Happy mid-week, babes! Today I’m a super early bird as I got up around 5 AM for heading to the airport and leave Switzerland for a short trip in direction of Hamburg where I will attend the pre-sees of a shoe collection designed by the well known swedish blogger, photographer,  stylist, designer and ex-model Caroline Blomst for Deichmann. Super excited to get to see the exclusive collection as I’m so sure Caroline did a great job!

Back on track! This post is actually all about adidas particularly adidas originals and it is the second part of the collaboration. For most of the people adidas is adidas (until not so long ago I counted myself to this group as well). But adidas is actually split in different parts. Guess what! Adidas originals is one of them. Since the brand doesn’t put his main focus on sportswear anymore but rather more and more starts to concentrate on casual sportswear there had to be a specific line to cover this section of clothing. To make is short and clear: adidas originals is the adidas line which is produced for daily wear not primary for working out.

This blue two piece with gorgeous floral/pineapple print is inspired by Brazil where the football world cup will take place later this year and it’s just a very very small part of the whole adidas originals collection which, by the way, also consists three or four other colorful printed sets just like this one! As a huge lover of everything colorful and patterned (you know me, huh?) I immediately target these pieces while putting together the styling for the photo shooting at the adidas showroom. I can already imagine myself wearing these shorts in summer at hot lazy days and putting on that jacket when a cool breeze comes up in the evening. Oh dear! I wish summer would be here already! For all those of you who completely fell in love with this eye-catching set as well, it’s soon available in stores (in april if I have it correctly in mind)! So don’t miss to visit you local adidas store in the next two months to make sure you get your hands on it!

Get the look 
Blue Printed Jacket:Adidas Originals (available in stores soon)
Blue Printed Shorts: Adidas Originals (available in stores soon)
White Sneakers: Adidas Originals

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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