Happy saturday morning early birds! I am already up since 07.30 AM to get ready for the second part of the shooting I already mentioned in the previous post. So I am typing these words as fast as I can because in a few minutes I already have run down the house to catch my bus in order to arrive at the shooting place in time.  Can’t wait to get it done and see the edited and publish-ready results! You might already spotted my shooting partner of last saturdays shooting on a Facebook snap shot, I am so much looking forward to meet that beauty again to continue with the photo story. Such a pleasure to work with animals even though it is much harder to concentrate on your facial expression and body pose due to the fact that you also have to concentrate on the animal and work closely with it. But I already spied on the pictures taken last weeks and it was so worth it, I can’t wait to see the rest of them and share it with you.

Oooh damn, I just noticed I already wrote to much again, or rather said I needed to long. Now have to shut down the computer quickly and run down to the bus station as soon as I can! Wish you a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Lots of love from Switzerland and don’t miss to check Instagram and Facebook for updates during the day!

Get the look 
White Ruffle Crop Top: H&M (similar here!)
White Skirt: Zara (similar here!)
Leo Clutch: Old one but love this one too!
Pink Sneakers: Nike Rosh Run
“On The Grill” Watch: Swatch

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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