August 2006. I just turned 15. I attend the high school 10km distant from my home and write good grades. Mom is stilling doing my lunch, my laundry and my bed but I’m incredibly independent and grown up! I swear! Since two years I’m the plain Jane of the class – the girl from the one-horse town. I don’t want to be that girl anymore. No. I want to be the girl of which the boys daydream. The cool girl with the girls clique. I want to stand out the crowd. Being unique. I start to rebel. Against my teachers. Against my parents. Against the law. Against everyone who is considered to be uncool.

These scenarios might look familiar to you. Puberty, you know. Cutting oneself off. Being different. Not like the rest. Especially not like the old ones (= age over 25). But then one always ended up in a group. Emo, skater, hip-hopper… I guess I tried everything. Always feeling extremely unique and different just to make that clear!

Now with more mature age – oh dear, in two years I will already be regarded as old by the youth – I can only sneer at the old resp. younger me. Because eventually all I did was coping and trying to fit into a group that existed long since. I haven’t been different. Maybe even the opposite. But maybe it was not the uniqueness I aspired to but rather I tried to find myself. My belonging. And in the end this is actually all that matters – unique is what we all are in a way even if we are just one of many.

With this in mind, cheers to the pubescent kids whose rebellious behavior can really(!) get on ones wick despite it plays a central role within the personal progress and self-discovery. Happy wednesday!

August 2006. Gerade bin ich 15 geworden. Ich besuche die 10km entfernte Sekundarschule, schreibe gute Noten. Mama macht zwar noch immer mein Mittagessen, meine Wäsche und mein Bett, aber ich bin schon wahnsinnig selbständig und erwachsen! Ich schwör! Seit zwei Jahren bin ich die graue Maus in der Klasse – die aus dem Kuhdorf von nebenan. Das will ich nicht mehr sein. Nein. Ich will die sein, über die die Jungs während der Pause schwärmen. Ich will das coole Mädchen mit der Mädels-Clique sein. Ich will aus der Menge stechen. Einzigartig sein. Ich rebelliere. Gegen die Lehrer. Gegen die Eltern. Gegen das Gesetz. Gegen jeden, der halt so als uncool gilt.

Die Szenerien kommen vermutlich vielen bekannt vor. Pubertät und so. Abkapseln. Anders sein. Nicht so, wie der ganze Rest. Ganz besonders nicht so wie die Alten (= alle über 25). Und doch endete man schlussendlich immer einer Gruppierung. Emo, Skater, Hip-Hopper… Ich glaube, ich hatte alles durch. Fühlte mich jedes mal unglaublich einzigartig und anders.

Mit zunehmendem Alter – In zwei Jahren gelte ich bei der Jugend schon als alt. Oh Schreck! – belächle ich mein altes Ich. Denn schlussendlich hab ich nur kopiert und mich in etwas eingegliedert, das schon längst bestand. Ich war nicht anders. Eigentlich sogar genau das Gegenteil. Aber vielleicht war es auch gar nicht die Einzigartigkeit, nach der ich so sehr gestrebt habe, sondern vielmehr mich selbst zu finden. Meine Zugehörigkeit. Und das ist doch schlussendlich auch was wichtig ist – einzigartig sind wir nämlich alle auf unsere Art und Weisen auch wenn wir nur einer unter vielen sind.

In dem Sinne ein Hoch auf die pubertierenden Kids, deren rebellisches Verhalten mächtig auf den Keks gehen kann, obschon es eine wichtige Rolle in der persönlichen Entwicklung und Selbstfindung spielt. Happy wednesday!

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Vest: G-Star
Top: s.Oliver
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi or budget option!
Bag: Saint Laurent or budget option!
Hat: asos
Crisscross Ring: Alex Mika
Other rings: super old

Photos: Joy Oelen

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  1. BEST !!

  2. Waaooo cool style.

    Black is forever and the cluch you carry suits on your personality.

  3. Amazing …

  4. you are so cute and beautiful at the same time..

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  6. Awesome post, love these photos

    Have a lovely day!

