Hip hip hurray, here’s already the third styling and one of my favorite of them all as this dress is probably the most eye-catching dress I’ve ever seen in my live yet. The material is totally outstanding, it looks like an illusion as the colors are constantly switching between shimmering green and red tones and the more or less subtle speckled pattern ads the final touch to the spacy look. This dress is exactly how I imagine the woman in the wide wide future walking around. (so spacy-spacy) I deliberately saved up this look for today, as new years eve is just around the corner! If you’re still in search for the perfect dress to wear and the silver one with the cut out from a few posts back is not outstanding enough for you, this one might me the perfect choice for those with the super duper extravagant taste.

So guys, there is only one LBD post left but you will have to wait a little time until the release ’cause it’s the only dress which is not available yet as it’s from the spring/summer collection and therefor it’s to early to reveal it. But stay tuned, it will not take to much like to find it on the blog too and I swear it’s a brilliant pastel combination. But I’m gonna stop with talking now as otherwise I might betray to much already. So shhhhh. Enjoy tomorrow night and see you again at the first day of 2014!

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Spacy Bodycon Dress: LBD

Pictures:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me
Location: Masoala Hall, Zurich Zoo

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  2. I lived in Zurich for 2 years and miss the city so much. The Masoala Hall is such a great place. You have chosen a wonderful location for an amazing dress. You look so pretty! Compliment!<br /><br />xoxo Juliane<br />

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