Just a few days ago it seemed like spring would finally arrive. But it’s already gone now after just 2 two days. I’m getting crazy here in Switzerland. Weather changes are frustrating. But April will be over in a few days so let’s hope for May to bring some better and some more constant weather.

Those photos were shot in about 10 minutes before having lunch with my dear Joy. We found out that in a restaurant which was very close to our shooting place, there is a little buffet with exotic fruits like pineapples, melons, mangos etc. and there are also various yoghurts to choose for putting over the fruits and also some walnuts and grapes for on top. You must know, that when summer slowely arrives, my appetite fades slowely away. During hot days I can only eat fruits and yogurt or a salad but nothing warm and nothing which sits heavily in my stomach. The problem is just that I hate preparing all the fruits before eating. It takes me so much time because I always need a at least 5 sorts of fruits. So this restaurant was the perfect place to find for having our lunch!

Outfit of the day (click to view item)
Floral Blazer: Zara (similar here!)
Basic T-Shirt: Asos
Jeans shorts: Frame Denim
Blue pumps: Zara (similar here!)
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Hermes


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