Happy friday lovebirds! Weekend is again right around the corner and I can’t wait to have some days off from daily business and I’m super happy be able to see my beloved family at sunday again. Tomorrow I will catch up some sunnies from one of my fav eyewear brands for a special project coming up this summer. Yay, can’t wait, can’t wait! Currently crossing my fingers for sunny weather for tomorrow as I will also be guest at the opening of a bar in Zurich right beside the river and I hope to be able to dangle my feet into the fresh river water for the first time of year!

Now off to get todays work done, the faster I start, the faster I’m done and the faster weekend is here. Enjoy your day and hopefully this outfit! And don’t forget to be classy – forever and whatever you do!

Get the look 
Be Classy Striped Shirt: Romwe
Wide Leg Pants: Carin Wester
Leo Clutch: old one, similar here! Rubber Sole Pumps: Stella McCartney
Lace Necklace: La Perla

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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