dress: ax paris
leather jacket: h&m
heels: metro boutique
watch: michael kors, from boyfriend


  1. i like your blog girl!!!!<br />xoxo

  2. like the littkle red dress

  3. CUTE!! I adore your dress!

  4. You&#39;re AMAZING ! &lt;3

  5. love your dress!! beautiful!

  6. justamente me acabas de dar una gran idea con ese vestido. Tengo uno igual de Zara, todo rojo que me queda hiper corto y creo que lo voy a customizar para que se parezca al tuyo!

  7. Wow your lipstick really pops! Love the outfit so fitting for the holiday season

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  10. you look great!

  11. Beautiful outfit! Your boots, your dress and your jacket are amazing! xxx<br /><br />eloisedephotography.blogspot.com

  12. I love your watch x

  13. really like it with that jacket

  14. beautiful dress

  15. Wow, I really like your dress!

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