  7. Ein ganz toller Look – speziell die Mules gefallen mir! Und sehr treffend geschrieben, kann mich auch sehr gut erinnern… :)
    bisou, mirjam

  8. love the bell jeans, thinking of getting me one.

    I blog here:

  9. Fab as always!

  10. I love your mule sandals..great look

  11. Great outfit! And wonderful story! :)

  12. Oh my, this outfit is just adorable! The hat is too pretty and I also love your jeans!

    Have a great weekend,

    P.S.: Thanks for leaving such nice comment on my last post!

  13. I am so into these flares right now! I honestly didn’t think I ever would be but I’m obsessed, the skinny flares are so perfect.

    Come laugh at Kim Kardashian

  14. Perfet look! Love it!
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  15. Love it!

  16. Gorgeous look dear, beautiful photos as well :)


  17. I really like this look perfect on you

  18. Great blog, what camera do you use for your photographs?

    Looking forward to see future post.

    Have a lovely day!

    instagram @vasarelle

  19. I love this post! Be different is the best!

  20. I can’t imagine you having been a plain jane when your outfits are so cool! I’ve never seen black, flared denim jeans before they’re so unusual. Love the shoes too you look amazing!

  21. Sehr schones Outfit. Obwohl alles schwarz ist, ist es überhaupt nicht langweilig. Ich finde es wirkt sehr erwachsen.
    Liebe Grüße! :)

  22. Haha wie wahr! Und ein bezaubernder Look in Schwarz, vor allem die Tasche ist ein toller Hingucker!

    Laiyin ||

  23. Super cool look, love everything about it!

    Kisses, Jennifer

  24. I’m a wonderful blend of both. There are many things about me (outlook on life, love politics, race issues & classism) that are completely different than others. Or as I always, I’m not afraid to speak the truth on those topics. However, there are the fluffy parts of life that I right in the mix of the crowd on such as my taste in music, where I summer May thru September, outdoor winter activity and mainly fashion. I mean, when it comes to fashion, can anyone really say they’re original? If they did…. that would be a lie. I feel some of us can be unique but never really original.

  25. You are unique! I know it! Amazing as always!


  26. Very well put, the perspective I think is something that doesn’t go away as we age we just start to compare ourselves on a different level. Now everyone still wants to have the latest fashion, the sweetest bf or husband and so forth.

    Love the look again.

    xx Falasha
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  27. Wunderbarer Beitrag und tolle Fotos..!

    Alles Liebe,

  28. I loved reading what you wrote because it really is true and I’m so glad you put it in words, makes us remember whats up haha
    I love the hat, even if people think that they are a winter thing, nah, I’d also wear them year round hahaha you looks great!

  29. I can’t imagine with that outfit you would be looked at as a “plain jane”! No girl, there is totally some rebellion in that look and you look so good :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  30. Love this look! x

  31. Such an amazing look!

  32. Trying to be an individual is part of growing up, but also human nature I think. It was great reading your thoughts on this. Outfit is fabulous! In love with the heels.


  33. Love that outfit!! So perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Hee du!
    Ein supersupersüsses Outfit und mal wieder wahnsinnig schöne Bilder. Du hast echt ein tolles Lachen.
    LG Marmormaedchen

  35. Love just black, the bag is beyond cool! Love your message, we are each unique yet want to belong. Maybe when you find the balance you find yourself

  36. I’ve been really loving black looks as well lately – so this outfit is definitely perfect to me! beautiful pictures, xo Anova

  37. I think all of us go through that rebellious phase and I agree that it’s just us trying to discover who we really are. Loving your outfit here, very trendy!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  38. Amazing look! I love the shoes and the bag!

