Well, this is probably a typical post on this blog, lots of bright colors all mixed together. Ok, actually only two color but hey, you know what I mean: A colorful post! As a location I choose for a place above the roofs of Zurich. Actually we wanted to shoot in a way that you can enjoy the spectacular view with us but the place was just way to crowded to shoot! The whole images would be full of tourists in the background haha. So we ended up shooting a few feet away from that place and found this beautiful stairs which give the pictures an interesting 3D effect. Hope that next time we visit the place there will be less people than at that day so we can try again to shoot with the awesome background. You international readers need to see that! It’s breathtaking and very popular by tourists and even the locals especially in summer.

While wearing this outfit and taking photos with my dear Joy, we caught a lot of attention. Lots of people were curious why we are doing that and was drilling us with questions. It was quite fun and two woman even followed us to watch and told us that they find this so interesting. To be honest, although I should be accustomed to the attention while photographing I still don’t feel very comfortable. But it’s way better than earlier when I always avoided to shoot in public. I just had to force myself to bite the bullet because the best place are ALWAYS full of people and I just have to cut that out and concentrate on myself and the camera. But as mentioned, there’s always this weird feeling when you don’t look at the people but you feel that they are looking at you.

By the way, have you noticed, that I have started to add more information to my “what-I-wear-list” just bellow. In the future I will always add some links where you can find the items I’m wearing in the post or items which are similar to them. This gives you a better chance to buy something you like for yourself, even if it’s out of stock at the shop where I have it from.

Coat: Mango (find similar here! or here!)
Basic white T-shirt: H&M
Tulle skirt: Romwe (find similar here!)
Obi belt: Chicnova
Faux fur hat: H&M
Perspex clutch: Zara (find similar here!, here! or here!)
Toe cap boots: H&M (find similar here!)


  1. Lovely. LG Jeva

  2. woow, so colorful and energetic, love it!<br /><br />http://vintagelilabelle.blogspot.com/

  3. purple and red? bold but bodacious! <br />all in all beautiful! <br />x Keke

  4. I love this color combination!! Bag iz great. I want one :(<br />And I love the hat &lt;3<br /><br />http://ladybug4sunflower.blogspot.com/

  5. cute !! happy Sunday to you too ♥<br />xx<br /><br />http://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/