Do you remember the days when Leo prints where THE thing. I do not really remember in which exact year it happened that animal prints became trendy af but there’s one thing I remember very well: I didn’t like it AT ALL! Really! But honestly I also don’t see myself as the kind of person who is always hunting for the latest trends. I’m more like a late bloomer – one of those people who start to like certain trends five years after they’ve actually been trendy and no one else likes them anymore. I might be something like an anti trendsetter.

Or so.

Well, or maybe it just took me five years (or whatever amount of years) to find out how to combine animal prints, to make it look cool or even elegant depending on the occasion. However, I guess the leo print will always be one of those trends which are a total matter of taste and you either love it or hate it. There’s not really an inbetween. But printed on a light skirt, worn with a big cozy sweater and some low key accessories the leo pattern easily circumvents common adjectives like “sexy” or “cheap” connoted to animal prints but rather becomes suitable for daily use.

But isn’t it always like that? Depending in the setting, things always appear differently!

Wisst ihr noch, der Leo Trend von vor ein paar Jahren. Ich erinnere mich nicht mehr so genau daran, in welchem Jahr der Animal Print eigentlich plötzlich so verdammt trendy wurde, aber ein weiss ich noch ganz genau: Ich finds schrecklich! Wirklich! Aber ich zähle mich auch nicht unbedingt zu den Leuten, die jedem Trend hinterher eifern. Viel eher gehöre ich zu den Spätzündern – denjenigen, die den Trend dann fünf Jahre später toll finden, wenn es vermutlich niemand anders mehr tut. Ich bin sowas wie der Anti-Trendsetter.

Oder so.

Gut, vielleicht habe ich auch erst jetzt nach fünf Jahren (oder wie viele es auch sein mögen), verstanden, wie man den animalischen Print eigentlich gut kombiniert, sodass er cool ja sogar fast schon elegant wirken kann. Geschmacksache wird der Leo Print wohl bleiben, aber auf einem luftigen Rock, kombiniert mit einem gemütlichen Kuschelpullover und unaufgeregten Accessoires, bekommt das schnell als «sexy» oder gar «billig» abgestempelte Muster schon einen ganz anderen Flair und wird sogar alltagstauglich!

Aber ist es nicht immer so? Je nach Umfeld wirken Dinge plötzlich ganz anders!

Get the look
Sweater: NA-KD
Skirt: NA-KD

Sneaker: Nike
Bag: Chanel or budget option
Hat: Lack Of Colors
Glasses: Reclaimed Vintage


Photos by Stefan Benninger
Edit & Art Direction by yours truly

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  1. I loved this skirt You just inspired me to get my leopard print skirt out again

  2. wow nice your all image look. and all image background his so good. thanks for sharing his post

  3. this Skirt in india In Tygar print & this skirt print are all person like thanks for share

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  5. Brilliant Michelle,

    You just inspired me to get my leopard print skirt out again!

  6. I like wearing leopard prints, styled in the right way, as you did, are really amazing! xx

  7. This is beautiful !! Love this post. I love Leopard print, you look so good!!

    xx Roxy

  8. This is so amazing, you really can pull off the prints!


  9. Your outfit, your hairstyle and those photos are stunning! I’m mesmerized by that skirt <3
    xx Ama


  10. Beautiful look :) Love the printed skirt <3

    x Gitta //

  11. Perfect look <3

  12. Love how you styled the leopard print! I feel the same way sometimes. Now I only like leopard print if it’s in a different colour (like black & white).

  13. Amazing look!!! I love the skirt and the hairstyle is so gorgeous!

  14. Looking flawless in this sporty-chic outfit! I love your hair, it’s gorgeous. :)

  15. Love the skirt!

  16. ahahaha i agree so much. I had the same rejection, and now I got also leopard shoes

  17. Wow, loving the pants!
    So bold and so eye-catching!
    Beautiful! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog