Tuesday was quite a busy day. After a quite long shooting for MCM with their spring/summer bag collection I met up with a few friends for heading quickly to the PRfact Press Day. While our way to the location, we stopped for a few minutes to take pictures which came out pretty good although we shot them in about 5min. Probably because I still had the beautiful make up from the shooting on. I must admit that I never had this many products on my skin. I usually don’t use any foundation or make up. Only my beloved mascara and eyeliner. Sometimes a little bit of dark brown eye shadow. But maybe I should start using more of all these skin products in the future. What do you think?

After our quick visit at PRfact where I fell in love with an amazing faux fur coat b Diesel (see it in the picturse below) and some cute floral sunglasses by Prada (also visible in the pics bellow) we head off to the big MCM opening in Zurich. Finally there, we found a lot of people, and I mean a lot when I say it. To be honest, there were way to many people. There was not even place in the store so most of the crowd had to stay out there. Anyway, I love the store concept and the bags of course. Unfortunately I was not able to take any pictures inside because there were always people on front of my lens. At least I had the chance to catch the lovely swiss blogger Kristina Bazan in front of the store so we took up the chance to take a picture together. Soon you will see the pictures of the MCM shooting here on the blog. So come back soon to stay updated. At this lines I wanna thanks the amazing MCM-Team and as well the lovely PRfact-Team for this very interesting and good day! Another special thanks goes to the beautiful and stylish Sandra Bauknecht who organised the blogger shooting together with MCM and invited me to be part of it. As mentioned: Offical pictures soon on the blog!

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I don’t need to bring up who the girl in the first pictures with me is. It’s the lovely Kristina Bazan of course. Our swiss poster girl in terms of blogging!

Outfit of the day (click to view item)
Suit: Mango
Shirt: Zara
Heels: Jimmy Choo
Bag: MCM (didn’t find it online. But similar here!)


  1. This red suit plus the red pumps make a fabulous outfit, you look amazing! Love all the photos :)
    xo Erika

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  17. Das makeup ist genial ! Besonders dass deine wangenknochen so toll betont worden sind ! :)

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