1st of August means national day in Switzerland what again means Helvetia celebrates its 723 birthday today. Therefor happy birthday Switzerland! I am proud to have my roots here in the middle of Europe (patriotic little girl!), surrounded by all the beauty of nature – the endless grass fields and mystical forests, the snowy mountain peaks and crystal clear lakes. Yes, I am glad and lucky to be born here in the high prosperity and political and religious freedom that Switzerland serves to all its residents. Whenever I wish to escape to somewhere else in the world (once thinking about a house right by the sea, once dreaming about the big city life) each time I am away, I am happy to return back home after certain time.

Seems like I am just used to the high standards here… or may I am just a boring person who is satisfied and happy with her daily routine because it is just the easiest way to stay in your comfort zone. I must admit, I actually really think that way about myself from time to time. Sometimes I have to force myself to give something new a try and experience something different that might could go wrong, but you never know as soon as you don’t try it, right?

I have always been very self-controlling, taking a lot of care to say and act how others expect to do. When I was still in school, I could not write any test without learning like crazy before, no matter it were 5 books the test was about. I knew them inside out due to the hard core learning. But sometimes there are points you just can’t keep up your trained perfection – after some time I more and more felt it gets me down trying to be perfect in everything, everytime, everywhere. Sometimes you just have to let things go and commit the responsibility of things to others. May you do mistakes, may some people blame you for it, but those are not the ones you should care about as those are not the ones to call “friends”. I am glad I learned this during the past months – I feel as free and happy as I haven’t since a long time. Therefor I advise everybody to stand by your flaws! They are a part of you just as all your strengths! There is nothing to hide! Being true to yourself is key!

Well, I actually I did not plan this post to turn out this personal (almost kind of a self-therapy. oops.) but seems like I took myself serious this time with letting things go. Don’t blame me ;) At the end, happy 1st of August to all my Swiss country mates who are reading these lines now! Celebrate it well!

Get the look:
Blouse: Maje
Shorts: old get yours here! or here!
Pumps: Saint Laurent Paris (budget version!)
Clutch: Burberry Prorsum via Monnier Frères
Ring: Infinitine
Necklace: Shourouk via Monnier Frères

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  1. Perfect festival outfits. The blue blouse paired with lacy shorts and your white shoes are making a perfect combination. The necklace is gorgeous. I would like to purchase it.

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  2. I have never had the pleasure of visiting Switzerland, dear Michèle…but my dad lived there for several years before he moved to Canada, and I know he would say that you are indeed a very lucky girl!! This is such an incredibly elegant look; the soft blue blouse paired with those lacy shorts and your white pumps…wow!! The necklace is stunning, too; and if you ever need a new home for that little Burberry Prorsum bag, I’d be happy to volunteer!! ;)


  3. Love the combination of pastel colors. You have a perfect nose. I like it! :)


  4. Happy 1st August!
    Lovely outfit and the Burberry bag is gorgeous x

  5. Damn such a stunning look and amazing scenery!

    x Aurélie

  6. Happy Birthday to your homeland hun! I love how festive European countries get…just like the 4th in US! You look perfectly romantic for the occasion, those shorts are SO good!

    Thank you for the blog visit babe, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  7. Beautiful look! I really love the flowery bag in combination with the crochet shorts. It looks so girly but the statement necklace gives it that edgy detail the outfit needs.


  8. what a lovely outfit. you look amazing!!


  9. It’s fun to know more things about you. And I love that you are a perfectionist. We all love reading what you write.

    The shorts is sweet! Great style and you always look so beautiful :)


  10. Awesome look!! :)


  11. So stylish, soft and chic! Love the Burberry clutch! :)


  12. Dreamy outfit (and photos)! `There’s nothing wrong with being a so-called “boring” person if your routine makes you happy :) But definitely, letting go sometimes is important, too.


  13. Great pics and nice girl!!!!

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  14. Great look, and I love your bag, it’s so beautiful! and by the way I really like the new design of your blog! :)


  15. Amazing. The shoes and bag are so totally perfect.

  16. I adore your new layout!!

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  17. Looking stunning as always… Love each photo.

    Lots of love.

  18. Looking stunning as always… Love each photo.

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  20. Happy birthday :-) You can be proud ;-)
    Was für ein wunderschöns Outfit und grandiose Bilder… Wowww, ich bin fast sprachlos.
    LG aus Berlin Aziza

  21. Such a nice bag and necklace; you look really stunning!

  22. this is so lovely
    i love your shoe

  23. Really great outfit! Love these shorts and the clutch <3


  24. Very nice look!!


  25. Wow beautiful summer look. Love everything you wear. Happy birthday to Switzerland!! I totally agree with everything you said :D

    xx Mira


  26. Great look!


  27. Being true to your own self is very important. Perspective in life has to be positive and never underestimate your own capabilities. I’m happy to see that you are a hardworking and positive person =)
    Your bag is gorgeous and Burberry is always a great choice =)

  28. Estas guapísima y el look es ideal
    Un besito

  29. Gorgeous!!!

  30. Great post! I love this outfit so much! The clutch is amazing!

    x Karen

  31. I like personal posts like this!
    You look lovely, the blouse is really nice!


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  32. Oh my I absolutely LOVE this amazing necklace!!

