I so want to go back to the beautiful city of Barcelona and back to the fabulous hotel and our fabulous room (yah, that’s how the room is really called!). I’m already missing the beach, sand, sun, drinks, food and last but not least the hearty spanish people. Leastways I still got that Barcelona feeling in my heart and head right now and these pictures as a memory.

Not only the city itself impressed me with its charm, but also the W Hotel in which we were staying. That huge mirrored glass building seems to be pretty well known in Barcelona and the world in general and I can truly understand why! Pure luxury (except the queue for check in and check out) and pure beauty was what we found when we entered the door. Even the lobby was more than beautiful arranged but when we came up to our room which was placed in the 14th floor my expectations were once again completely exceeded. I was literally speechless, the view over the ocean has completely took my words away and the room itself was furnished with luxurious selected designer interior. The bed was directed to the large window so that we could the view over the city and the sea while going to bed and waking up. Can’t forget to mention the rain shower and the most cuddly bathrobe I’ve ever worn.

Next-to-last night of our stay we decided to get back to the hotel for a drink or two in the famous Eclipse Bar which can be found on top of the hotel (which means at the 26th floor, just to mention) after enjoying our diner somewhere in the city. Well, let me tell you that this was the best idea we could have… the prices are quite high, but they are worth it, believe me! I would pay the treble price if I could have these drink right now, right here. They are – by far – the best drinks I ever tasted in my live, so extremely fresh and fruity. Just in case if you will stay there soon, try out the “Eclipse” drink, it’s by absolute favorite! The bar can be spotted from very far away, as the pink light in the Eclipse is shining so bright from the top (see in picture below).

Outfit of the day
Dress: Zara (similar here!)
Shoes: Cheap Monday
Bag: H&M (similar here!)

Pictures: Stefan Benninger


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