A warm welcome to the new The Fashion Fraction everybody. Feeling so lucky to publish the second outfit we shoot in collaboration with Hermes on the upgraded platform today. Unfortunately these photos were taken without the presence of such a beautiful shooting partner as in the last article but rather the setting was chosen to be a very rural and vegetated place that quickly became apparent to match perfectly fine with the rustically looking, almost farmerly outfit built up of a super oversized shirt and a wrapped skirt accompanied by a practically big bag, a fabulous pair of laser cut leather gloves and topped off with a bunch of my favorite flowers, peonies.

Even though the first part of the Hermes series published as the inaugural post of the new The Fashion Fraction is probably my personal favorite. I hope you guys will also be pleased with this continuing outfit and photos. I have one more outfit to share in the upcoming days of which I am already curious to hear your thoughts as well! Come back soon in order to be the first who sees it or follow me on Bloglovin to automatically get updated as soon as there are news on the blog!

Get the look:
Blouse: Hermes
Skirt: Hermes
Bag: Hermes
Gloves: Hermes


  1. This is the most stunning post i have ever seen !!
    you look amazing!

  2. This must be one of my favourite outfits and posts of your blog, absolutely stunning! Love everything about it :)

    Love, Rachel

  3. Simply stunning. The clothing breathes such life in to the photos, as well as the flowers. Wonderful play of color contrast.

  4. This look is so sophisticated! This campaign turned out wonderful!

  5. Amazing … the brown color is perfect for you :-)) You look stunning

  6. Absolutely obsessed with this series. Keep up the amazing work!!
    xo Kat

  7. OMG! Those pictures are perfect! I dare to say that some of them are ones of the best i have ever seen.
    Loved the flowers, and specially those gloves! You have a great taste!

    Helô, from vestidos curtos

  8. The shoes, skirt, gloves, bag and top are all classy pieces! Truly a HERMES model.


  9. Great post.
    Your blog is one that really worth the click. Nice content! :))

  10. AMAZING Herme look, i’m completely in love of your shoot and outfit :)

  11. Such lovely photos! They somehow remind me of Escadas “Especially Escada” perfume ;) Summerly greetings from Austria :)

  12. Oh wow, was für wundervolle bilder. und WAS für ein Outfit! großartig!! danke für deinen lieben kommentar, darüber habe ich mir sehr gefreut ;>

    dein stil ist wirklich inspirierend.
    liebe grüße,

  13. Woooooooow die Bilder sind wirklich ein Traum! Deine Kooperation mit Hermes ist wirklich der Wahnsinn – du präsentierst die Teile so toll und ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass mir diese Bilder noch besser gefallen als die letzten! :) Wunderwunderschön!

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana

  14. Great new design! The photos and your outfit are gorgeous, very chic!:)


  15. Your pictures are amazing! I really love your blog!
    Have a great sunday!

  16. This shoot is stunning! I really love the backdrop, so romantic x

  17. Hi Michele,
    I’m loving the shoot! The photos are very sophisticated and so is your outfit.
    I’m very excited for you about the collaboration with Hermes, I love this brand too :)


  18. Love you!

    ♥ Oxana
    O X A N A  M.U.A makeup blog NEW WILD BOHO MAKEUP!
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  19. INCREDIBLE post! LOVE your Hermes GLOVES! They are spectacular! AND LOVE how you put it with your brown skirt! BEAUTIFUL!
    xo The Beckerman Girls

  20. Gorgeous!

  21. i really impressed to see your style i Love this outfit, especially the shoes very nice blog!!!

  22. You look surprisingly familiar… where have i seen you before… or maybe you just remind me of someone. Anyway love your shoes <3 your outfit is also quite amazing! Lovely post, amazing blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Returning the support as always!

  23. What a stunning, classy outfit! The flowers are a beautiful touch :)

  24. Wow, du siehst bezaubernd aus! Die Bilder sind fantastisch und dein Look gefällt mir super gut!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  25. I am a huge fan of your blog. I love design and your photos! :) Beautiful!

    Check out my blog:

  26. have a nice week end!

  27. Amazing shoots! Just awesome! I love your new style! Beautiful girl!!!
    xx cvety
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  28. awesome!

  29. LOVE the look so chic!
    Tobruckave Blog

  30. Simply perfect!

  31. So so so beautiful! Congratulations! – New new post <3

  32. Superschöner Look, sehr edel und macht fast schon Lust auf den Herbst ;-)

    Liebe Grüße,

  33. Gorgeous and I am loving the new look of your blog!!

  34. great look very elegant :)


  35. Wow amazing outfit !! I love your photos. And your shoes are gorgeous !

  36. Gorgeous! The scenery, your outfit, you, your gloves!! I love everything. It’s so editorial and perfect. Congrats on the collaboration =] Hermes, such a pleasure to see this!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog, I hope you will continue to travel by!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  37. This is such a classy and elegant outfit,
    Love the photos.

  38. Nice post ,kisses.

  39. Perfect! I love that skirt, you look as flawless as ever!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  40. I am speechless Michele! Such an elegant and feminine outfit! Not mentioning quality of photos. Congrats!

    And many thanks for your comment on my latest post. That place is in Antalya, Turkey and highly recommended!


  41. I can’t get over those shoes!! xx

  42. Love this outfit, especially the shoes x


    Head Enough

  43. Love the outfit! Those shoes are perfection.

    Sarah x

  44. What a gorgeous look, simply stunning!!

    Love from Munich, L


  45. I’m loving the texture of the skirt! Again, I’m so proud of you for collabing with such an amazing brand. Congratulations!


  46. stunning photos!


  47. great pics!

  48. Amazing chic outfit! The skirt is beautiful!

  49. Amazing photos!!

    Style and Paper

  50. What amazing shots!

    Watermelon Bag-la borsa a forma di anguria on lb-lc fashion blog

  51. the skirt is gorgeous!!!!! beautiful pics!



  52. You look stunning. I loved the gloves and the flowers. And congratulations on your new style. The is amazing. :)

  53. absolutely beautiful images, wouldn’t look of place in VOGUE
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  54. WOW beautiful pictures, it looks like they’re from a magazine ^_^


  55. Congratulations on your site renovation! You look fabulous as always! Love that top and that midi skirt is soo rich! The shoes are to die for!

    CHECK OUT MY LATEST POST http://sapphire-brushstrokes.b.....e.html?m=1

  56. Wow skirt and heels are so chic! Nice pics!

  57. Beautiful photos, you look great!

    Fashion latte with vanilla

  58. Die Bilder sind der Hammer :)
    Mag deinen Blog generell sehr sehr gerne


  59. Wow! You look beautiful. That skirt is simply stunning! Those shoes are not my thing but they do look great with the outfit!

  60. Amazing pics, love it!

  61. beautiful images. loving the new layout!

    reckless abandon

  62. Gorgeous! Lovely outfit, cant wait to see whats next.
    Peonies are my favorite flowers too.

  63. Amazing outfit!

  64. Amazing setting and photos! I love the skirt, super pretty. What is the material?

  65. Super inpiring look once again. Fantastic place and flowers

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  66. Absolutely outstanding photos! You look incredible!

  67. dammit girl this is the best ! and nice blog change ;)

  68. WOW! Love everything about your outfit!!! The photos are amazing and you look like a fashion model!!! Beautiful post:-) Congratulations on working with Hermes.



  69. Stunning!