Happy tuesday and happy back to work day, peeps! I hope you all enjoyed some wonderful free days with the ones you love. I am actually quite glad the chocolate days are finally over now, I can’t deny I am huge chocolate addict and simply can’t resist any chocolate bunny or egg my eyes spot and believe me there were many! I turn into a little chocolate monster during easter days every year again but hey, easter is the best excuse for my obsession. Due to the sugar overdose during the past days I now totally feel like I nourishing my body with some clean food during the next days. So, lots of vegetables and fruits on my meal plan this week.

Do you remember when I posted a selfie wearing this look a month ago? Well yah, this is an outfit that has not made it on the blog since a month due to so many posts I had to squash in because they had priority for different reasons. But here it finally is and I still love it as much as on the day I have been wearing it. I mean, how perfect is this sweater? Especially for the current weather in Switzerland. So guys, I’m off to nibble on a carrot or something else healthy for breakfast. Have a good start of a short work week. See you again at thursday for another outfit post

Get the look 
Oversized Turtleneck Sweater: Just Cavalli (sale now)
Chiffon Skirt: asos
Rockstud Bag: Valentino
Earrings: Gucci
“Film Noir” Sunglasses: Persol
Watchtwice Watch: Alfex<
White Pumps: Saint Laurent Paris

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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