrival in the city of the angels when we were heading to a secondhand store. The store was a hint from a friend and since it way located only a couple of minutes walking distance from our hotel we had to check it out. I can only recommend it to anyone too but you have to be careful and I’m gonna tell you why.

Morning, morning lovelies. Looking at my outfit today one could easily think I’v been on vacation. Well, I wish I was. Instead I’m at home and it’s almost 30 degrees so I live up to the motto “less is more” when it comes to dressing up in order to get that vacation mood even if I’m home and I became a regular user addict of instant body make up to fake my not existing tan. #BestInventionAfterThePhone. We all know pleasant anticipation is THE thing – but wait a moment, there are not even plans which could lead to anticipation. #fuck. So I guess I know what to do this weekend. Oh and in a couple of weeks I’ll be off for fashion week in Berlin but I’m really looking forward to it with mixed feelings and it’s not due to fashion week itself.

It’s Friday which means it’s weekend. Well, at least almost. But here on the blog it also means one last throwback to Sicily. You already know that the taxi drive to this place, to the beach, hhas not been a bargain and you also already know that I haven’t even been in the water except for these shots. Shame on me! But in my defence, we were not blessed with good weather during the trip and our schedule was tight as well. Apropos schedule, I recently had a meeting with Burberry and we’ve been talking about the wrong image people often have about traveling within a job.

Good morning friends of the summer, the sun and the sea. Today’s post is dedicated to an important topic for all of you who use the warm summer days to spend every free minute outside to fuel up with vitamin D. Yes, even I rather want to be out sitting in the park – even more at the sea – instead of sitting inside in front of my MacBook. For sure the sun and days in and at the sea are wonderful, but they sure also leave their marks on our skin, literally. But as I think there’s a solution for every problem, I started a little research to present you guys five beauty hacks today so that your skin will enjoy summer just as much as you do!