Hello everybody, good to see you again and to be able to share this outfit with you which I have worn for a normal work day followed by a yummy dinner once last week. This look definitely counts to my all time favorites not only because of how it looks (casual yet sophisticated) but rather because it so damn cozy with these upper comfortable boyfriend jeans, the lose basic top and the right accessories such as my ardently loved rockstud pumps in red leo from Valentino, the geometric patterned Kimono from Made for Loving and not to forget the right jewelry to complete the outfit. Those worn here are from a swiss label I discovered by chance called Love is. 

While we’re on it to talk about my new discovery, I do absolutely recommend to see it yourself by checking the store! I was and still am absolutely nuts about the “Love You To The Bone” collection of which I am wearing all the pieces I indulged myself to buy lately. But the one piece I definitely love the most is the B’Os Ring in matt as well as polished. I found it looking extremely cool to combine several of those – especially to have one fitting as a midi ring – so well, I even got myself three of them. Oops. But hey, they are seriously pretty awesome, aren’t they?!

Get the look 
Kimono: Made for Loving
Basic Top: asos
Boyfriend Jeans: Staff Jeans
Belt: H&M
Rockstud Pumps: Valentino (or shop here!)
Clutch: Louis Vuitton
Hat: H&M (last season/similar here!)
Bone Rings: Love is
Bone Necklace: Love is
Nail Polish: Essie “Urban Jungle”

Photography:  Joy Oelen / Edit: Me


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