  39. What’ a chic bag!! I look amazing in everything!!

  40. Süßer Look mit dem Hut und den Bootcuts :)

    Liebste Grüße aus Berlin
    Deine Romi

  41. Such a gorgeous all black outfit!
    It’s funny to look back at how we acted and to reflect on why the kids that drive us crazy now, do those crazy things
    Dresses & Denim

  42. You look so cute! I love the all black!
    Melanie @

  43. Lovely shoes!

  44. pure perfection

  45. I loved this. I always wanted to be different, too. I think we’re all the same really!

    Corinne x

  46. Super tolle Bilder, das Outfit ist klasse. steht dir richtig gut.
    LG Caterina

  47. Well done put together!

  48. What a thoughtful post! I remember my younger self trying to fit into groups but always being drawn to the people who were confident in who they are didnt care about labels. When you are set free into the real world it really doesnt matter if you were popular or not, its who you are as a person that makes you unique even if you dont see it at first.

    Fab outfit btw, love that bag! x

  49. I love the bag, great outfit!


  50. Love the shoes! I never had that rebellious phase with regards to what I wore but I wish I did :)


  51. Love your story…guess we all go through that rebellious phase in our teens :)

  52. Very lovely purse!

    Agnes x

  53. I adore this!

  54. Beautiful outfit, I really love the bag! It was the same for me in high school, anything to not be like the others. Honestly though if I met my teenage self today we would have a loooong talk about how to act!

  55. Oh I do really understand it! I remember when I was at school I tried to be anyone except of taking myself for who I am, I used to be emo, and goth, and punk (Gosh I do still remember this haha), but only 5 years ago I truly loved myself for just being me. I accepted all my weak points, all my bad things, all my imperfection and thanks God I did it.
    I love myself for being me and I don’y want to be like this famous girl with huge men fans and Chanel bags.

    And thanks for this cool a little bit rock a little bit hippie look that I love with the deep of my heart. Say “yes” to hats haha!

    P.S. This is my first comment in your blog Oo I just don’t know whyyy I didn’t leave anything before, though I visit your blog every time you make a post. And thanks for visiting my blog too, I know you do it quite often <3

  56. I’m so obsessed with your style!! It’s so perfect!!

    xx Olivia

  57. Ein sehr unterhaltsamer Post! Toll siehst du aus!
    Liebe Grüße

  58. ein richtig cooler look – sehr stylish! das muster der tasche sticht so toll hervor!

  59. I love the total edgy look.
    Esp the short sleeve jacket

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic

  60. Great post! These shoes are o die for!
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  61. Cool look, i love the bag!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  62. Dieses Outfit würde ich 1 zu1 so übernehmen <3
    Liebe Grüße!

  63. du siehst wieder mal suuuper aus. toller look

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    Posts online about Dubai, Hallstatt, Jesolo…

  64. A look that makes you cooler than you are :) Really nice! And that smile on your face makes the nicest pictures :)

  65. very nice :) ❤

  66. Ein sehr schönes und ruhiges Outfit, bei dem alles zusammenpasst! Und schön geschrieben :)

    lg, Kathi

  67. Geniales Outfit und so wandelbar :) Deinen Text fand ich super! Genau das ist die Jugend anders sein wollen und trotzdem gleich.

    Liebst, Tine

  68. ach ja, wer kannte das nicht, oder? und ich geb dir recht, wohlfühlen ist einfach das wichtigste. und wenn man ab und an dann auch gar nicht so einzigartig und individuell aussieht (s. all die hipsters, die ja sooo individuell sind..) dann ist das auch ok!

    Lg aus Paris ! :)

  69. Me encantan los pantalones boot cut. Te quedan de maravilla!

  70. Looking so chic, babe!

    Shall We Sasa

  71. Wow I love this outfit so much, those pants just make it! I love how the flare pants are coming back in style.

    I was always quite and shy, very very insecure. Quite anxious as a child actually. In high school though I grew out of most of that. Today I still don’t have all the friends in the world, but am a lot more self confident and know what I want for myself in life :)


  72. I love this outfit! I was(/am?) a plain jane. Looking up to the cool unique kids but too scared to what people thought of me if I would be unique. The cool kids could wear a short skirt and it would be cool, I would wear a short skirt and I would be weird :P That’s how it went. But now slowely I’m starting to be myself, wear what I want. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there :) Your words made me think about this. Thank you ^^

  73. Love the cool hippie vibe of this look and the flare jeans look awesome on you! Many of us have been through that rebellious stage so I can totally relate, thanks for sharing your experience!


