During the weekend I had the pleasure to meet the beautiful Anh on a fleamarket in Zurich where she was trying to sell some of her clothing. Actually I should have done that too as my wardrobe is bursting at the seams. But I have this kind of separation anxiety which some of you surely know ;) I have some kind of relationship to all of my clothing pieces and exactly know where I bought each piece and when and when I have worn them. So I always have problems to give away my stuff because there’s always this thought in my mind, that some day I will wear this piece again and I will be thankful to myself that I kept it. To be honest this nearly never happened yet. haha. But hey, doesn’t every girl has her own little quirks and flaws? Me for myself I found an easy solution for my clothing-excessiv-amount-problem. I simply give the stuff I don’t want anymore to a close friend of mine and she can wear and use it, she’s just not allowed to throw it away without my knowledge. So I always have the chance to get everything back in case that I miss something. In this way I’m saving space AND making my friends happy. Perfect solution, isn’t it?

By the way, some weeks ago I have promised to share the tutorials I’ve made for my acceptance process to a swiss high school. I have still didn’t done that I know, shame on me! So give me another chance for another promise. I will do it soon. Really! Probably at the weekend when I’m also preparing a new giveaway where you guys have the unique chance to win a handmade jewelry. Come back soon to stay updated and don’t miss you’re chance to participate.

Coat: Mango (similar here!)
Jeans: Stolen from boyfriends wardrobe (similar here! and here!)
Striped shirt, toe cap boots: H&M
Faux fur hat: H&M (find similar here!)
Scarf: Zara<
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Watch: Michael Kors (find it here!)


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