Hello again, sweeties! Today I have to speak out a big thanks to all of you who are reading my lines regularly and a HUGE thanks to all of you who stated my blog as their favorite in the selection procedure of the Zalando Awards 2014. I am so thrilled by all the votes and so grateful and happy to inform you I am officially nominated for the “Swiss Newcomer Award”. Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much! You really are the best readers!

Currently I can’t wait to take off to Berlin in a just few days to attend the award show at July 7. I am crossing my fingers that all your votes payed off and I will be chosen as the lucky winner. Furthermore I hope for fantastic weather to be able to shoot some outfits in the capital of Germany to feed you with news as soon as I am back. In the meantime you will have to content yourself with this outfit shot in my hometown in Switzerland. We have been searching an urban place to shoot this outfit for at least half an hour but since my city is probably the greenest in Switzerland (what I actually love so much about it) we didn’t make a find. Especially the fact that the weather was super sunny reduced the possible places to shoot at to a minimum. I prefer to take photos in the shadow instead of the harsh sunlight that adds a too contrasty look to photos and very unflattering shadows in the face. Well, at the end we get pretty annoyed by running from here to there without being rewarded with what we have been looking for, so we took this place where we at least found some shadow.

Let’s quickly switch from the not so lucky background to the outfit itself which shows one of my typical casual looks in distressed jeans and a simple denim blouse. White and blue is such a great couple when it comes to clothing, right? I definitely can’t get enough of this combination this summer. As the eye catching piece for this outfit I went for this beautifully boho inspired blazer from Ralph Lauren I lately found for 50% sale. What a bargain! It ads the perfect chic yet easy-going boho touch to the outfit and is wearable in so many various ways thanks to it’s colorlessness.

Get the look 
Blazer: Ralph Lauren >> 50% sale!!
Denim Shirt: Lacoste Live
Ripped Jeans: Front Row Shop
Bag: MCM
Pumps: Saint Laurent Paris (out of stock/similar here!)
Watch: Michael Kors
Nail Polish: Essie “Urban Jungle”

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


  1. Love this look, you look a little like Selena gomez !


  2. I love the jacket the jacket and bag you are wearing. Simply divine!

  3. So perfect! I love the jacket, you look amazing!

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