Happy mid-week everybody! This week seems to go over even faster than the past ones – I feel like weekend was just yesterday – due to the fact that there are so many incredibly interesting events and project meetings happening over here lately. Yesterday, I was guest at the store opening of swatch which was a big honor to me since these are the watches I have been wearing when I was a cute little girl (well, honestly I was not that cute), so I still connect so many great memories with the watches and the brand itself.

Meeting the lovely swatch girl Shadya who showed us around all the current and previous collections felt so familiar. Swatch is a brand I could really not feel more close to, especially since it is a Swiss brands which is the ultimate guarantee that a product will live up to my expectations in terms of quality. SWISS POWER! So I lately could not resist to refresh all these good memories with a new model of their current collection – be sure to see it on the blog soon. It is such a classic!

Even though Switzerland is very very well known for their watches, the world should pay more attention on Swiss clothing labels as well. So guys, if you are loyal readers you might remember three posts from around Christmas and NYE featuring some dresses from the Swiss brand Little Black Dress. As the days are getting warmer and warmer lately and hey, it is even officially spring already I am in mood to share another exclusive outfit from the current Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Little Black Dress which is now available at their store (to find at Josefstrasse 45, 8005 Zurich. Definitely worth a visit!). It is a two piece composed of a crop top and a knee length pencil skirt in a matching pastel colored stripe pattern. I absolutely love this combination worn together like shown in these photos but the plus point for this two-piece is the fact that there are so many more options to wear these pieces apart from in each other combined with totally different garments. I am definitely a person who gets quickly bored by a simple dresses as there is often only one way to wear them. Whereas this ensemble is so variedly combinable if we took the individual pieces and mix it up with the rest of our wardrobe – that’s what I love about it.<

Now off for attending a special presentation at Baselworld, stay tuned to hear more about it here on the blog very very soon. Lots of love from Switzerland!

Get the look
Striped Two-Piece: LBD
Wedges: Randa
Photography: Joy Oelen / Edit: Me
Location: Masoala Hall, Zurich Zoo


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