Ok guys, this article comes totally spontaneous and unplanned since there was another sport look settled for today. An exclusive sight (I got told, I’m even before the media) at the #dieseltribute leather collection yesterday evening totally throw my plans into disarray, so I felt the urge to finalise this post as soon as possible to allow you guys to count yourself to the very first ones to get glimpse on it. So here we are, here’s the post, 12 hours later since I’ve first envisaged the collection. But now let me tell you a few interesting insider infos about Nicola Formichetti’s latest coup!

After the success of the #Dieseltribute Denim Capsule half a year ago, Nicola Formichetti continues revisiting the heritage of diesel with #Dieseltribute Leather Collection launching in February 2014! With attention on details at the forefront, the collection highlights the rebellious spirit of leather and therefor works as a statement against the fast fashion commoditization of the instantly recognizable material. Manual studs and detailed hand-stitched patch applications (usually found at the back of the jeans) restricts the production to only three pieces completed per day what makes the collection totally irresistible to the fashion lover. One of the pieces, namely a pair of men jeans you can spot in a pictures below,  is covered my no less than 580(!!!) hand applied patches taken from the historical database of Diesel’s five pockets.

In the collection, there are 11 pieces of apparel, 5 accessories and 4 intimate options. Items range from jackets to polos, from dresses to tops, from vests to jeans. A perfect handmade patchwork jeans for him – a sexy rock leather dress for her – combine the craftsmanship and the creativity of this capsule designed my Nicola Formichetti. Across the accessories range, soft leather belts and rivets are applied on caps, metallic hardware rock elements are found on key holders and belts. The unique leather patches can also be found on unisex sneakers and tote bags!

Overall the capsule creates strong ties to the world of Diesel’s iconography and serves as a visual ownership of the original, fearless Diesel spirit! Seperate outfit post about the look I’ve been wearing comes later this week! Enjoy your weekend, loves!


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  13. wow, this sounds pretty impressive, 3 pieces a day! that means it is almost an exclusive and timeless piece that one can have in his/her wardrobe and also it is a worthy investment in terms of finances, don&#39;t you think? Happy Valentine! &lt;3 Zhanna,

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