Happy favorite day of the week lovelies. (I think I don’t need to mention that I am just joking but I do – just to prevent you guys thinking I am a little freak) Hope you all enjoyed a happy Mother’s Day and a relaxing weekend in general. Mine was quite filled up with plans as usual. Friday evening I went to the cinema with one of my best ladies to watch “The Other Women” which was an absolutely great choice because we had so much fun during the movie, Saturday I met up with Joy for a drink and to shoot my Outfit I wore that day to feed you guys with further outfit inspirations the coming week. Sunday I finally managed to visit my family for a big big Mother’s Day brunch at one of our favorite restaurants quite close to my old home. So what you see right here is the outfit I wore for sunday’s little family-reunion-brunch.

Even though the tight schedule during the past days I feel very relaxed and motivated for a new week to come up with lots of new impressions right now. How about you?

By the way, please take special attention on my new daily companion: my big brown shopper I lately spotted at the Mugon event (check the post about the event itself right here!) and immediately fell in love with. I am not much a sucker for bags (bur rather for shoes) because of the fact that a bag needs to serve a lot of functionality to me instead of looking just stylish (while shoes can be as unpractical and uncomfortable as they want – as long as they look stylish, I really don’t care). Especially important is the space, I always carry a lot of things with me and I mean it! I could actually depart the country spontaneously whenever I want because I seriously have everything with me that I need. So this bag was indeed the perfect choice because it serves enough space for all my things inclusively my huge camera. Well, it just had to be mine and it finally is since a few days. I am sure you will see it quite often here on the blog in the upcoming weeks

Get the look 
Bow Pants: Azura via FashionFriends
White Blouse: Witt Weiden
White Jacket: H&M (similar here!)
Red Heels: Alexander Wang
Brown Tote Bag: Mugon
Alabaster Earrings: Swarovski

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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