Well, today the weather is great, you can see the sunshine in these pictures. Hopefully it will be like that for the rest of the summer. I just get this jeans bustier some days ago from romwe, I’m really in love with such bra tops but I think they are sometimes hard to combine with other clothes because they can look kind of slutty if your don’t wear them the right way.
So hopefully you like the outfit I created with it. I also didn’t changed the background this time, because they were some people which didn’t liked that. Well let me explain you (but I guess I already did once before), I changed the background of the pictures because of the fact that some people were asking me about taking photos with other background because they found this wall boring. Actually I do most of the pictures by myself just when I found time which is not very often at the moment. It’s the easiest way for me to do it in front of that “boring wall”, it’s simply not possible to do other pictures with other backgrounds at the moment so I did it with photoshop which is also helpful to improve or keep up my skills. So hopefully you understand.
midi skirt: clubcouture
jeans bustier: romwe
bag: chicwish
heels: max shoes

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