Yesterday I have met my lovely friend Melanie for Lunch in one of my favorite restaurants which is called “Vapiano”. The speciality of this restaurant is, that your menu is cooked directly in front of you. So you have the guarantee that the food you eat is definitely fresh and not rehashed or something like that. You can choose your favorite sort of pasta (which were spelt noodles for me this time) and combine it with your favorite sauce (always pesto! yummy!) and then the cook prepares your menu right in front of you. I find it quite a good concept and the prices are fair as well. To sum up, I can say that I really recommend it!

The outfit I was wearing is put together with lots of new pieces such as the jacket, top and boots which are all new in items from monday and tuesday. I’m a lucky girl, I know :) Some of you may already recognized the top I’m wearing from my facebookwhere I have already posted a photo in the Zara changing room wearing this top and the matching skirt. Probably gonna get the skirt tomorrow as I love the combo so much!

jacket: cozbest
jumper, boots, necklace: zara
ancient pants: h&m
trapeze bag: celine
bracelet: cartier
watch: michael kors


  1. gseht super us!!

  2. Really love all of your outfits! &lt;3<br />love from malaysia :)<br />

  3. looks even better than I thought ♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />kisses from <br /><br />