Today I just felt that I needed to come back with another outfit post. So here we go. This time my mother took the photos the first time. Along these lines, thanks mommy, you did a great job :) I’m wearing my new bag which I found at the Zara sale some days ago. I was lucky to get my hand on it, it was the last one there. I’m also wearing my Ka-Pow sweater which always makes me a little smile and I have my favorite Lancome lipstick on my lips! At the moment I’m sitting in my boyfriends bed just waiting for the dessert and writing this blog post as fast as possible not to get late for the dessert. His mom just knocked on the door to say that it’s ready to eat, so I need to go now quickly. See you later

sweater, jacket: romwe
clutch: zara
boots: h&m
bracelet: hermès


  1. awesome outfit dear!!! love your sweatshirt :)<br />your new follower from <br /><br /><br />♥

  2. Ah you&#39;re cute, I just read your comment to her! you made her happy now haha :D

  3. My mum isn&#39;t able to take pics, your mum is great! <br />Love that sweatshirt, I have the same one;)

  4. I love your outfit! The top is so 60s! Following you now! Visit my blog please and maybe follow me back? :)<br /><br /><br /><br />xx

  5. OHHH Lalal! gseht super us! demfall Hermes Armband kauft!

  6. lookin great, love the styling!<br /><br />

  7. lovely!<br />And i love your face! Sooo cute! :)<br /><br />Much Love,<br />Ranim<br /><a href="http://www.theperfectdisease.b.....&quot; rel="nofollow">the.perfect.disease</a>