  74. love this all black with leopard, looks like a killer combo.

  75. Lovely!!! We all go through that rebellion phase, and it’s not only during the teenage years :)
    Kisses, Lucy

  76. I think everyone is unique in their own way. On high school (already 15 years ago, I feel old now!) I always was a wallflower that got to deal with bullies from time to time. I was insecure, nerdy with glasses and braces and small for my age.
    Last year I met one of my former classmates on Facebook and we chatted a bit. A few weeks later I met her and her husband on a place me and my husband know everyone and even though she behaved normally I found out she unfriended me a few weeks later. I was a bit surprised but at the end of the day I didn’t really care. All I want to say is, people want you to be how they think you should be. But all that matters is that you are who you want to be ;)

    That being said, I absolutely love your look and the pop of the animal print bag makes it complete!! xx

  77. DIe Betty ist ja der Wahnsinn <3

  78. I have to compliment this post, awesome writing and style!

  79. Fantastic total black look, your heels are really cool!!
    Kisses! F.


  80. Love your pants babe! You’re so cool <3

  81. you look ….perfect! <3

    Alice’s Pink Diary

  82. Love this all black look on you! The Gianvito Rossi shoes are gorgeous!

  83. ur lookin wonderful!!!)))) post is sooooo interesting!!! it remind me… myself)))) oh, those teenagers))))) have a cool wednesday))))) xoxo

  84. Wahnsinn, deine Outfits hauen mich immer wieder um. Dieser Hut steht dir fabelhaft. Und wie immer die Schuhe!!!! – der Wahnsinn.
    Wenn ich mir Bilder von damals anschaue werde ich immer total rot, so peinlich meine Klamottenkombis :D Aber so wächst man halt und findet sich irgendwann selbst…komisch nur dass die ganzen jungen Mädchen irgendwie immer gestylter sind als wir damals.
    Ganz liebe Grüße
    Nadja von

  85. nice jeans and shoes, love it!
    nuevo look en mi blog/new look on my blog

  86. Wow, I love the dark denims, I always love your style. I always wanted to be the cool one too in my teenage years ;)

    The Flower Duet

  87. Nice look! Love those black flare jeans and the bag a lot!

  88. Sounds familiar! But I didn’t really had the chance to be unique that time. Really like your bag by the way!

  89. there were days i wanted to be a part of crowd sooo bad .. now I have my style and I dont care about what other people are wearing – in a good way of course :-) it inspires me indeed but in my way

  90. Toller Text!
    Deine Handtasche gefällt mir sehr♥

    Liebe Grüße

  91. I like those jeans – they suit you really well


  92. Amazing look ,kisses.

  93. Wow diese Hose steht dir soooo gut! Und der Text gefällt mir super :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana

  94. love the jeans and the bag!

  95. Ich mag deine Art zu schreiben sehr, denn ich lese so gerne deine Texte :-) Deine Tasche und der Hut gefallen mir gut :-*

  96. You look amazing!! Absolutely love your outfit:) X

  97. Tolles Outfit! Ja, die Jugend ist eigentlich die treibende Kraft! Allerdings fehlt mir dieses Unangepasste und Rebellierende bei der Jugend momenten zur rechten Zeit …
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  98. This post is so nice!
    Know what you mean… Uniqueness is a goal to achive and defend!

    Have a nice day, dear!

  99. Du kommst auf deinen Bildern immer so wahnsinnig natürlich rüber. DU und graue Maus?? Unvorstellbar. Ich selbst bin sehr kamerascheu…. passt nicht recht zu einer Bloggerin. Bald habe ich aber ein Shooting auf das ich mich schon sehr freue. Dabei geht es um Selbstwahrnehmung und wie man von anderen gesehen wird. Ich bin sehr gespannt.
    Hab einen schönen Tag, liebe grüße Chrissy