Midweek today, time for a new outfit I have worn only a few days ago for two events. First a private pre sale shopping for invited guests at one of the biggest malls in Zurich and afterwards a very relaxing beauty event hosted by my favorite nail lacquer brand Essie at Coiffure Ghel in Zurich.

Got my nails done in a super pretty white shade – yes, white got shades! It slightly has that soft rose tone instead of being just super clear white. Got totally crazy about this specific color called “Urban Jungle” and honestly I was also pretty much obsessed with the other five colors that are part of the summer 2014 collection of Essie. Lucky as I am – I love love love being a blogger – I went home with all six colors inside my bag. Woohoo! I can’t wait to try them one after another but first I will enjoy my rose toned white manicure for another few days until it starts to crumble away what it unfortunately already does a litte bit. No wonder, I am such a clumsy person, I just can’t take care of my manicure for long time. Anyway, due to this fact I am definitely more motivated (and a little bit forced as well) to do my manicure at least once a week what mercifully offers me the possibility to try all those new-in Essie nail polishes sooner as I would if my nails would stay perfect for weeks.

Get the look 
Leather Jacket: asos (sale now!)
Basic Top: asos
Pants: C&A
Shoes: Zara (also love these!)
Bag: old one (similar here!)
“Infinity” Watch: Alfex

Photography:  Anja Gasser / Edit: Me

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  2. Amazing outfit … I love shoes and pants

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  6. perfect !

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  8. This look is awesome from head to toe!!! Love those pants and heels!!!

  9. What a wonderful look, I love your pants!!

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  12. So beautiful outfit… i love your blog

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  14. you&#39;re so gorgeous! Love everything about this look, the pants are awesome, and I&#39;m dying over those shoes!<br />xoxo,<br />Brittany Blake<br />accordingtobrittanyblake.blogspot.com

  15. gorgeous…..love how you styled this Burberry!

  16. Perfect Outfit! You look adorable &lt;3<br /><br />kisses

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  18. Love this style on you. Pants are super cool and I love the way you have them cuffed with the heels.<br /><br />Krissie x – http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au

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  23. Love those pants, they are so cool!! And those shoes are killer, they look like Valentino. <br /><br />Essie&#39;s new collection is great, I love that white is finally getting its time to shine! :)<br /><br />Julia<br /><br />http://exploresmore.com

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  30. Your shoes are to die for I deeply regret not buying those shoes from Zara because they even went on sale, basically I&#39;m jealous. I&#39;m MORE jealous because I love how you&#39;ve paired the bold pant with the leather jacket I can&#39;t really pull that off so i applaud you.<br /><br />www.vieavecleigh.blogspot.com

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  32. You look amazing! I love your watch &amp; shoes! &lt;3<br />myfashionevolutions.blogspot.com

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