Happy monday, darlings! It’s time to reveal the first of the upcoming projects I have been talking about since weeks! The cooperation with my absolute favorite sport brand adidas! As you guys have probably noticed if you read my blog consequently, I’m definitely a person who can not live without sport. Some people might even call me an addict or a fanatic, but sport just helps me to calm down after a long day at work in front of the computer or when I’m mad on somebody/something. I feel like I do have a lot of energy and when I can’t use it, I get very very impatient and fidgety because I feel to urge to do something useful and sport is always useful isn’t it?

Since a few years I’ve started to work out with adidas clothes as they’re both stylish and functional for my workout. Yah I must admit that when it comes to shoes, I have a little crush on my Nike free 5.0 in cheetah print, but the rest of my sport clothing collection consists mostly of adidas sportswear. So you can conceive my joy when it came to the collaboration with the brand I am anyway wearing at least every other day (exactly, I workout at least every two days, goal is always 5 times a week but sometimes I can only handle to workout 4 times). So here you go with the first look in total adidas by Stella McCartney! Come back soon to see the whole sporty photo story!

Get the look
Purple/Pink Sport Pants: adidas by Stella McCartney
Gray Sport Bra: adidas by Stella McCartney
Wide Cut Jacket: adidas by Stella McCartney

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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