    Love from Munich, L


  33. Wow I love this outfit especialy your shorts and clutch! You look stunning as always ;)

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  34. Oh, I love this outfit! You look so pretty as usual dear! Plus, I didn’t know you’d revamped the blog’s design, it looks so good. I love it! XOXO

  35. i love those lace shorts!



  36. Yet another stunning outfit! Love the feminine details- the bag is especially gorgeous! I would love to visit Switzerland one day- looks like such a beautiful country! xo

  37. That blouse is gorgeous!


  38. That bag is soooo cute!

    xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.com

  39. Love how you paired the shorts with that lovely blouse xx

    Head Enough

  40. So cute! Love the bag!


  41. Happy b day to your lovely country! It was very interesting to read xyour thoughts… I love your honesty and everything you wrote. Yes, you are trully blessed to live in a country like yours… we, who live in countries that are miles away from Switzerland in EVERY possible way, trully understand you seeing it as a comfort zone…belive me…enjoy and never be affraid that you’ll be seen as boring ;)
    Regarding your look…can you be more beautiful than this? :)))

  42. I love the colors of this outfit. Everything from the pastel blue Maje shirt to the pale pink Burberry clutch – simply gorgeous. Good for you for having being so patriotic! :) I agree with what you said – sometimes you have to learn to let things go and not be such a perfectionist.

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  43. What a gorgeous outfit! The flowers on the bag are so feminine and chic :) Love it!

    — Michelle | http://mxpstyle.com

  44. Mit diesen wunderwunderschönen Fotos gibst du deinem Nationalfeiertag noch eine ganz besondere Note! ;)

    Ein Traum, besonderes deine Burberry clutch!
    Kiss, Alena | meet me stylish

  45. Perfect dear! love this look on you and love your new redesign blog. well done

  46. amazing blouse, love it!

  47. you look absolutly amazing ! This outfit and photos are breathtaking ! Also happy birthday to Helvetia ;)

  48. What a gorgeous outfit and pics, you look amazing!! The Burberry bag is the cutest, love it all!! x


  49. I know what you mean. I am also this type of person.


  50. Your outfit is gorgeous and your photos are simply amazing!
    Love xx

  51. Happy birthday !

    You really have the most beautiful face, and the pics are perfect :) You’re amazing !

    Bisous !

  52. Lovely post! Major crush on your clutch. Gorgeous as always.

  53. Great outfit!!! Kiss Elisabetta

  54. What a lovely pictures, and big love for your amazing clutch!
    Love, Rachel


  55. Beautiful outfit! I love how the clutch picks up the floral pattern of your shorts, and those light pastel colors look amazing together.

    xoxo Xenia

  56. Loveee that shirt! You look as gorgeous as ever!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  57. Happy day to Switzerland!! I hope you all have a great day! this ouftit is absolutely amazing! you´re style is unique!
    Fashion Avenue

  58. I love this look! That purse and blouse are gorgeous! Happy national day!

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  59. awesome!

  60. Looking fab babe! love the shorts!

  61. Wow gorgeous look, I love it!
    That bag is perfect!
    Fashion latte with vanilla

  62. Each piece of your combination is so feminine and so soft! Combine them together is totally stunning scenery! Happy National Day!
    Kisses, Sily

  63. You look so gorg! Amazing photos!
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  64. I love the photos! The afternoon light is so beautiful. I love the shirt too, amazing colour and cut. http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  65. Happy National Day from Germany! ;-)

    Love the romantic look, the shorts are so pretty!



  66. Looking stunning!


  67. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog yesterday. I’m so glad I checked out your blog as well, because it’s absolutely incredible! Love the design and your pictures are gorgeous :)

    Jasmin xx


  68. I am so glad you commented on my blog, it is amazing to have to see your blog. I am blown away, it is everything I want mine to be in the near future. I cannot start about your beautiful pictures and your looks. Love the neck piece in this photo is uber chic!!!


  69. wow, very beautiful look!!

  70. You look absolutely stunning!! Gorgeous style! Well done!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  71. I love the light in these photos and the lace shorts! So cute

  72. cool look!!!

    xoxo from rome

  73. Very nice personal story and I like that attitude you are describing!
    And the photos are pretty, specially the ones with backlight!
    ciao Markus
    http://www.markusjerko.at photography

  74. So schöne Bilder!!! Die Tasche ist echt ein Traum!!
    Liebe Grüße und schönes Wochenende!!


  75. Such an inspiring post! Your opinions are absolutely equal to mine! You go girl!

    Btw, these photos are so beautiful and dreamy!


  76. Du siehst toll aus!!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Verena von whoismocca.com

  77. Lovely outfit, in love with the bag!

  78. It must be a happy day there… It is a beautiful land and a protector country, also an active democracy is a natural feeling to be proud. Beautiful and delicate look, so feminine.

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  79. Stuning photos!
    Happy Swiss National Day to you!



  80. Gorgeous outfit, love the top you’re wearing.
    Totally get you with Switzerland being comfortable and all, and it is one of the best places to live in the world. It’s really fun experiencing other place and people from this world from time to time :)
    xx Cheyenne


  81. Great outfit, you look absolutely gorgeous!


  82. you rock with this outfit !! very nice hun


  83. Great outfit post; I love that you went to a theme park for this shot! Matches perfectly!

    LivRiot | Fashion & StreetStyle Blog
    LivRiot | Fashion & StreetStyle Blog