Happy monday morning, babes! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend with your loves and filled up your energy level up to 120%. Now that I finally got internet access in my new flat, I’m finally able to write posts again without getting nervous because the hotspot I built up with my iPhone goes down every 5minutes. Phew. So writing this post right now is kind of really relaxing compared to the posts I wrote in the past two weeks. Almost too relaxing… so I feel the urge to shutdown my computer right now and do my daily workout to unrelax (does this word even exist?) a little bit. Being to relaxed always makes me feel like I didn’t do anything important yet so I always start to work out when that feeling comes up. Yah, that is really kind of strange in a way but in another way just perfect because at least I never miss my workouts thanks to that habit.
Hope to see you at wednesday again for a very cool post featuring a perfect colorful skirt from Let Them Stare, the label who also created this outstanding dress! Can’t wait to share more about Let Them Stare.

Get the look 
Zipper Dress: Let Them Stare
Beige Coat: H&M (also love this one! which is on sale right now)
Rockstud Bag: Valentino (also available here!)
Overknee Boots: ALDO

Pictures:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me

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  1. this is great! I really want to try this. Thank you for sharing!

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  8. Wow, was für ein besonderes Kleid! Und der Mantel sieht sehr schön dazu aus :)<br />xx

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  11. I do think that &#39;unrelax&#39; is a word (although one we should probably try not to use since we all could do a little more relaxing!). What a lovely dress, especially paired with those over-the-knee boots! beautiful lady! xo-Elaine<br /><br />http://seelark.com

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  15. P.S. I can&#39;t figure out how to purchase this dress! Any idea on where to find it?

    • Hi Ariel,<br /><br />The store is in construction, will go online in a few months. Until then you can participate the giveaways on the link above or may write the owner and email with the piece you want to purchase :)<br /><br />Have a great day,<br />Michèle

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  35. Thanks for stopping by hun!

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