I am so excited! So super duper freaky excited! When I started this blog, it was obvious from the beginning that it will be focusing mainly on fashion – it turned out it was only focusing on fashion at the end. Well, as I can feel through all the positive feedbacks in the form of thousands of lovely comments you guys actually liked all the fashion based articles here on The Fashion Fraction and I hope I could inspire some of you through the outfits I shared here during the last couple of years. But you all know this summer was a whole new beginning for me as well as the blog since its complete restart only three weeks ago, what also brings a bigger range of content and topics with it thanks to the new concept I worked on during some months.

So why am I excited? Well, today I am going to reveal the very first ever beauty post on The Fashion Fraction. I must admit I felt a bit  – actually very – challenged when I decided to choose for this post which is all focusing on my daily skin care routine. During the hundreds of outfit posts I already products and shared with all of you, I developed my very own procedure to work. I knew how to stand to look best, what kind of pictures a I needed (horizontal, vertical, details, etc), how to use the natural outdoor light, and the list continues. Summarized: Everything got so easy and almost automatically during the time. So planing something completely new this time was without doubt a challenge! May it doesn’t look to different to you guys, but I can tell you, it definitely was- I struggled with the bad morning light in my apartment and even with finding a good place to take the photos showed up to be quite problematic. Also I would not call myself very photogenic – especially not in close up photos – especially not without any make up on to hide my little flaws and enlarging my small eyes optically. Furthermore this post needed so much more preparation. I mean, creating a good still life composing is really not as easy as it seems. But hey, I made it and I am curious to hear your feedback, may it be positive or constructive criticism.

After all the bla bla, I should definitely switch over to the main topic in order to not ruin this first try in beauty. As the first article in this section I chose for the most important part (in my opinion) when it comes to beauty: Skincare! A flawless, or let’s stay realistic and call it just a “good” skin (I mean we are not all Kristina Bazans and blessed with skin soft like a baby’s bottom) makes probably at least 80% of the beauty of a woman. Doesn’t it? The skin care products I use on a daily basis are all from brand called Karin Herzog, which is from Switzerland just to mention (patriotic little girl in me screams “Yay!”). Their products are based on the idea of using oxygen to leave the skin soft, clean and super energized in just a few minutes. Thanks to the added O2 and Vitamin A the creams will also reduce visible signs of fatigue and also minimize breakouts and control future blemishes on problem skin.

So let’s quickly go through my every day morning routine:
1. I use Professional Cleansing wish my face and to get rid of every bit of make up that remained during the night after the make up removal of the evening before. (I also use the cream to remove the make up in the evening) For that I rub a hazelnut size amount of the cleanser, warm it between my fingertips and massage onto my dampened face and neck for 10sec combined with warm water. Afterwards I rinse thoroughly with warm water and a Karin Herzog silk towel.

2. The very vitamin-rich Additional Sweet is actually recommended to use over night, but I personally prefer it as my day cream as well as moisturizer before applying my make up. Therefor I use a Karin Herzog brush especially created  for applying the cream to fully benefit from its oxygen advantages. The cream is especially created for dry skin but since I’d describe my skin as “normal” I can also recommend it to normal skin type. It makes my skin feel perfectly hydrated and soft during the whole day, even on day I have a little more make up on.

3. If my night has been short and I was not able to catch up enough sleep, I chose to apply the Eye Cream for an immediately fresher and well rested look. Unfortunately I am very prone to dark circles, so this product is a true secret treasure since I discovered it. Bye bye, ugly dark circles!

(4.) I put this in parentheses since the Essential Mask is a product I only use 1 or 2 times a week. Obviously it can be counted to my morning routine, but as I can really recommend it as well I can’t withheld it within a skincare post. I use this product especially a day before special events or big shootings as my skin looks so perfect the day after that I don’t even need to apply to much make up. It has to be applied with the already mentioned brush just like the “Additional Sweet” to bring out the best of it and rinsed with warm water after you left it on your skin for 10 minutes. If you have very dry skin, you can leave it on until it’s fully absorbed into the skin (I often to it like that even if I don’t have very dry skin)

5. Last but not least I am not a big fan of foundations or generally make up that dries the skin. Therefor I swear on applying only and I mean only the Magic Fair” powder to avoid glossy skin since I lately purchased it after I became a big fan of the already above mentioned creams. I really don’t need anything else anymore since I use all of these products on a regular basis. Honestly, I have been very lazy with skincare before but I save so much time in the morning as I don’t need to apply make up and stuff anymore thanks to my enhanced skin.

Now we finally reached the end of my first (and massive) beauty post and therefor High Five to all who read to whole post! Sorry for stealing your time with endless writing but I really couldn’t keep myself short as there was so much to mention. :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It is so important to have a daily skin care regimen. This will keep you looking young, beautiful, and vibrant!

  2. Great post and super cute pajama. <3 Loving your out of bed look!

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  3. You look amazing ♥ http://www.chanelvreplicahandbags.com

  4. Beautiful photo!

  5. Dear Michèle…kudos on your first beauty post!! Karin Herzog is not a brand I’m familiar with – it’s probably not available in Canada – which is really too bad; I’d love to try a skincare routine that would let me go without wearing makeup!! YOUR skin looks picture-perfect!! :)


  6. Beautiful photos and they seem to be a really great products, too! Enjoyed reading your everyday morning routine! Thanks for sharing it. :-)
    Have a lovely weekend!

    XO, Melissa

  7. You have a very sweet face. I like your make-up routine :)


  8. Love this post. Love learning about products, esp from brands I never heard of :)

  9. You look really beautiful here. I guess the products must be working really well.

    ♥ Cassandra,backtofive.blogspot.com

  10. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog love! Love these shots xx


  11. I wish you a happy weekend! Nice post, I love your blog :)


  12. Ciao bella!
    HAPPY we!


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  13. Great post.

    Lots of love.

  14. Lovely product

  15. karin herzog j’adore surtout sa crème pour les yeux, je ne connais pas encore le masque mais j’aimerai vraiment beaucoup le tester, en tout cas tu as une peau PARFAITE
    bisous à toi

  16. This post is darling! the photography is beautiful!


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  21. Your photos are always so beautiful! What camera/editing program do you use?

    — Michelle | http://mxpstyle.com

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  24. It’s really a great beuty routine and in fact your skin is wonderful!



  25. You are such a natural beauty!
    I haven’t tried these products and I definitely need to start using an eye cream ;) xo

  26. Loved the post! All the work you put in it has definitely paid off! The pictures are really great and I think you look very pretty even without make up! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  27. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t seen using a brush for skincare, but it seems so luxurious!

    XO Strawberry Chic

  28. It is so important to look after your skin, I’m a die hard clarins fan but your skin looks beautiful with this xx


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  35. It seems like your routine works Michèle! Great skin Miss!
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  36. Great suggestions!!
    Kisses Paola


  37. Well maybe you struggled with the light and the disposition, but I can tell you that no one could see it only by looking at your pictures :) Great work, and having the white flowers was a good idea too!


  38. I always like hearing what other people are using for their skincare routine. There is a sea of products out there so finding the perfect combo for your skin isn’t always easy! I’m a Cetaphil + daily SPF girl, plus a couple extras. I also love the Clarisonic so much, makes your skin baby soft and brushes away dead cells. I did a post on my blog recently if you want to check it out.

  39. Awww I appreciate your honesty about your apprehension about beauty posts. You have already shown me a new range of products to consider and I look forward to seeing more of your beauty posts! All the best x


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