Another weekend pictures which we take during the weekend when the weather was just perfect for taking pictures. So I took the opportunity to wear my beautiful faux fur vest with a 3/4-sleeve sweater and not the cozy, warm jacket I wear all day because otherwise I would freeze to death. Today I have some bad and some good news. I would ask you which one your prefer to hear first, but as I don’t have time for that I will choose myself and tell you first about the bad one. Some weeks ago I already mentioned that I’m maybe invited to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days Zurich which take place from today until saturday. Well, unfortunately it’s not possible to go, I heard from some other bloggers based in Switzerland that they have a huge chaos with the accreditations. Sadly I was contacted by the manager some days ago that he can’t manage to give me a place in one of the shows but I could wait in the foyer and he will take me in once a place is free what happens very often (according to him). So I decided not to go, because this is waste of time considering that I wanted to go there to take pictures for you guys. So anyway, here come the good news: Rather than being in the show I’m invited to visit the showroom as press on saturday. So I can see the collections although and take pictures for you to show you on the fashion fraction. So I’m looking very forward to this event and promise to feed you with news soon. Along these lines I also want to thank Mr. Albers for the invitation to the showroom.

bag: mango
sweater, hat, belt: h&m
necklace, skirt, vest: zara
boots: voegele shoes
atch: michael kors

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  1. Hammer schöner Look. An dir sehen alle Outfits immer so edel und hochwertig aus. Mir gefällt vor allem die Fellweste in Kombi mit dem Rock super gut. :)

    Liebe Grüße

  2. You look lovely, <br />amazing shots!<br /><br />♥

  3. sorry to hear about your sad news! Gorgeous outfit though :) and at least you can go to the showrooms! <br /><br />Hayley xx<br />

  4. cool! Bin au im Showroom am Samstig :)

  5. Cute outfit ! I love your pictures !