Happy first day of the weekend, loves! I am already up since 7 o’clock in the morning for washing my clothes – Urgh! I seriously hate washing days, so much time lost. But hey, at least I can use the time between the single washes to do the picture edit for the upcoming posts next week. Yay. I totally love the outfits which will come soon especially since they’re all totally spring-like. Bare legs, light dresses, short shorts, glowing skin, beautiful sunlight. Oh, life is beautiful again – ok ok, not that I have been depressive during all the past month but I must admit that my mood is always better during the warmer seasons. Everyday I get up and the sun already welcomes me with its sunbeams through the windows, I feel like I am in heaven. Starting the day when the sun is already up is so much easier and a good start mostly leads to a good day, right? So let’s enjoy the weekend and hope the weather forecast were wrong about the rain tomorrow.

Oh well, an hour has already passed by, time to quickly run down the house and change the clothing. Then off for my daily workout – outdoor workouts are the bests. Yay! Afterwards I will continue to work on my new blog – oh wait guys, I have not been revealing this little secret yet, right? Well, seems like it is out now, I am currently working on a whole new blog design. It takes its time but stay tuned, it is gonna be great! Oh and hopefully I will also find some time in-between todays to-do-plan to catch up with Joy to take some quick photos of my look today and then… phew… hope there is time left to relax a little bit at my second home – my boyfriends apartment. Hey love, if your read this, prepare yourself for giving me the best massage of my life ;)

Enjoy your saturday, peeps!

Get the look
Bohemian Blue Dress: H&M (also love this one and  this one!)
Studded Bag: Mango
Buckle Belt: Vintage (matching one here!)
Hat: asos
Flat Shoes: Toga Pulla

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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