I’ve never told before but I’m a huge huge fan of the Chinese architecture. Actually it’s not far to seek as  I’m a huge lover of cold prints and vibrant colors as well. So obviously, the Chinese buildings with their beautiful colors are very impressive to me. The painting, the carvings.. everything is so rich in detail that I could discover each and every little detail a whole day long. Everything seems to spread out purity, quite and peace. So it was time to finally catch this feeling in some photos to show them off here on the blog. Unfortunately traveling to China was just not possible these days but we fortunately found another great option. The China Garden in Zurich right by the Zurich Lake.

At the day we were shooting this look in the China Garden, there was also another film and photography team shooting photos for an indian clothing brand. It’s always good not to be the only one catching all the attention! Even if I’m taking photos for the blog almost every other day, I’m still not used to be in central so I’m always relieved when there’s something around which is more striking then we taking photos.

Outfit of the day (click to view item)
Dress: Rachel Zoe
Bag: MCM
Shoes: Zara

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  10. I used to live in Zurich when I was younger and this park brings back so many memories…<br />You look so pretty and this dress is gorgeous :-) x I&#39;m following you !!<br /><br />http://colorfullightning.blogspot.com

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  25. I also love Chinese buildings too,they always seem like to me they have so much to say and so many histories and like you said so colourful and the definition of art.I simply adore looking at them as well as japanese architecture.<br />You look great btw,beautiful dress and looks great on you<br />xx<br /><br />www.styleofozoz.com

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