About Michèle

Founded in late 2010 by Michèle (25) and refreshed in summer 2014 with a complete re-design and utterly revised concept “The Fashion Fraction” now counts to the most known and read fashion blogs in Switzerland and it still constantly grows not only from the viewpoint of the increasing amount of daily readers all over the world but also in terms of quality and high class partners climbing on board.

Michèle herself grew up in a tiny hamlet in Switzerland but recently moved closer to Zurich – the “secret capital” of Switzerland – where she works full-time as a graphic designer for an advertising agency to finance her obsession for high-cost designer shoes. As a high-powered fashion addict, she felt the strong urge of building up her own little business besides her daily work as a graphic designer to spice up her business life with some more variety and above all with more fashion related content.

With all the passion and effort she put into the blog, she quickly caught the interest of many well known brands ranging from high street to high fashion. Hermès, Swarovski, Diesel, Gant or Adidas are just a few of the partners she has already collaborated with. In early 2014, Michèle brought out her own jewelry line featuring the tiny heart – her design mark that remained since the blog started in 2010 – in collaboration with Maggie Fine Jewelry a jewelry designer based in New York.


Michèle Krüsi,
Founder, Creative Director
Joy Oelen,
Photography, Film, Creative Concept
Stefan Benninger,
Photography, Management