When temperatures are shrinking weekly (I actually feel more like they’re shrinking every second) I’m getting lazier and lazier when it comes to dressing up. During the days I don’t even leave home because of the cold outside and stay inside with a cup of tea, some candles and my beloved macbook, I prefer to stay in my silk Victoria’s Secret pyjama shorts, a cozy warm sweater and a pair of funny print socks. At this point I’m actually wondering why I’m writing these lines… I should somehow keep the glamour, huh? However, these are just words and I promise I will never bother you with pictures in my weekend-at-home-style.

Back to the outfit! The day we shot these few photos it was actually freezing cold even if the sun was shining and no cloud was covering the sky. There is one reason why I love these kind of days, I can get out my sunnies once again and with them on my nose, I feel a little bit of summer in my heart. Furthermore I adore winter looks with sunnies, the contrast is somehow cool. Isn’t it.

Get the look (click to view item)
Houndstooth Coat: Pinko (last season, similar here!)
Grey Sweater: Madewell
Wide Leg Pants: Splendid
Heels: Louboutin
Sunnies: Present from my dear friend Joy

Pictures:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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  2. Why sp perfect?! Love the jacket. I have a similar one in purple and black! Not as long- this one is way better ! <br /><br /><a href="http://kouturekitten.com&quot; rel="nofollow">kouturekittenblog</a>

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  9. I love this outfit!<br />Coat!! &lt;3

  10. Love the coat and the sunglasses are simply amazing! :)

  11. Amazing coat! Thank god I found your blog, really like it! <br /><br />X

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  18. Love this look Michele! Such a cool/casual look but tied together beautifully with your coat (which I&#39;m obsessed with..!). Amazing style!!<br /><br />xoxo, <br />E<br /><a href="http://refinedcouture.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">refined couture</a> 

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  35. I can totally sympathize with your seasonal laziness… Love the outfit though, looks superexpensive!

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  60. The coat is so perfect. And when it comes to weekend attire, no one needs to know. You just let yourself have a break for the dressing up.

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