Happy wednesday morning, loves! Since you have already had the pleasure to get a preview on the Deichmann Blogger Collection by Caroline Blomst which will be available online from next monday, 3rd march, at the Dosenbach online shop, I now show you the look I have worn for my trip to Hamburg two weeks ago. It was a denim-heavy outfit even thought the blouse has just this denim look because of its color but if you take a closer look you will notice it is actually cotton. Anyway, I’m currently completely in love with this vintage jacket I own since years but until now did not wear in many occasions. Currently it’s my daily companion because it is really really warm due to the warm lining inside.

Furthermore presenting you here my new Rebecca Minkoff bag which I received as a gift from my lovely lady Joy for a design job I have finished lately for her (stay tuned about it, you will be able to see it soon as well). It was truly the perfect day and outfit to perform my new bag the first time. Since the day was pretty warm and sunny, especially in Hamburg, I was even able to wear my fav Gucci shoes for again. You might don’t believe me, but they are very comfortable despite they’re incredibly high. They even attracted the whole attention of the flight crew on bord of our swiss flight. What a wonder I was allowed to enter, I mean I could easily use them as a weapon right?

Also got a huge huge crush on these perfectly shaped, colored and ribbed boyfriend jeans which I found on the swiss designer outlet FashionFriends.ch for a an even more perfect price. If I remember correctly they were about 70% reduced in price – what a bargain. The blouse is another great find on the same website by the way and they got a good deal of other clothing, beauty and lifestyle products for an amazingly affordable amount of money. I have also been super happy with the great service and the very fast delivery! So guys, if your budget is not the highest but you’re still a sucker for high quality designer pieces, you should definitely give it a try and take a look at the website!

So girls, I wish you a wonderful and sunny mid-week day and already looking forward to saturday as we are going to shoot a new project with another fantastic brand for the blog. Yay! Stay tuned and come back soon to experience the whole story coming up in the next weeks.

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Boyfriend Jeans: Staff via FashionFriends
Bow Shirt: G-Star Raw via FashionFriends
Denim Jacket: Vintage
Gray Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Belt: H&M
Heels: Gucci
Nail Polish: Marc Jacobs 130 Sally Iridescent Blackened Green

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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  1. so beautiful … perfect look &lt;3<br /><br />cheers, tina

  2. Love this great look a lot!!<br />denim jacket &lt;3

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  5. sooooo stunnin look, dear))) happy friday, hunny))))

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  9. Denim look! &lt;3<br />

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  16. you look stunning, love this look!

  17. I love how you wear all those different types of denim, and then carefully contrast it with the teal shoes. That&#39;s so gorgeous. Don&#39;t normally use the word gorgeous but hey. :) Oh, and of course the grey bag, very cute.

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  19. Wow, what a great vintage find! Love it :)

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  24. you&#39;re so gorgeous! :)

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  44. Beautiful!

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  46. Cute shoes and jeans!

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  60. Denim on denim is hard to wear but I really like how you styled it! Amazing shoes. xxx

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