I am currently lucky to enjoy two weeks off from work and three days already passed by so quickly as I had a lot of stuff that summed up during the past weeks to catch up on. But yay, I am almost finished with everything, so let the real relaxing time begin. Now! To all those of your who are already back to work after their holidays, I wish you all a super relaxing weekend – let’s hope for good weather!

As you probably recognized in plenty of my outfits I shared during the whole spring/summer season, I am totally, I mean T-O-T-A-L-L-Y, in love with boho inspired outfits. I actually always adored this kind of styling but never as crazily much as I do this summer. I can barely take off my crochet shorts, wide arm blouses (could wear this Maje blouse every single day. really.), hats, patterned maxi dresses and not to forget my newest finds: this amazing combo of a simple black denim skirt and the ultimate black denim vest that I have been searching since the beginning of the warm season here in Switzerland!

Do you know the problem when you have a very specific garment in mind, strolling through dozens of stores and spend hours scrolling through online shops, but no one it as close to your imagination as it has to be? Well, I actually know it pretty well as to me it happens definitely too often. Same was with that black denim vest I had in mind. I was looking for a perfect fit, pretty buttons, preferably breast pockets on both sides, some kind of a collar at the neckline and frayed hem where the sleeves miss. Well, quite many criteria for a simple black denim vest, huh? But guess what, even it’s almost the end of summer, I finally found it on the Street-One online shop and as chance would have it I also spotted this matching black denim skirt. Unfortunately I am terribly bad in finding the right size, especially for bottoms as my waist is pretty slim but my hips rather wide, therefor I ordered in two sizes to keep only the fitting on in the end – free shipping and returns. Hell yeah! That’s how we love online shopping, don’t we?

Get the look:
Denim vest: Street-One
Denim skirt: Street-One
Blouse: Maje
Heels: Gucci

Bag: Alexander Wang via Monnier Frères
Hat: Maison Michel


  1. Love your outfit! I’m also love boho-inspired clothes for the summer. In the winter, it’s completely different though!

  2. Awesome heels! The hat is kinda casting a shadow over your head though so I guess it’s a solution for a sunny day!


  3. Amazing shoes :-)

  4. You are so beautiful! I <3 this outfit!!!

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  5. Hi Michèle! I love your hat. Where did you buy it?


  6. i love that hat!



  7. Aw I really do love the matching skirt and vest!


  8. Fantastic look, dear <3

    xoxo Iren

  9. Why does vacation always seem to fly by?! Hope you enjoy the rest of yours! I know the feeling of looking for and not being able to find something. It’s the worst! Glad you got the vest you wanted. Love the outfit (especially the hat).

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  10. I absolutely love your outfit.
    All the colors go together very well making the outfit look feminine yet it stands out.

  11. Wow I love this outfit. I’m definitely leaning towards the boho aesthetic at the moment too


  12. love that outfit and, omg, the sandals are amazing!

  13. Your so pretty! Love your hat and shirt! Very cute

  14. Fabulous look, very unique! Love the shoes!

  15. Lovely dear!! love the shoes and the bag!!

  16. Love the boho inspiration here and those shoes are amazing! Enjoy your time off :)

  17. Beautiful! I always like what those hats can do to outfits. I wish I owned one to but everytime I see one I’m scared to buy it :(


  18. que guapa!!! me encanta el look y los zapatos!!! :)



  19. Such an edgy outfit Michèle! The hat is amazingly cool!

  20. Totally lovely look! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin & Google+? If interested, please let me know.


  21. Loving that black denim vest! I need one in my closet now <3

    — Michelle | http://mxpstyle.com

  22. Love your outfit!! The sandals are gorgeous!!
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  23. You look Amazing! Loving this outfit xx


  24. Beautiful pictures! Love the outfit <3


  25. What an amazing outfit! Just come across your blog and love it.
    Would be amazing if you could check out mine too :)
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  26. Your bag and shoes are just amazing !


  27. Tolle Bilder! Und ein wahnsinnig schöner und eleganter Look :)

  28. I love how you styled the menswear inspired hat/shirt/vest with a skirt and sexy sandals. It’s very unexpected and cool. Love it!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear!


  29. Your outfit is so sweet! Love black denim so much!


  30. Love this outfit!! Great style as always!


  31. This is a really great outfit! Anything boho looks so great on you. Beautiful as usual!

    XO, Melissa

  32. Amazing outfit! I love this hat and the blue blouse and the vest combined!
    Great pictures xoxo


  33. Very pretty combo! Love the hat!

    xx Bee

  34. Wunderschön! Die Heels sind natürlich ein Traum und die Knöpfe finde ich auch besonders cool, auch wenn sie noch so klein sind ;)
    Mach weiter so, deine Posts sind zur Zeit einfach immer fantastisch!
    Kiss, Alena | meet me stylish

  35. awesome!

  36. Beautiful pic and hat!


  37. super schönes outfit und tolle bilder!!:) ich liebe das layout von deinem blog!

  38. What stylish look!

    In a love affair with Daniel Wellington on lb-lc fashion blog

  39. Love your hattt!
    Boho style is one of my favourites!
    xx from Argentina

  40. Great blog and blog design! <3 I love your look, especially the hat looks great on you! And I totally know the problem with the specific garments that you have in mind, but can't find anywhere. But most of the time it happens to me, that when I decided to pick something else, I just find the one thing I was looking for a couple of days later. Haha.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Dana from http://www.howimetmyoutfit.de

  41. Love the hat and your blouse!;-))
    Enjoy your time off work!


  42. you look stunning, lovely outfit. Your shoes are to die for!!

  43. Love the sandals and the hat! Nice boho chic look!

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  44. Very cute!!x


  45. Der Hut steht dir wunderbar!

  46. I know exactly what you mean! In my mind I always have these perfect ideas but can´t find them anywhere :) So happy for you it worked out!

    Love, Rachel

  47. Looooove those sandals!!!

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  48. Some times it happens and finally we wear “our uniform”…lovely combo, so chic.
    Happy holidays doll.
    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  49. Super chic, boho outfit! You look beautiful! :)
    I like your hat and blouse so much!