While looking through old pictures which we took in summer I really start missing the sun, the warmth, the twittering birds in the morning even more than I did before. So I decided to combine all this summer feelings and impressions in an outfit and it turned out like this! A floral blouse together with a sunny-yellow dress worn as a skirt and the cutest bag ever, which I found in Zara a few days ago. The only thing which is reminiscent of winter is the coat which keeps me warm in this freezing temperatures.

(dress worn as) skirt: clubcouture
shirt, bag, boots: zara
necklace: h&m


  1. Diese Tasche ist so niedlich!

  2. You look so pretty and I love the style and the jacket with that printed top and black tights. You look gorgeous!<br /><br />xoDale<br />http://www.savvyspice.com/

  3. You look really pretty and chic! looooove the bag and the shoes!<br />xoxo<br /><br />http://www.sparklyfashion.com/

  4. your mixes are always flawless !! ♥<br />xx<br />C.<br /><br />http://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/