Hi there.

I recieved the clothes from clubcouture last week and I have to say I loooooove them! So here I’ve got some pictures of one of the items. The floral dress! Sorry for not showing you outtakes of the latest looks, I never had really good photos. I try to show you outtakes more often than now. So here are some of the next or over next look for lookbook.nu, I guess. Hope you like it and wish you a nice evening. And now comes the best! I have an offer code for you my dear followers and other readers! So what are you waiting for? Check out the shop NOW! Your offer code is: CCBLOG15


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  1. I got the same dress, good taste :D And thanks for the promotion I used it too <3

  2. I found it on the website I think, is it Vicky Summer dress?

  3. you are too cute! i like reading your blog :)

  4. beautiful dress! perfect for the winter time in terms of color! so jelous ;) hehe<br /><br />x, Annie<br /><br />http://www.anniwear.blogspot.com