Happy monday everybody! Mine began even earlier than usual mondays, as right now I am writing these lines from Zurich airport while we are waiting to board our plane that will take us straight to the capital of Germany! Those who read the latest outfit post from thursday already know the reason for our short trip to Berlin. For those who are new here or skipped the last outfit, I will quickly recap. I am one of the nominees of the Zalando Awards 2014 in the category “Swiss Newcomer” which will be awarded tonight.

I am honestly such a sleepyhead right now as I definitely left the bed waaaaay to early! Well, maybe I just should have gone to bed earlier yesterday evening… anyway my eyes are trying to close every second currently, I can’t wait to finally be seated in our plane in order to have a short power napping and hopefully step out the airplane with 120% of energy to explore the city during the day before the award show at the evening. I am super excited, not only for the show but also for our whole stay. I bet there is so so much to see in Berlin.

The outfit is one I’ve worn a few weeks back for a day-time cocktail party. I spotted the dress online and immediately fell in love with it’s print and cut – when it arrived it was all over me! It’s probably made of the most high-quality material my skin has ever been wrapped in! Extremely soft and perfect for hot and sticky summer days to keep you fresh although the mid length and the long sleeves. Oh and by the way, it is even on 50% sale now ;)

Get the look  Dress: Thakoon
Hat: Maison Michel
Bag: Mango (old/great option here!)
Heels: Shellys London
Belt: old but love this one!
Bracelet: my own collection (use code TFF25 for 25% discount)
Nail Polish: Essie “Urban Jungle”

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


  1. Dress and heels!! Purrfect!

  2. The belt makes the outfit. Stunning

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  9. That shirtdress is beautiful on you!

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